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Hey family.
I know it is late and I already wished you a good night. I just wanted to say something quick before I nod off.
It’s okay to have a bad day, week, month or more. It happens to all of us!
If you don’t mind me sharing a little personal info, I wanted to say that today I had a lot of dysphoria. I just want you all to know that you are not alone. We all feel it in one capacity or another.
I am proud of you for hanging in there. I know it’s hard to keep your head up, and you’re doing such a great job.
Love always,

anonymous asked:

Please don't let that one blogger bully you or have any effect on you, she's nasty to a lot of people and scares people off in this fandom. I'm really grateful you shared your info to us , around here you don't ever hear anything unless you're in the special chat groups and I'm tired of feeling left out so thank you so much for sharing 😒

Honestly, I don’t feel personally victimised by anyone despite some people getting their best Mean Girls impression on from what I have been told. I mean I drunkenly logged on last night and made a few jokes about it because 

But I am currently on holiday in California visiting mi familia and get most of my updates via text whilst occasionally logging onto tumblr dot com and then promptly logging off and immediately regretting asking what “water sports” are. 

I’m sorry if you feel left out, it’s certainly not my intention to make anyone think I’m like hiding information or conspiring with other people in any way because 99% of the time I’m having private conversations with my Tumblr pals it’s about dogs. Seriously, I send them photos of me holding my aunt’s dog’s paw. 

Occasionally, because London is an extremely small town, I will be told by friends who know I like 1D but who have no interest in them whatsoever things they hear or if they see one of them, like when my friend chatted to Niall at Shoreditch House or when Lewisssss showed up on the guest list for PoB and generally I keep that to myself because why the hell should anyone believe what I, an anonymous blogger on the internet, has to say. Stranger danger! 

I used to see Liam all the time but literally had no one to tell because everyone I told was like, “Who’s that?” then when they found out he was in 1D they’d be like, “Why do you know what he looks like?” and I’d be like, “Gotta Zayn!” 

Anyhoo I have exactly zero fucks to give about what anyone thinks about me and if someone wants to talk about me, fine. My mum used to say, “Who cares what they’re saying as long as they’re talking about you?” which in hindsight is a pretty bad saying, but yeah. 

The great thing about Tumblr is that there’s this handy extension called Xkit where you can block words. I blocked “Game of Thrones” because I hate spoilers and then I also added some blog urls that I get sick of seeing on my dash because everyone reblogs them, so I invite anyone bitching about me to 1. kiss my damn ass and B. block my blog and url so you don’t get so heated. Go for a walk. Pet a dog. Hold a dog’s paw. It’s very soothing. Because when I hear through the grapevine that people are talking about me the immediate visual in my mind is 

Jealousy is a strange thing and I’ve found that most people in my real life and on the interwebs express their jealousy in weird and hateful ways. 

Anyway, life’s a party, rock your body. Be a slut do whatever you want. 

A lovely fan met Matty Healy from the 1975 last night and got the following exclusive on the songwriting collaboration with One Direction for their fourth album:

The song they’ve been working on with One Direction was a reject from the 1975 album.
It was rewritten by Matty and Niall Horan to mean something completely different.
Matty was quoted as saying, “It’s about something Niall’s been talking about.”


The FCC has fucked us royally but we can at the very least speak our minds directly to them about not destroying the internet as we know it….just so a few suits can make a shit ton more cash at our expense only.

Share this info, share the form stand up and do something while you can

“Where are we going?”
”The future.”

Ok, people, it will take a while before I post anything new, so, please, consider this quick celebratory salad of colors a “sorry”.

I’m currently working on a thing for @coinelot , a Merlin/Arthur convention that will be held in Berlin in October.  Do I need to say how excited I am to be able to contribute to all the fun?
Meanwhile, as October’s still a couple of months away, the team has something special to offer to all Merthur fans out there - wall and desk calendars that contain pieces of art created by awesome artists exclusively for the project. If you want a delicious treat for yourself or need a special gift for a friend, take a peek [here], guys.

My stucky fellas, hope to see you in a month or so. ♥



If you’re interested please contact me at kandismon [at] kandikoi [dot] com or on twitter (or message me on tumblr) and fill out the following form:

  • Your name:
  • Type of commission: (portrait, full body, waist-up, chibi)
  • References: (Please provide pictures and/or describe your wish as detailed as possible)
  • Your Paypal e-mail:
  • Your tumblr URL or Twitter handle: (for me to link back to you when I post the commission online)

I will reply and confirm your order and ask you to tell me your Paypal address so i can send you a payment request. You have to pay the full amount before I start.

You’ll get the sketch first and can ask me to change things to your liking before I continue with lineart and colouring. The finished piece will be 210 x 297mm, 350dpi, .jpg.


To enter the sketch raffle you have to:

  • be following me
  • reblog this post (as many times as you want to)

Once a month the winner will be chosen with a random number generator and get a waist-up sketch of a character their choice for free.

🍔 🍔 🍔 due to a massive lack of time the sketch raffle is currently not happening ; A;) i hope i can do this again very soon !! or maybe i’ll come up with something new i can offer as a thank you for your support;;; 🍔 🍔 🍔

✨ TERMS AND CONDITIONS: (please read carefully!) ↓↓↓

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Magical Spain (via Pinterest).

Definitely, Spain is different

Mine is a country of contrasts, full of legends and history, with a cultural heritage of centuries, and I love it.

(Credits of the photographies in the description).