This song is my thing for now. THIS JOINT IS FLYYYYYYY.


I’m dead.

Midnight Walks


In response to Anon’s request - “Ed is out with his cat which happens to run off into fans arms. He can’t help but invite her to night out to relieve each other of stress? Fellow writer here on a depressing night”

Eyes closed, feet moving in automation, a sigh passed my lips. I opened my eyes to meet the dark glow of street lights, and the quiet hum of cars passing in nearby roads. After a stressfully intense night at work, the midnight walk home was almost equal to heaven, and I relished every moment of it. Only two blocks from my apartment, I saw something moving at the end of the street. When I came closer, I realised it was a small kitten, running in tiny little uneven steps, hardly knowing which direction to run. My heart melted at the sight as I approached him, crouching down and offering my hand cautiously. The kitten looked at me before walking over and pressing his small head into the palm of my extended hand. I scratched behind his ears gently and heard a small purr in response. The feline looked so fragile that the wind would be able to break him in two. At that moment I heard fast, rhythmic footsteps approaching, and felt the small murmur through the pavement. I looked up, to see a slightly panicked man slowing in front of me, eyes trained on the small creature at my hand. I stood silently, realising it was Ed and taking a subtle step back. Of course I was a huge fan of his and had been to multiple of his concerts, but I was sure the last thing he wanted was to have his kitten stolen by an admirer at midnight, in an isolate street; so I said nothing.

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From her upcoming debut EP, the gorgeous orchestral flourish of Shanay’s ‘Time’ has a flair for the dramatic just as much as it teases with a sultry touch.

In a similar vein to The Weeknd’s recent addition to the Fifty Shades soundtrack, ‘Earned It,’ swooning vocals over swelling strings prove captivating, with its airy falsetto capturing both sensuality and a certain sense frustration rather effortlessly. ‘Time’ taps into enough pop sensibility to be a worthy hit without ever becoming too cliche or syrupy upon listen.

-Bianca B.

Bus conversations
  • Black Girl:Raheib is such a ghetto name.
  • Raheib:No it's not!
  • Me:I don't think it's that bad. It could be worse. It's not like it's shanaynay or something.
  • Black Girl:My sister's name is Shanay.
  • ....
  • Me:*fuck fuck fuck* Well we just won't tell her about this.
  • Guys it's not my fault, it was an old Shane Dawson joke. I go to catholic school our population is only 5% non-white. I take the late bus with the public school kids. I'm not used to obscure names.