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Playing House

Summary: Neal tries to test your feelings for him during an undercover operation in which you pretend to be a newlywed couple. Your shared determination to bring down the bad guy results in a plot which raises the stakes.

Words: 6,943

            You and Neal were no strangers to undercover operations. You’d even done some of them together before – but here, there was a big difference: this was going to last longer than a few hours.

            The team had tried everything you could think of to get evidence of extortion, but despite the anonymous claim from a tenant brave enough to come forward, the owner of the apartment complex was clean enough to avoid having charges levied against him. The only reason Hughes took it seriously was because the tipster had said that if payment was denied, then violence was threatened. The FBI had a responsibility to make sure that citizens were safe, and a terrorizing landlord did not qualify as safety. With no other options, you hatched a plan to put two agents in undercover as new renters. The idea was that you and Neal would pretend to be newlyweds looking to start fresh, and hopefully, the landlord would decide that the pair of you – with Neal’s thousand-dollar suits – would be good targets.

            It wasn’t too challenging to sink into your role. It was just going to be harder to resist the urge to come out of it. Y/N Rydell (borrowed from one of Neal’s un-burned aliases) wasn’t too different from Y/N Y/L/N, but having a husband was definitely new.

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holy followers, batman! thank you guys so much! i’ve had an absolutely amazing time in the playchoices fandom so far, and even better, i’ve met so many stellar people with equally stellar talents. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting up with me and my constant yelling about femslash, my serious impulse purchase problem, and my obsessive screenshots. let’s keep playing, keep sharing, and keep creating!

okay so I was browsing a store online with a bunch of overwatch merch and they had this collection of wallets with characters and their quotes and

‘oeath walhs among you’
I almost didn’t notice 
but strap yourselves in ‘cause it gets better
(also I’ll add a caption under all of them in case they’re too hard to read)

‘lets otopthe aeat’
you heard him, everyone

‘one shor
one hill’

‘a inrooe perror arco’

‘love love’???? idk I can’t read that shit

‘trueself is wnhout form’
apparently words too

‘bettle continues’

‘gravmy hills’
I don’t even know Zarya’s voice lines well enough to know what this is supposed to be but I’m pretty sure it’s wrong

‘rrs high noon’
rrs high noon somewhere in the world


‘marhe avyhe oragon’
almost got the dragon right, come on you can do it

‘justicerain ffomaaove’
looks like someone sleep-drunk

‘ican do tms yitn all my eyes closed’
yea you heard it right ALL my eyes closed

‘rhllo rcriverco’
what even

‘heros never one’

‘from oroer oring hermony
from light inro buings’
oh my god

‘I ma one-man’
you sure are

‘preoue oont rrove’

‘cheer love
the cavalry’s here’

and now a bonus:

plot twist
Reaper’s actually Tracer


OK CONCERNING THE WHOLE HEADCANON THING IM WRITING THAT PPL KEEP ASKING ME ABT, i was talking to @chompiee abt a ~love confession~ and then @cryptidsp00n abt the aftermath of said confession concerning them kissing

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I never thought I’d get to see club penguin’s iceberg tip but here we are, probably 10 years since I stopped believing it was possible, and dreams have come true. (Excuse the sniff in the middle - I was holding back tears)

non-sexual forms of intimacy ✨

hugging. hand holding. watching tv/movies together. going on dates. sharing drinks. talking. phone calls. skype/facetime calls. sharing personal details. touching noses. deep talks. sharing smiles. laying your head on their shoulder. linking arms. massages. tickling. sharing smiles. playing with hair. tracing designs on backs/arms. handwritten notes. laying your head on their chest to hear their heartbeat. singing/playing instruments together. dancing. sharing food. brushing their hair. feeding each other. drawing/writing on one another. cooking together. reading together. beauty treatments like makeup or face masks or manicures. taking care of them when they’re sick. head-scratches. sleeping next to each other. butterfly kisses. nuzzling. meditating together. sharing stories. bathing together. seeing each other completely comfortable and relaxed. moral support. crying or being emotionally vulnerable with each other. sleepovers. going on trips together. sharing clothes or other personal items. going with them to appointments. making art together. kissing. talking about the future and what you want in life. play games together. respecting boundaries and communicating. complimenting. inside jokes. going out to eat. just accepting and loving that person completely.

one time i got an ask which was like “why do you headcanon link as a trans girl? like i totally think you should be able to choose your gender but… why”

and the thing is it’s just the facts simply are that link is a sword lesbian, thats just how it is. hylia came to me in a dream and told me that link is a lesbian

🎮••• Final fantasy VII •••🎮

They’ve revealed the new Haikyuu production.
Tatsunari-kun, Shouhei-kun, thank you so very much.  I’m also looking forward to the brand new Karasuno!!!
And also, how should I say it…
I’m looking forward to enjoying the world of Haikyuu as a spectator. 
I’ll work hard too!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud


“I think when you’re playing someone who actually existed in history, there’s always a danger of an impersonation rather than an interpretation…” - Benedict Cumberbatch discussing his portrayal of Guy Burgess in The Turning Point directed by Fiona Laird for Sky Arts Theatre Live! Series 2009 from the documentary Writing The Turning Point by Michael Dobbs