Shannon McCormick

We don’t give our toonboom puppet rigger much to work with. This little guy’s called Mattock. He is composed of like a lines and wishes for death.
Fun fact: he’s voiced by Agent Washington from #RedvsBlue, Shannon McCormick!

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Shannon fucking McCormick, let’s talk about this guy. He’s been with us for about six years in Red vs. Blue. And let’s just say, he’s doing a fucking FABULOUS job! I unfortunately don’t know much about Shannon, and I really wish I did because all I hear is such amazing stuff about him. & he’s doing an amazing job with Ozpin as well!


Decided to upload these as a set. All of these are based off of Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter related videos. It’d be awesome if someone like Lindsay or Shannon McCormick or Kathy Zeulch saw these(I’m listing these three folks because I know they have tumblrs). Anyways, these are supposed to be posters for these series and the Night of the Edgars one is just something I made for fun if the AH guys decided to run with that as a short mini Minecraft film or something.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. They were all digitally drawn with some added photo touches. For example, the house and surrounding grassy image was added in and drawn on top of it. The rest of the posters were drawn using a Wacom Bamboo tablet (saving up for a Cintiq) and Photoshop CS6.


Agent Washington is a badass, pass it on. (credit)