A few new images from last week’s trip to Iceland.

The visual vocabulary used by photographers to represent Iceland over the last decade or so has been a bit limited. Although I tried my best to avoid the clichés, they’re hard to avoid when you’re seeing a place for the first time and only have a few days of shooting. 

Shane Lynam Selektor Magazine takeover V.2 day 2 (site+tumblr+ mag)


Oranbeg Inquires: Shane Lynam

Where are you from/where are you currently residing? 

I’m originally from Kildare in Ireland but i’ve lived in France and Belgium for large chunks of my life. I’m currently back living in Dublin.

What is the work you are currently focusing on? 

I’m making a new fictional documentary project about Dublin.

What is your opinion on the current state of photography, particularly on the photobook? 

Sometimes I think that photographers should worry less about making books and more about making work. You can make books at any age, but I think it’s harder to make work once you get older. You might have more commitments, less energy and not as many new ideas. If the work is strong enough the books will hopefully follow.

Favorite Photo Blog? 

Paper Journal have been doing some great stuff recently.  

Favorite Photobook? 

La Banlieue De Paris by Robert Doisneau / Blaise Cendrars, published in 1949 by La Guilde du livre. I don’t have a copy as they are expensive and hard to find but I got my hands on one while I was making Contours back in College.

Oranbeg Inquires is a series of informal interviews with the artists that have participated in Oranbeg’s Interleaves, Books and the NET exhibitions. Shane has an interleaf.

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