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BBC! let’s get this to 1m before block b’s comeback ok? It’s a shame this doesn’t even have 500k views. Let’s spread this gem ok!!!! 

breaking news from the frontlines of becoming an increasingly ridiculous parody of myself—

started playing that zombie run app yesterday, and why yes of course i already have a crush on geeky comic relief radio operator sam yao. 

like, of course.


CHUBBY HAM HAMS! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

So Dee found a super adorably adorable game full of chubby stubby hamsters! Think neko atsume, but with hamsters–which you can actually pet! Gotta give your ham hams love ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) There’s a total of 15 chubbies to collect and play with. 

The game does have a couple of ads, which apparently you can’t really get rid of–but they really don’t bother me at all nor does it interfere with your play time (´。・v・。`)

All in all, I’m in love with the game ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡  

PlayStation 4 Share Play Lasts One Hour

At their Gamescom press conference, Sony announced that the “Share Play” feature would be coming to PlayStation 4 in the next major firmware update. The feature would allow PSN friends to play the same game like they were on the same couch, and you can even do this without owning the game. The limit of these sessions are one hour, according to a French site called Gameblog. However, there is an unlimited time you can access this feature, you only have to wait another hour after being disconnected. This information was pulled from an interview with Jim Ryan at PlayStation Europe.


Transistor cosplay by Kairisia on DeviantArt

PlayStation 4′s Share Play is Limited to 60 Minute Sessions

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4′s Share Play, a feature that will allow players to invite friends to play a game despite not owning the title themselves, will be available in 60 minute increments!


the most like, haphazard pictures ever tbh BUT I !!! AM TOO EXCI TED!!I HAVE DONE IT MY GOD! MY GOD (opens mouth, death metal comes out)

a big thanks to @skillethelm tbh, for pvp adventures- we ride together we die together, imho, and everyone else who probably listened 2 me screamiN


strip / 5sos



whenever your 4 best friends called you to chill with them,you would always say yes because they were rarely in town.they’ve just got back home from the tour and you couldn’t wait to see knew them since middle school and you were so proud of everything they’ve accomplished but you missed all were so close and you talk to them every day but you wanted nothing more than to hug them and talk with them in person.

you knocked on the door and calum immediately rushed you in.ashton jumped on you and michael saw you came so he did the same,almost knocking you down to the floor. “okay slow down guys,” you laughed and calum and luke joined.they both hugged you tight and kissed your cheek and you were so happy you’re seeing your bestfriends again.

after talking,2 bottles of vodka you five shared,you decided to play truth or’ve already kissed all of them before,because you always end up playing this game,but you weren’t prepared with what that night were all a little tipsy so kissing them again or slapping their butts wasn’t something you were uncomfortable doing.

after doing body shots,leaving hickies,kissing necks and biting lips it was calum’s time to ask or dare.

“y/n,truth or dare?” calum said. “let’s go for a dare,” you said feeling a bit brave,but knowing calum,he would always choose something you were slightly embarrassed to do.

“oh sweet..let me just talk to boys,” he said and they whispered to eachother and then finally agreed on something.

“we want you to do a little strip show for us,” calum smirked and you tried to understand what he just looked over to other guys and they were all thought of what you should do.they were your friends and all of you were slightly drunk and you thought it would be a thing you would laugh about the next day.

“okay,” you stood up and giggled. “okay?” michael said in disbelief and luke leaned started dancing to the rhythm of the music you were playing until you slowly came down to a leaned forward and ground into the floor not even once looking at their amused decided to stir things up a bit and give them a lap dance.

you walked over to ashton and pushed him to lean on the couch he was sitting straddled him and started grinding above him until you sank down onto his bulge.his hands slipped down your hips,to your butt and then to your stood up from him and bent on calum’s lap.his first instinct was to slap your butt and you laughed at his actions as you stood up turned around and twerked coming down into a squat heard them whispering something again.

music stopped and you turned around to look at them.michael stood next to the speakers and all of them looked at looked at obvious hard ons they had.

“we want to do something with you,” luke started and they all smirked. “w-what?” you asked feeling your heartbeat beginning to rise.

“we want to fuck you.” michael said and they all whined at him for being that direct. “ want what?” you almost laughed but stopped when you realized they were serious.

“how does this even go?there are five of us?” you asked. “so you want it?” luke weren’t in such place to reject this haven’t got laid in a while and you couldn’t admit that boys weren’t attractive and that you have never thought about them in that way.they couldn’t either.

“i mean..i don’t know,” you said feeling awkward to stand so you sat again,next to ashton. “we’ll give you whole night of pleasure baby girl.” he said getting closer to you and looking at your nodded and ashton stood up and picked you up bridal style.

“so is that a yes?” calum asked. “yes.” you said and ashton brought you to the bedroom.they again talked about something and then michael and calum sat on two armchairs beside the bed.

luke kneeled on the bed and got next to you and ashton took his shirt off and did the same as leaned to kiss his chest but he pushed you down onto the bed again. “this night is about you princess,just relax.” ashton said and you nodded.they both started kissing your cheek,then jawline and neck to your collarbones on the either side of your softly moaned when luke nipped at your skin.

ashton pulled your shirt over your head while luke took off admired both of their toned chests and muscles.they admired your chest too and lowered their heads to each one of your breasts,palming them softly in their hands.ashton lifted you up and undid your bra,luke pulling it off your looked up at michael and calum who intently watched and you smirked at their visible and hard dicks.

ashton first sucked on one of your nipples while luke rolled the other between his fingers. “mmh,” you moaned softly and luke snapped his head up at you and smirked.

luke and ashton switched,and while luke continued to do his work on your breasts ashton kissed down your stomach to the waistband of your jeans.he undid the buttons and tugged them down your legs,leaving you in your light pink lace panties. “already soaking wet baby?” ashton smirked going up to your neck again,leaving few bites and wet kisses.luke came down and tugged your panties with his teeth and spread your legs wide,getting a full glance of your dripping wet core.

ashton dropped his hand and slapped your heat and then slipped your clit between his fingers,gently rubbing it.

“ahh,yes,” you moaned,swallowing and closing your eyes.he thrusted one finger inside of you making you arch your back off the bed.luke’s lips on your breasts caught you off guard and made you whimper loud,even louder when ashton slipped one more finger in,and curling them up now perfectly hitting your spot. “y-yes right there,” you moaned again and he pulled out his opened your eyes and whined at the loss of noticed that luke took all of his clothes off and slowly pumped himself.ashton moved to the side and luke hovered above you. “birth control,fuck me already please luke,” you said and with no hesitation he slammed deep and hard inside of you,moving you completely from your previous spot.

“yes baby,oh my god,” you almost yelled when he got his hand between your bodies and rubbed your clit. “you feel so good baby,mm,” he grunted.

you felt a familiar knot in your lower abdomen,but when you informed luke about it,he pulled out,ashton taking his place. “ready for me baby?” he said and slammed his length inside of you.luke got to your side and pumped himself few times.

“o-open your mouth baby,” he said,you did and he came in your mouth,chin and swallowed everything and with few more hits to your spot,you came,but ashton continued to fuck you.

“a-ashton s-stop,” you said as everything became sensitive. “you can take me baby,i’m so close,” soon,uncomfortable feeling faded and turned into pleasure.

“o-oh baby,” ashton moaned and came inside of you.he moved from you and your second orgasm wasn’t fading yet.he rubbed your softly with his fingers until michael and calum took off their clothes.

ashton moved away and calum got between your legs.he immediately sucked your clit into his mouth and you moaned his name knew this boy could do wonders with his lips and tongue and this was taking you over the edge.

“i’m cumming c-calum,” you informed as he thrusted his tongue into came and michael turned you over and pulled you by your ankles,allowing calum to sit and lean against the headboard.

“you’re going to suck me off while he fucks you,okay princess?” you gulped thinking of having another orgasm but still nodded.michael slapped your butt and spread your legs.he pounded into you forcing you on calum’s took him in your hands and slowly rubbed him until sucking his tip into your let him fuck your mouth,licking his underside and hollowing your cheeks around thought you couldn’t take all of him in your mouth,but gagged when he hit the back of your throat - all while michael hit your moaned few times around calum,finding it hard to focus on pleasuring him.he controlled the movements of your head. calum came and you swallowed all you received.

michael continued to thrust inside of you and by the way he twitched and got sloppy you knew he was close too. “i’m-,” you moaned and came around him,god knows which time that night.he did too and collapsed beside you.

“oh my god,” you said breathing in heavily and trying to steady the shaking of your legs and body. “exactly,” calum said and they all agreed.

“so what now?” you asked scared of feeling bad every time you look at them.

“now we occasionally talk or don’t talk about this.maybe do it again some time.” ashton smirked and luke nodded.

“i agree,” calum said. “me too,” michael confirmed and you couldn’t do nothing more than say yes too.


PS4 shit, Ikaruga shit and Halo shit.

Local Multiplayer Should Not Be a Luxury

Creating local multiplayer is a trifle compared to building a robust online backend, yet it’s often treated like a huge resource drain. That might not seem entirely unreasonable, as split-screen does necessitate compromises in terms of graphics and frame rates. However, it’s distressing that some developers prioritize graphical flourish over providing a fun, convenient gameplay feature. Oftentimes I’d rather stare at something a little ugly with my friends than run around a big, pretty space full of strangers.

Take a look!

Major PS4 system software update v2.0 launches today! - Masamune

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Major PS4 system software update v2.0 launches today! - Masamune

Share Play, YouTube integration, Themes and USB Music Player are among the additions

PS4′s system software v2.0, codenamed Masamune, is making its arrival today and it will bring a lot of new enhancements to your PS4. This update adds unique, forward-looking features like Share Play and addresses some of the most highly requested features from the community including YouTube integration, music player, ability to find players you may know, sorting options for PS4′s game library, and themes that change the look of your home screen. This is the biggest update delivered to date for PS4.

For a look at what you can expect, check out the walkthrough video on key Masamune features.

Here’s a recap of some top features you can expect with Masamune:

  • Share Play: PlayStation 4 will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game – even when they don’t own a copy of it
  • YouTube: A dedicated app for YouTube is coming with v2.0, along with the ability to upload gameplay highlights directly from PS4 to YouTube by clicking the ‘Share’ button on DUALSHOCK 4. Be sure to check the PlayStation Store to download the YouTube app
  • Themes and colours: Personalise your home screen background with select themes and colours
  • Live broadcasting enhancements: Search filters, archived broadcast support and more have been added to Live from PlayStation
  • Content Area and Library: Find and access your content quicker with a redesigned Content Area and improved filter and sort functions for the PS4 Library
  • USB Music Player*: Insert USB memory with music in your PS4 and start playing your favourite tunes in the background
  • Players you may know: Get suggestions for gamers you may know in the ‘What’s New’ section

External image

External image

PS Vita and PS TV update

Also available today is a new system software update (v3.35) for PS Vita and PS TV, which includes four-player Remote Play support for PS TV, as well as the Live from PlayStation app, which allows you watch game streams from PS4 on both your PS Vita and PS TV devices. A full features list and instructions for updating PS Vita and PS TV can be found here after the update goes live.

PS App update
Lastly, don’t forget to update your PlayStation App on your mobile devices to the latest version. The new 2.0 update will include a redesigned home screen, and a new layout for tablets.

This has been an amazing first year for PS4 so far, with more than 10 million units sold and a robust set of new features already added including SHAREfactory, automatic pre-download, and more. We are pleased to see the great feedback we’ve been getting from fans like you, which helps us to make PS4 the best place to play.

*You can play music files stored inside USB storage but cannot copy music files to PS4 HDD. This application cannot be used at the same time with Music Unlimited. USB Music Player will appear once USB storage is inserted, and will disappear once USB storage is removed.

Being away from Daddy...

There’s no one to hold you when you cry.
There’s no one to cuddle you when you have an accident and tell you that is OK.
There’s no one to play and share your nomnoms with.
There’s no bedtime.
No playtime.
No pretend-to-be-a-vicious-tiger-and-attack-daddy time.
No fun time.
No kissey time.
No cuddles.
….. No cartoons.
…… No daddy.
Being away from Daddy… Sucks ducks

PS4 'Share Play' Has no Session Limits

PS4 ‘Share Play’ Has no Session Limits

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One of the big features that’s set to debut tomorrow with PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0is ‘Share Play.’ The new feature, in short, is designed to replicate a friend who’d normally sit with you on the couch and game it up. Instead of needing to actually invite that person over and have a bowl of pretzels (I believe that’s the standard party food these days?), you can virtually invite your friend.…

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