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For 1969 the name “Cobra” is lost and it is baptized again such as the Shelby GT350 or Shelby GT500, while receiving a Great redesign. The length was increased by 10 cm. These Decisions were made mostly by Ford.

-The Shelby GT350 now equipped a 5.7L (351 cu in) engine.

-Carrroll Shelby canceled its agreement with Ford during the Summer of 1969.

In the photos we have the 1969 Shelby GT350 Fastback 

Handheld e.d

~you break Ethans hand~

Warning: cuteness and broken bones.


I stayed at my boyfriend Ethan’s house last night, we just woke up and we felt like breakfast with Grayson.

I raced to the car because I wanted to drive. Only because the driver gets control over music and where we eat.

“Y/N” Ethan yells,


“I’m driving!”

“Nah baby, I’m gonna beat you to the car!” I scream.

I run towards the car, my boyfriend Ethan is right behind me and his brother Grayson is locking up the house.

“No, no, no!” Ethan yells,

I jump in the car seat and slam the door shut.


I immediately open the door, what did it do? I hear him groaning in pain and I start to laugh and so does Grayson from behind.

I look at Ethan’s face and then down at his hand, I’ve broken it, a clean break right across his hand.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry E, I didn’t mean it” I say very distressed.

“Ugh it’s okay Y/N, it was an accident”

“So your not mad?”

“Well I’m mad that I don’t get to drive, I guess you gotta drive me to the hospital huh?”

“Hahaha yeah I guess so, hurry up get in the car please”

Ethan goes around the other side of the car and jumps in. His breathing is quite heavy and I can see him holding back tears and swearing.

“What about breakfast?” He tries to give a happy vibe.

“I’ll get you some food later baby, you’re in serious pain”

“I’m fine, okay” Ethan’s eyes water

“You’re not gonna cry are you?”
I shout for the whole world to hear. Grayson laughs and gets in the back seat.

“Oh he will, you just wait”

“What no! Shut up Gray, Y/N lets go to the hospital”

I start the car and back out of the drive way, I cautiously say

“I’m sorry for hurting you E, I love you”

“Y/N I’ll be fine, I love you too”


This is my first imagine! Pretty cringey aye?

Something I experienced as I was applying for a 6-month internship. Most employers want to see experience before you even finish studying (at least in Germany). How is your experience? Reblog and answer :).


In honor of it being Mental health month I wanted to dedicate a personal post to my best friend Ian. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of losing him to suicide. Ian suffered from depression and thought there was no way out. If you or someone you know is suffering from mental illness and may be suicidal I encourage you to please call the crisis helpline at 1-800-273-TALK . Your life matters just like Ian’s did. Please share and repost to spread the word. You’ll always be in our hearts Ian ❤

*Help a brown art student out*

If you can! My name is Jessica Molina but I go by Jess. I am returning to university after taking a semester off from Columbia College Chicago and helping out with personal issues at home and managing my mental health. I am ready to dive back into school and catch up. Get that degree!!

I need $500. I am trying to live on campus in a dorm for the next 2017-2018 school year because living at home and commuting causes too many problems and I cannot do what I need to do in order to fully be involved at school. I am an acting major with a minor in video production (hopefully). I was unable to audition for shows last year because of my mental health and two hour commute to and from the city. Living on campus makes the most sense and will allow me to pursue my craft without the burden of going back and forth at 5 in the morning or 10 at night in Chicago. I need $500 as a prepayment for my housing application and I can’t use any of my financial aid or ask my parents for this amount. 

I currently work at Bath and Body Works but my manager won’t give me more hours because the company sucks. Regardless of making our quota each day, the number of hours for each sales associate is limited. If I’m lucky I make $200 every two weeks. At this rate, I simply do not have the present funds to make the prepayment. And I want this very badly. I need to focus on school and allow myself the space to create and be involved. This is important for my growth an artist and human being. I know there are people with more devastating issues than looking for a dorm but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask and share my situation. I’m first generation and the first one in my family to go to college. I have navigated this journey all on my own and have always found a way to make it work but this time I can’t do it all on my own. 

The internet can be an amazing place and I hope that by putting my business out here that something will happen. Even if I can only raise $50 that’s still helpful. I am also going to try and talk to outside family and see if they can help me financially. 

Also I have a depop @tenderjess if you want to check that out

My paypal link is paypal.me/jessmolina 

DM me if you have advice and/or questions <3 thanks for reading <3 


⚠️ Hey Guys. With a group of niall stans on twitter we decided to do a project for Slow Hands. It’s really important for you all to help and participate. We keep saying that Niall deserves much better and he truly does but it’s no use to cry about it if no one helps. So please we need everyone to get involved!!!! share, reblog, spread the word. And make Niall proud 😄

(And if you have a twitter you can follow us for any information: thebestforniall. We’ll be adding more stuff)

i don't so small talk.

at all, with anyone.
It seems so trivial, superficial, & a complete waste of precious time.
I don’t care if you’re a complete stranger and I JUST met you. Tell me your hopes & dreams, what motivates you, what keeps you up at night, what insecurities infect your mind, tell me about your beliefs, who you are (who you think you are) not what other people think you are, tell me your most prized memory, your favorite place, major events in your life, tell me of your love, your pain, what makes you tick, tell me your secrets what holds cobwebs in the depths of your mind, tell me what you want from life, your plan, tell me if you think aliens exist or mythical creatures, talk to me about nature, tell me your entire life story, tell me about your strengths & weaknesses & why they are those things, tell me about your childhood, tell me what you keep to yourself, tell me the things you like about yourself & then think and tell me the things you don’t like and then tell me why, tell me what it’s like to live a day in your life, how you think, how you feel, tell me your worst tragedy and your highest success. Tell me you’re lost, you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing in life or he’ll tell me if you do know if you have it all planned. Tell me the lessons you’ve learned so far and how you learned them. Tell me what your morales and principals are, how you grew up., who your best friend is, about your fist love, or current, tell me about the people who aren’t in your life anymore that you miss. Your core values. What you want to change in yourself and in the world. Tell me what you’re truly passionate about so I can see it light up your eyes. Tell me you’ve bent the rules, broken them, tell me you’ve never done anything bad in your life. Tell me you need someone. Tell me little things that make you laugh or smile. Tell me about your role model and why. Tell me your views on the world and people and yourself. Tell me all the things you haven’t even tried to tell yourself, and or just tell me about the stars, science, math. Your religious beliefs. Your obstacles in life, your hard ship. Tell me if you have thoughts of harming yourself, tell me you think you’re crazy, tell me everything that’s eating away at you. (I promise you, you’re not that crazy at all, I’m down right insane, we are all a little nutty.) Tell me your character, how you think people would describe you or explain you to someone else.
Tell me everything.
Tell me anything.

Just don’t tell me hey. (Well if you must start with that I suppose I’ll accept that.)
Tell me whatever you want
as simply or as crazy as you’d like.
Ask me anything you’d like to know,
I’ll talk to you about anything.