fun unsolved concepts: 

  • the boys presenting an episode in costumes with the set made extra spooky for halloween. cobwebs hung over the desk and in the backdrop, that sort of thing - i mean it’s practically a halloween set anyway so they wouldn’t have to do much. bonus clip after the endscreen of them carving pumpkins. ryan probably tries harder than shane. shane probably carves a giant dick. somehow shane’s ends up looking better anyway.
  • an episode where they switch places and shane does the entire commentary impersonating ryan’s theory voice while ryan sits there making funny and snarky comments as he twiddles the pen shane usually plays with. sometimes there’s a split-second flash of bront’s missing poster up on the screen. little things are off with the set. every time you watch it, you notice something else that’s not quite right. they don’t mention it in the next episode or the one after that, or any post-mortem. it just happens. no matter what we do, they won’t acknowledge it. you start to wonder what’s real and what’s not.
  • they dedicate an episode to reviewing famous “evidence” of the supernatural that has yet to be debunked or proved to be fake, including images, video, audio, testimonies. maybe they turn it into an occasional video series where they go over similar things that viewers send in.

Practicing #SB51 football skills with Thomas Pesquet and Shane Kimbrough.  Playing catch with friends takes on new meaning in microgravity. I got a bit worried when Shane yelled “go long”.

Five things space and football have in common: Exercise; Nutrition; Communication; Innovative Technology; and Teamwork. More here:

Favourite moments of the Pennhurst Asylum episode

  • eerily calm boys, especially in the beginning (it kinda gave me the creeps, idk?)
  • “You’d be one of the children.” - “I’d be one of the children.” (uh, yeah, not creepy at all)
  • Dr. Fear versus C.C. Tinsley (“Dr. Fear fucking murked him.”)
  • beautiful laser grid in the underground tunnels (it looked so nice)
  • “Here we go, Howie, I’m gonna touch your plane” (Shane playing with the toy plane made me laugh and also smile fondly bc all I could think about was that he’s probably great with kids)
  • Ryan’s so annoyed by Shane making fun of the dowsing rods
  • on the third floor, before they are going to explore it and Ryan turns to Shane with the most scared expression on his face ever (and Shane just loses it and starts laughing at him)
  • “Here’s a hallway that no one in their right mind would walk down because it has a thousand doors” (it is definitely fucking creepy, ghosts or no ghosts, Jesus fucking Christ)
  • Shane having way too much fun walking in the dark all on his own
  • Ryan hating him for it
  • Shane having even more fun when it’s Ryan’s turn (the beaming smile on his face - you are a sadistic asshole, Mr Madej (and I love it))
  • “Who is here with me right now?” - “The devil.”
  • “You think the place is haunted?” - “No.” - “Why don’t you ask me?” - “Ryan, do you think the place is haunted?” - “You know what? Not sure.” - “Oh!” - “But probably.” - “Okay.” (Well played, Bergara, well played)

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Fake Relationship AU

  • Shane at first is like Ryan why are you doing this to yourself but then he actually agrees because Ryan is really desperate
  • they spend few days before Christmas basically making up their whole relationship, Ryan does Shane a whole powerpoint presentation about his family members
  • he even searches through those couple videos to know what they should know about each other
  • it goes so far that they casually start talking about it at work so once their coworkers find them arguing whether they plan to adopt a child and Ryan half shouts at Shane “bUT MY MOM WANTS GRANDCHILDREN SO WE WILL HAVE THEM, SHANE!” and suddenly everyone is quiet and looking at them and Shane just cuts the awkward silence with  "okay, but dog first" and the whole BuzzFeed is confused™
  • but after some time shane starts enjoying this so when they
    have a movie night he says “i bet i’m gonna make your parents
    love me more than you” and this is when the real motivation starts
  • so Ryan picks the best time to come home on 22nd of december so no one will be home yet and they will have time to prepare
  • ofc they come in, arguing about Shane’s taste in music, and the whole Bergara family just decorates the hallway and talks so when they enter, they have their full attention and Shane and Ryan are like damn we didn’t plan this well
  • Ryan starts panicking so the first thing he says is “we’re engaged”
  • Shane just stares at Ryan and tries to play along with it but on the inside he’s like Ryan?!?!
  • that day Ryan’s mom gets mad at him that he didn’t tell her about his fiance
  • but she’s way more shocked about the fact that ryan has been dating
    Shane the whole time
  • “now i have to watch all the unsolved episodes again thinking it’s my boy falling in love”
  • when they have family dinner, his aunt asks them about the proposal. Ryan chokes on his tea
  • Shane makes up the most unrealistic extra engagement and Ryan kicks him after every sentence under the table
  • Shane finishes his dramatic story with “jk i just spelled ‘will you marry me’ with an ouija board”
  • Mrs Bergara, excited: “and you said yes?!”
  • Ryan, completely monotone voice: “no i said ‘are you fucking kidding me’ and ‘we need to cut this out’”
  • *silence*
  • after dinner Ryan goes to talk to his brother and Mr Bergara takes Shane on the side
  • Shane: “are you gonna give me THE talk?” *nervous laughter*
  • Mr Bergara: “no i want to know why is my son dating such a dick”
  • Shane: *nervous laughter*
  • the next day they decorate the house with the lights
  • Shane, determined to impress his family: “i got this”
  • he falls from the ladder 5 minutes later
  • Shane trying his hardest so the whole Bergara family would like him (he succeeds eventually)
  • later on Ryan’s little nephew comes in and surprisingly Shane is really great with kids and even though Shane and Ryan played really badly a couple at first they really synchronize with time
  • Shane gives Ryan for Christmas their first picture they took together framed and some expensive ghost hunting gadget he always wanted
  • and then Ryan’s brother asks him “you really love him, don’t you”
  • and Ryan without thinking replies “i do”
  • and then he realizes he’s screwed 

This is a video uploaded to Youtube by an acquaintance of Dylann Roof and close friend of Joey Meek, Shane Kimrey. Shane died from suicide in 2014.

A few weeks before the massacre Joey Meek, who’s trailer Dylann had been staying in, took his gun from his car and hid it. “I thought he was going to do something that night, in his drunkenness,” Joey said, and as he went over it again, he started thinking less about Dylann and more about another friend of his named Shane, and what Shane had done in his own drunkenness.

Before the trailer, the Meek brothers lived in another part of Lexington, in a house in a subdivision called Ridgewood. Dylann had lived on an adjacent street, and Shane lived nearby. Shane often stayed with the Meeks, who liked having him around. 

He would stay for weeks at the house in Ridgewood, and when Kim lost the house to foreclosure, he would stay at the trailer, even though he had his own trailer by then. He was around when Roof arrived in May, but the two didn’t interact very much. Mostly, Shane drank and played video games. He was 21 at that point and saying troubling things that none of the Meeks took seriously. 

Kim (Joey’s mother) was the first to find out. She called Joey to say that Shane had put a shotgun in his mouth and killed himself. Joey remembers getting teary, and he also remembers not believing it and asking Dylann to drive him over to Shane’s trailer.

Lindsey Fry (Joey’s girlfriend), and Dylann stayed in the car, and Lindsey remembers him not saying a word or expressing any kind of emotion. Joey and his brother, meanwhile, walked up to Shane’s door, half-expecting to see Shane waiting for them, laughing that they fell for his joke. But then they were inside, seeing Shane’s blood all over the couch, and Joey was getting sick.

“Anyways, when I was in there I had grabbed his boots — they’re right over there,” Joey said, pointing to a pair of worn cowboy boots he took from the trailer that night as a memento. The boots were mixed into a pile of shoes in the bedroom where sometimes Shane slept, and sometimes Dylann slept.

Headcanon that whenever Ryan gets really pissed off at Shane and gives him the silent treatment, Shane just plays “Friends Never Say Goodbye” on repeat. Shane plays it loudly enough that even through his headphones, Ryan can still hear it, and he continues playing it until Ryan finally gives in and stops ignoring his overdramatic ass.