“At the end of the day, I knew they wanted a girl that would do anything. I have standards. I can’t be controlled by people. There’s some things I won’t do and that’s it. I don’t try to force my beliefs on other people and I respect that people won’t try to force things on me too. I was actually kind of relieved that I got voted off because I was tired of being bullied in the judging room.

"Every week, Nigel wanted me to be more naughty, more raunchy … that’s not me. Was he trying to get me to be like that and then expose me and say, ‘Oh, you know what, you’re not good for your brand, your brand’s nothing, see ya!’

"And then in the perfume challenge, he’s putting both of his hands on my hips and trying to push me in the bathtub. Things like that.”

'America’s Next Top Model’ Shannon Stewart Ratliff

ANTM Challenge- Day 1- Favourite Cycle 1 Contestant

My favourite contestants for America’s Next Top Model cycle 1, as a fashion point of view, would be Shannon. Otherwise my favourite drama queens would have been Elyse or Robin. I like her because she is a Christian like me, nah just kidding, but because of the angelic personality, and her photos always show high fashion. I actually did not watch every single episode of Cycle 1, I only watched like a few, and so I did not know too many contestants, and so by watching those few episodes, Shannon was my favourite. 

It wont let me put text on anything so...I agree with this so much. Shannon Stewart Ratliff is one of my biggest inspirations, I love how she kept her faith and never lost her inhibitios not matter how much pressure she was put under or how many 'you can't do/say that, you're a christian' hits she got. ANTM all stars chose Shannon because she stuck to her beliefs, then they asked her to mofel in her underwear on her first shoot, what's that all about, why don't people get respect? Surely Shannon would be the BEST type of model because she would be such a good role model? And stop all the hating guys, wearing underwear is SO MUCH different from swimwear, even from a bikini, especially for a christian, so just back off? <3
it annoys me that people are still going on about shannon's logic in not doing the underwear shoot.

there’s a sexual connotation to underwear that isn’t there with swimwear. you can be on the beach in front of everyone in a bikini but underwear is something much more personal and private, which she didn’t agree with. it’s not the amount of material, it’s what is being suggested.

i mean, she wasn’t my favourite but at least she had her beliefs and stuck with them. 



No one talks about life before the flood. The world was not burning; it was not parched. There was no extreme thirst or raging wildfire burning beyond the city walls – nothing that required such a copious amount of water. We didn’t know we were living in immorality. This was simply how we lived: a fierce hunger for pleasure, never a thirst. We lived like this for five hundred years. He and I…

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