What We Shared Today

The hug when she ran to me.
Talk of her holiday in Italy.
Mockery of people who think Waitrose is important.
Mockery of someone’s pompous attitude to religion.
Vegetable lasagna.
The chocolate she bought me.
Creamy puddings.
Mockery of acts at Reading Festival.
Hugs and dog scratching.
A visit to Ecuador in the big Travel Book.
A look at a carved altar piece by Pacher in the big Renaissance book.
Myths of origins for the Greek myth book.
And other stuff too …


I know its a lot to ask for, but my father is going under the knife for 7 Bypass Heart Surgery. I started this to help him with the medical cost. It’s 40 thousand, but I am “only” asking for 25. 

$340 between 10 people in 20 days! Mostly donated by family and friends. Please donate or share or both, anywhere! Thank you!