Shane Love Games

Shane’s sleep schuedule

So out of curiosity I decided to go to Marnie’s house and stay there till late at night to see what time Shane gets home at from the Salon.

He got home at 12:30AM!

That’s like the latest time i’ve seen any of the characters go back into their house at. Our poor baby boy goes to bed at nearly 1am and has to wake up for work at (i’m assuming) 7/8am D:

Side Note; He has a book on raising chickens in his room as well as a chicken photograph on the wall. TELL ME HE ISN’T DESTINED TO LIVE WITH US ON THE FARM.


For now, you rude, grumpy alcoholic BEAUTIFUL man, we will just have to be the best of friends!!

My farmer is a wine/beer maker and I like to think has the biggest crush on the town meanie. He is also best friends with Pam….because…PAM! 

I’m addicted to Stardew Valley!