Excuse the shitty cropping, I just really love this scene because it says so much about Shaolin. I believe that he does love making music, just like he loved painting, and the need to do it comes from the same place, a place that seeks love and a way out. He doesn’t love it like Flash loves it, doesn’t appreciate music for what it is to Mylene, to Flash, to Zeke, but it keeps him going and it’s a medium that he gets and that allows him to live instead of just survive. It connects him to people, which I think is what drives him ultimately. And this scene, here, is Flash explaining how music can do that for him. Can love him back. Can open doors, get him places he couldn’t get to otherwise. I think Flash accepted Shao as his apprentice because he saw a talent in him, sure, but also because he knew like Shao knows, instinctively, that he needs it. Maybe he doesn’t need it in the same way that Flash does, it’s not necessary what beats his heart for him, but that it could have his heart if he let it. And Flash believes that he can do that, be that vulnerable and grow through it. 

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imagine shao and zeke laying on the roof while watching birds fly and their hands are only like an inch away and Shao can't focus on the birds just the closeness between them and the fact if he just moved an inch he could hold Zeke's hand


Okay But I Imagine That Zeke Feels It Too. He Knows That Shao Don’t Have The Guts To Take His Hand And That If HE Tries Shao Might Box Him.

SO He Decides To Try And Take His Pinky And He Feels Shao Freeze Up But Not Pull Away And Shao Is Like

“Books What The Fuck You Doin?”
“Its A Pinky Promise Shao”
“A Promise Of What?”
“That I Always Got Your Back”
“Always Spoutin That Corny Shit Man”

And They Spend The Rest Of The Day Laying There With Their Pinkies Hooked Staring At The Sky With Soft Smiles On Their Faces.



Drak taught me how to Monk, I think I did gud :>

Shaolin headcannon/question.

So it’s not really a headcannon, but I guess its called meta? I don’t know exactly, but I have a thought after looking at this post:

(I can’t insert it properly because I’m on mobile.)

Anyway, while I know that I could be off, and I’m aware that Shao being abused contributes to him not being able to be with women, this post made me for just a moment wonder if being gay is something Annie and Cadillac recognized Shao could be as a kid.

Because from a majority of the things I’ve read or watched, lots of non-straight people say they knew early on that they were different, from how people are “supposed to be.” And from seeing it firsthand, I know that within the Black community (although I know it’s not specific to us) Black parents and families have a tendency to take in their child’s behavior and call a kid gay for how they act or talk, but then when they get older and happen to actually be such, the family pretends as if it’s all new. As if they weren’t aware decades before.

And I know that then falls into the side of stereotyping, but do y'all get what I’m trying to say? People will stereotype their kid as early as three or four, because a little boy likes “girl things,” or a little girl keeps saying she’s got a girlfriend. They’ll repeatedly reprimand a kid for “acting gay,” but then turn around and shame and abuse or flat out deny that their kid is isn’t straight if they come out once they’re older.

So what if Shao was a kid who didn’t fit with the “guidelines” of what it means to be a straight boy, so Annie and Cadillac and whoever else in that toxic ass circle, kept calling him names for it? Then added to his sexual abuse, he’s even more conflicted on what it means to simply have feelings for or be attracted to anyone? Because on one hand he grew up learning that liking boys is wrong, yet on the other, he was repeatedly abused by a woman who claimed to want what’s best for him.

So now, based on the moments from pt.2 especially, Shao may never have a moment where he comes out, but I could see his arc being that he doesn’t have to be who and what Annie groomed him to be. I can see him coming to understand that the people who love you will rarely ever hurt or lie to you with the intention to break or control you.