Shaq And Kobe


lmao Classic Shaq

If it’s More Than One Heaux, Sit Back and Blow Me;

And argue over my balls, like Shaq and Kobe

Deadlift: 335 x 3, 380 x 3, 430 x 8
Felt bloaty, should have had my shake earlier, imo

Back Extensions: 50 x 3 x 8
Still too light, imo

Kroc Rows: 105 x 2 x 20
Still hard af, imo

Where do the yung Lakers go from here? 

It’s been quite the rough patch for Lakers fans; a franchise so accustomed to winning, being a top 4 seed, and at least making it to the 2nd round or Conference Finals finds itself lost with no clear direction….However, Kobe’s farewell tour masks this hard-hitting reality pretty damn well. When Kobe’s gone, and assuming Mitch and Jim Buss will NOT get a marquee free agent (someone tell Steven A Smith to stop saying Westbrook and Durant are coming to LA), then what are we left with? 

You have Clarkson and Randle from the 2014 class. Clarkson shows flashes of brilliance, and has some Westbrook-esque explosiveness, but does he really have the basketball IQ and killer mentality to go from a 15 and 6 guy to becoming one of the great young players in today’s guard driven league? Only time will tell, though it’s obvious that the dude has had his moments. Next year will be interesting in terms of seeing how he will do when given the ability to shoot 10-15 shots on a consistent basis. Randle literally only has a left, and plays quite erratic at times, but overall the guy can ball and do a bit of everything. Defensively, it has become a huge issue that he is undersized. He pretty much needs to hit the gym and get as jacked as Ben Wallace lol. However, I can see him going down two paths; either becoming a Lamar Odom-type role player that can be a huge bench piece, or become a solid starter in the NBA. I am not too sure about him being a star in this league, but I would say the ceiling would be Zach Randolph like everyone says. 

Lastly, you have D’Angelo Russell, the most intriguing player on this Lakers team. The jury is still out on him, and I would be lying if I told you I was always 100% confident that the Lakers made the right pick by choosing him over PORZINGOD or even Stanley Johnson and Justise Winslow….But lately, he has been playing a LOT better. He has great IQ, is starting to get a better feel for the timing and pace of the NBA, and his 3 point shot is coming along nicely. At the beginning of the season, people were comparing the dude to freakin’ Kendall Marshall…Kendall Marshall is slower than Shaq on crutches for God’s sake. DLoading is much more talented and is not just a 6′4 dude that can kinda pass. He isn’t Steph either, but he has the work ethic and talent to be a good player in this league. Is he a franchise player? I don’t think he ever will be. But he can definitely be a 18-20 PPG and 7-9 Assist type of player. He just needs to be able to develop and be comfortable in LA, and this starts with having continuity within the organization. Which brings me to Byron….

I think Byron has done a good job with this core, especially Russell. I know this is on the contrary to everyone’s opinion, but he is tough on all the players and it’s important not to give in to what today’s young entitled players think they want. They need an old-school guy to get on them and I think Bryon does a great job of that. His in-game strategies though….That’s a topic for another day (HE SUCKS). But the Lakers need continuity badly. You go from Mike Brown, to flirting with Phil but then going with Mike D’Antoni (smh) to Byron. Coaches need more than just 2 years to work with a depleted, crappy roster, so hopefully the Lakers consider keeping him in some capacity. 

I can sit here and talk about all the potential moves the Lakers can do, but why waste everyone’s time when we should be focusing on what the Lakers actually have NOW and develop them asap. Developing the players–>brighter future/young assets–>free agents–>Contenders. We’ll be back soon…..ish but not really. Regardless, GO LAKERS.
Episode 1: Shaq and Kobe, Straight Outta Compton | 2 Big Topics
Parris wants to talk about the legacy of Shaq and Kobe. Chris wants to talk about Straight Outta Compton. But what about the intro? And more importantly, what about the segues?

Episode 1 has arrived. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Lakers To Build Shaquille O'Neal Statue In Miami

The Los Angeles Lakers will honor Shaquille O'Neal with a statue of the former star outside of Staples Center during the 16-17 season. Far outside of Staples Center. In Miami, Florida, where they traded the legendary big man in 2004 after leading the team to three NBA championships in four Finals appearances.

“We look forward to having Shaq join the other legends who have been honored after being disowned by the franchise,” said Jeanie Buss, Lakers president and co-owner after crossing her father Jerry and brother Jim in 2013. “The Los Angeles Lakers have a proud history of not valuing loyalty with players after they’ve helped the franchise win multiple championships. Remember when we traded Lamar Odom without warning him and started his downward spiral that ultimately led to his near-fatal overdose in a Nevada whore house? That’s Showtime, baby.”

O'Neal played eight seasons for the Lakers (1996-2004), teaming with and ultimately being betrayed by Kobe Bryant to win titles in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

His statue will join other Laker legends banished to Miami: Pat Riley, Pau Gasol probably this postseason, and D’Angelo Russell this summer.

anonymous asked:

Jay - is Kobe Bryant a top 10 all time NBA player? ESPN NBA rank put him at #12 and actually Oscar at #11. I was surprised - my top 10: MJ, Kareem, Magic, Russell, Duncan, Bird, Wilt, Kobe, Shaq, Oscar. Tough but I leave out LeBron, Hakeem and Moses Malone.

My top 10 would be(in no order) MJ, Magic, Bird, Lebron, Russell, Shaq, Hakeem, Duncan, Wilt, & Kareem/Oscar(coin toss).