My favorite quotes from It Gets Worse:

- now I have a bunch of followers because my daily vlogs are FUCKING KILLING IT
- “didn’t you used to live here?” “No he moved here after they publicly broke up and came out of the closet as a bisexual male”
- “but I’m a good person! I did a collab with Catrific! That’s LITERALLY CHARITY WORK”
- Drew: *punches killer to the ground*
Also Drew: SORRY
- “I’ve had my fair share of Controversies. You do ONE blackface video once a week for four years and now you’re a racist I don’t-”
- LET THE PARTY BEGIN *Superluv starts playing*
- Shane: *taking a selfie with a fan* say, He Stopped Me From Killing Myself!!!
Fan:… What?
Shane: oh it’s just something a lot of you guys say
- “what just happened?!” “Um I think your power went out” “umm that’s not possible I’m rich”
- drew: “don’t do that I’m scared of ghosts”
Chimeri: “is there anything you are scared of?” Drew: “Viners… They have such sad lives”

There’s many more so keep adding if you want!

anonymous asked:

I'm probably the only thinking this but Caspar and Shane remind me so much of each other. how touchy and flirty they both are, they're incredibly soft and caring and don't want other people to see them sad, don't like being serious

anon pt. 2: They’re both sweet but like to come out as an assholes as their YouTube persona They’re insecure and make jokes about hating themselves and others hating them to brush it off

I can understand that! I love both of them very much, and I wish them all the best and yes, I do wish that they would show that vulnerable side of themselves every now and then, but I can respect and understand why they choose not to. :) 

Year: 2045

Me: Hey sweetie! how was school?

Child: Great! We are doing this really cool study about early social media! I was assigned to YouTube! Remember it?

Me: *stares into camera like its the office*


This makes me so happy😭😊 “☺️☺️”

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