10 tips for making friends

1. Listen to people when they’re talking; show an interest in what they have to say.

2. Make an effort to remember peoples’ names and use them the next time you meet them.

3. Follow up with people you are interested in staying in touch with. Call them up, send them an email or arrange to meet for a coffee or drink.

4. Treat everyone the same – and as if they are the most important in the world (at least while you are talking to them).

5. Get involved in clubs and activities. Force yourself to go out and be with others.

6. In conversations, stick to safe topics before you know someone well. Don’t be quick to share your political or religious views, or to go on about your pet grievances.

7. Make sure you come across as someone who’s friendly the first time you meet someone new. Greet them warmly, smile, share your name and ask them theirs.

8. Be aware of other peoples’ culture and be sensitive to any potential differences. You don’t want to offend other people – either deliberately or inadvertently. The goal is to be seen as a person who is friendly, respectful and warm.

9. Don’t rush your interactions with people as that sends the message that you’re not interested in them, or what they have to say.

10. Don’t be false – just be your normal self. People would prefer to find out who you are.



  • I don’t pretend to know / The challenges you’re facing / The worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind 
    • During the gem war when Rose was re envisioning an entire new kind of world that was totally unprecedented, Pearl was beside her and supporting her as her right hand man
  • And if this child / Shares a fraction of your smile / Or a fragment of your mind, look out world! / That would be enough
  • Oh, let me be a part of the narrative / In the story they will write someday / Let this moment be the first chapter: / Where you decide to stay / And I could be enough / And we could be enough / That would be enough 
    • Pearl wrestling with the understanding that Rose wanted to go, to become half of Steven and (as she probably saw it at the time) leave her behind


Guys why is there no one talking about Kaner’s interview in JR’s new podcast??

In which he talks about the team and the trainers getting a kick out of him and Panarin yelling at each other on the bench. 

About that one yelling battle that was so heated in Calgary that the Flames were raising eyebrows. 

About Panarin trying to tell Patrick about his home and summer.

About the team seeing them as brothers and he sees Panarin as his little brother.

And a lot of other hockey things!!!

WHY? (starting 27:00)

I love simblrs.  I really do, I love logging into tumblr & seeing the happiness this game gives to everyone in the same way it does me!  I love how this game I’ve been playing for so many years continues to bring so much joy, frustration, obsession & laughter into everyone’s lives!  It’s amazing how this series brings us all together from all over the world.  <3  I just really love that!

And this is just me being a smiley child ♡♡♡
Sharin smiles awwwyea!

Smiles are actually really powerful one time I just smiled at this random old guy on a bicycle and about 20 minutes later he came up to me and my road dogs and said he was the manager of an apartment complex and he had an empty apartment we could stay in for the night. When I asked him if I had seen him riding by earlier he said yes and you smiled at me!
If I hadnt made eye contact and smiled he may never have approached our ragtag group of dirty humans and animals haha.

Hi you, how was your day? Was it not everything you were hoping for? That’s okay, remember last time when you had a bad day and then had the best day ever after? You have come so far and I am so proud of you for not giving up. This world has so much to offer you and you have even more to offer the world.

I adore you so much and am always here for you if you need something. No, stop thinking you are bothering me or your problems aren’t “really that bad”. You’re feelings are relavent, you are allowed to be upset over “the little things” just like some little things make you happy.

Okay, I’ll go and let you keep living your life and sharing your beautiful smile with everyone. But don’t worry, I won’t be far if you ever need me.

Camp Rules!!

here is a list of all my YOGA playlists so far! have a listen :)

we move lightly
salute the sun
yoga island
kick asana

shake your asana
in heat
buddha lounge

full moon
hakuna matata
sunset flow

summer rain
drop and give me zen
black light mix
free spirited

autumn afternoon
chakra mix tape
good karma
yoga goddess
yoga pop

sun salutation
desert dub

letting go
winter chill
twisty & delicious
zen garden

adventure awaits
restorative yoga
ultimate relaxation
summer solstice
barefoot chill

passion purpose prosperity
children of nature
remember to breathe
get on your mat

blissful momets


Little Suzie always wakes up when adopters come to see her at the Humane Society of McCormick County in South Carolina. That’s because she loves being pet and loved by people! She doesn’t always get along with other dogs, but that’s ok because wouldn’t you want spend all your attention on her anyway?! If you’ve got some undivided attention to share, email or call 864-391-2349.

Tony and Rhodey hid their relationship for years.

Rhodey had a future in the military, was the only place he really wanted to end up, and Tony had Obadiah breathing down his neck about shareholders, so they learned a lot of boundaries. Some things were okay in some spaces. Most spaces, they weren’t.

It was hard, when Rhodey would come home on leave and Tony wanted to kiss him silly, not having seen him in months. A part of him says he shouldn’t be doing that in front of Rhodey’s mom and sister anyways, but, hell, the straight military families are kissing up a storm, and he wants his turn.

It was hard, every time something went indisputably right and Tony just wanted to celebrate. The kind of kiss that leaves you breathless, knocks you off your feet. Shared, private smiles, filled with giddy glee. Instead, he gets private club rooms and strippers and champagne for days, drowning out the want.

It was undeniably hard that moment in the desert, when Tony wants to cry because he tried, he tried to keep hoping and moving, but some part of him worried he’d never see Rhodey again, and here he is, cracking broken jokes about the Fun-vee, and Tony just wants to collapse into him.

It’s hard when he’s dying. Not that Rhodey knows anyways, but Tony spends a lot of time, retooling his will and his legacy as a whole, and Rhodey’s getting stuff, he’s getting a lot, but it’ll be what a best friend gets. Tony will never get to tell the world how much he undeniably absolutely crazily loved James Rupert Rhodes.

February 2011 and Tony’s going to live and they’ve been testing the suits all day, high on adrenaline and giddy joy. Back down to street clothes, they might steal a kiss in plain view of the window. No one knows who started it. A picture gets taken. They can’t see Rhodey’s face, but Tony’s is obvious, and Tony practically ignores his own forcing out of the closet to throw money at lawyers to squash any rumors that the other party is Colonel James Rupert Rhodes.

September 2011, and suddenly the world tilts on its axis. Tony’s elbow-deep in the armor when Rhodey tells him the news. DADT, repealed, it’s official and it’s real and it’s not just talk anymore. And Rhodey gets this look in his eye, the stubborn look people like to pretend he doesn’t have–like Tony’s the only stubborn one–that Tony loves, and says he should set a good example now.

So they go on dates. They go to restaurants and hold hands across the table and Tony doesn’t even bother trying to get them a booth in the back. They go to the Italian bakery and Rhodey smooshes cannoli cream on Tony’s face. They kiss in Central Park and dance together at parties and, finally, next time Tony’s getting honored with an award, he shows up, sober and clean and ready, and reads his acceptance from carefully prepared cards. He’d like to thank his partner, the love of his life, Colonel James Rhodes.