No matter what you believe in, please come together in prayer. Protect the people who came first. Their camps are currently being raided, live feeds have been disrupted. Independent news and media sources have been told that they are at just as much risk for being arrested (or attacked) as he water protectors.

Unfortunately we know what the police and National Guard have done to protectors in sub below weather, and I am especially concerned about how they will treat the people left at the camps now. Please take a moment now to pray. Pray continuously throughout the day. Please, please, please pray and share any live feeds w can access. Do not let law enforcement brutalize people. Do not become apathetic. Stand up. Send your prayers up. Share. Make noise. Never give up.

Mni Wiconi.


Wednesday ❤

Andaming nangyare at hndi ako nag ot bes, kasi ba nman yong ulo ko parang gsto ng lumayo sa katawan ko. Nung umaga ok pa eh boiset na yan naghapon lang naghimutok na yong ulo ko. Sobrang sakit bes. 😒 kahit ako mismo nagdesisyon ng tanggalin sya. 💔😭 hahahaha jerrrkkkk. 😂😂 Sguro sa radiation lang din to ng computer. Maghapon ba nman ksi nakatutok. 😒💻. Lecheplan wlang magagawa kelangan magtrabaho kong hndi wlang kakaen!!!!!😂😂 HAHAHA.


Holy Shit Wilson, Willow and Webber have canon voices!!!