Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2005
The Nice Guys, 2016

I’m really fascinated by how much these two movies have in common. Both loosely take their cue from Mike Shayne novels, and feature a crook teaming up with a private eye. The stories are articulated around parental relationships, and the difficulty of finding and following a moral compass in L.A.’s shiny, artificial movie world (great movie people parties in both movies).

Shane Black of course made his name as a screenwriter, but he’s also an amazing director. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys are not only perfectly written, both in their overall plot and character arcs and in each individual scene, with a great mix of comedic and serious matter, but the actor direction, choreography, and camera movements all work together to create a perfect movie experience.

Two great movies I wish more people had seen.


“A sneak peek of Shane Black's Iron Man 3 is on the way, but your Facebook likes are required to achieve the reveal. Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios just posted this image of Tony Stark’s armor which, with every click, "charges” a little bit more. Once it reaches 100%, we’ll have new video from the May 3, 2013 release.“

(Sources: Superhero Hype & Facebook)


What’s it like working with director Shane Black?

RDJ: We were night shooting, and when they cut he would tend to run somewhere, because it’s the only time someone couldn’t ask him a question is when he’s in a full outrun. And he ran across the street and the next thing I knew he was kinda sitting down on the sidewalk. There was a cable in front of where we were working and he had hit it, it was such a clip that it thrown him on his side, dislocated his shoulder… (x)