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There's this fanfic called OF Flowers and Coffee that's also shidge. Idk if you would like to read it but just thought u should know!

Oooohhh I just looked it up. Flower Shop AU! With Klance and Shay/Hunk. AND IT’S COMPLETE!!!!! I’ve marked it for later but if any of y’all want to read it, you can find it here:

Of Flowers and Coffee

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CCTV cameras capture the last known images of seven-year-old Shanay Walker, who was brutally beaten to death by her aunt and grandmother on July 31, 2014 in Nottingham, England.

Little Shanay Walker had been in and out of foster care her entire life, as her mother struggled with postpartum depression. Her various carers described her as a “lovely little girl” who loved to help out around the house and play with animals. In June 2012, when she was five, Shanay was placed with her maternal aunt, Kay-Ann Morris, as officials believed living with a family member would bring more stability into her life. A frequent visitor to the house was Jualina Smikle, Shanay’s grandmother, who was being investigated on charges of child cruelty. Together these two women would inflict unimaginable pain on the defenceless girl.

Whenever she was perceived as misbehaving, Shanay would be beaten with a broom handle and starved. She was forced to take ice baths and hold her hands above a gas element until she burned. If she cried, Morris would drag Shanay along the ground by her hair while Smikle beat the child with a metal fire poker. Most horribly, Morris would take audio recordings on her phone of Shanay screaming for help while Smikle laughs in the background. Morris is also heard calling Shanay an ‘ugly disgusting pig.’

This horrific abuse carried on for two years. Though most of the beatings were administered by Kay-Ann Morris, Jualina Smikle would often join in and taunt Shanay over her terrible injuries. After one particularly bad beating, Shanay managed to escape the house and went running into a store, barefoot and in her pyjamas, to ask for a glass of water. Two hours later she was dead.

The official cause of death was listed as a brain haemorrhage; Morris had hit the girl so hard her skull cracked in two places, and over fifty separate injuries were noted on her body. Morris and Smikle were promptly arrested and charged with murder. It came out during their trial that teachers had expressed concerned that Shanay was being abused no less than five times, yet social workers believed Smikle’s stories that all the injuries were either accidental or self inflicted.

Incredibly, Morris and Smikle were found not guilty of murder; the court expressed doubt over whether the fatal head injury was deliberately inflicted. Instead Morris was found guilty of child cruelty and sentenced to eight years in prison. Smikle was also found guilty of child cruelty and sentenced to four years.

EXO When You’re a Ballet Dancer

I was on pointe for four years and I still have really messed up feet/knees, but ugh ballet is so beautiful. All of the boys would be so proud of you and would try to be at every performance that they could.
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Xiumin: He would go to one of your practices after one of his and would be sitting leaning against the mirror when you slid down into the splits. He would be amazed by everything that you could do always making sure that whatever you were doing wasn’t causing too much damage to your body. “Your foot does what?”

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Luhan: He would love to go to your recitals and watch your performances always feeling a swell of pride when he watched you dance. Luhan would be your cheerleader, going and cheering loudly for you so you knew that you had his support.

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Kris: After one of your recitals he stood up loudly and started cheering once you came out onto the stage, completely ignoring the random looks that he got he continued to cheer loudly as you curtsied and exited the stage. Afterwards your face would be red as your friends asked who he was and why was he screaming your name. Despite all of the embarrassment it created, it made you happy that he showed that he cared.

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Suho: After every recital that you had he would always be backstage afterwards holding a single rose. He would always compliment you on your ability, and Suho would be so proud of how far you’ve gone with your passion for ballet.

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Lay: During a dress rehearsal one day you had invited Lay to go out to lunch with you. Since he had arrived early he had sat in the chairs in the back and quietly watch you rehearse. Taking note of how close your practices were. Once he saw your leg go straight up behind you in an air split he got really confused and asked you about that later. “Jagi, I don’t think the body is supposed to move that way.”

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Baekhyun: He would love to brag about you and your skill, when ever he first met someone he would bring up the fact that you’re a famous ballet dancer and he would talk about all of the dances that you’ve done nonstop. Baek would be so overjoyed about watching you dance live and would sometimes ask you to dance for him at home.

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Chen: He would always be rooting for you during your recitals. Making sure that you knew of your skill he would give you praises and flowers,  and after long rehearsals or performances he would rub your feet to help ease the pain of pointe shoes.

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Chanyeol: In the beginning, Chanyeol wouldn’t understand the struggles of ballet dancers. Once he saw what you went through on a daily basis for your training, he would gain a new found respect for the sport and he would love to watch you practice new moves then watch you perform them. Chanyeol would be amazed by the entire process.

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D.O: During an interview someone would ask about how he feels about your dancing. He would ramble on about how proud he was of you and how beautiful your dancing was to him, then someone would make a comment about the flexibility and he would get flustered, “It doesn’t hurt to have.”

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Tao: Even if he was a martial artist he would love to dance with you, jumps are obviously his favorite. You had to admit that he had some skill when it came to the height needed for the jumps too. Inside your home you two would be jumping around and spinning to poorly done ballet moves.

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Kai: Seeing as Kai has ballet background himself, he would be elated to know that you also danced. You two would dance around your house all the time, having contest to see who could do more pirouettes or shanays in a row.

Sehun: You had wrongly assumed that he wouldn’t want to watch you perform your dance. He would hear about one of your recitals from a mutual friend and he would go waiting to surprise you in the audience. Despite how well you too knew each other he had never seen you dance before. Even if he had the worst seats in the building he would still be in awe in the fluity of your motions. Sehun would walk up to you afterwards and comment that he needed to be invited to all of your performances and be seated in the VIP section.

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What is the difference between 愛, 恋, and 恋愛? I know that they both have something to do with love but what's the difference? Thanks in advance!

Hello, sorry this is extremely overdue ><

Yes you are right — they all have to do with love. However, 恋 (koi) and 恋愛 (ren ai) are both similar, while 愛 (ai) is a bit different.

愛 is more of a general term for love as it can refer to all types of love rather than just romantic love. For instance, love between a mother and her child, love for a friend, or love for a religion. (definition)

  • ex. 親の愛 (oya no ai) - parental love
  • ex. 兄弟愛 (kyoudai ai) - sibling love
  • ex. 母の愛 (haha no ai) - maternal love
  • ex. 神の愛 (kami no ai) - God’s love
  • ex. 家族への愛 (kazoku e no ai) - love for (his) family
  • ex. 男女の愛 (danjo no ai) - love between men/women
  • ex. 日本に対する愛 (nihon ni taisuru ai) - love of Japan
  • ex. 世界への愛 (sekai e no ai) - love of the world


On the other hand, 恋 and 恋愛 are more specifically for romantic kinds of love. Both have the same kind of meaning, but 恋愛 is heavier and more serious, whereas 恋 can be that or a cuter/lighter love like puppy love. You can say 恋愛する (ren ai suru), but 恋をする (koi wo suru) is more common. 恋愛 is also used as a genre name. 

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I am a young entrepreneur trying to visualize my future office and I really like the indoor/outdoor vibe. I havent seen many indoor/outdoor offices that really connect the office space with the outdoors. Do you know of any?

There are a number of examples with different levels of connection, it all depends what is the weather like where you plan to build your office. It also depends on the type of work and work force your office will have.

Here are some examples of different scale and scope:

Selgas Cano Architecture Office Selgas Cano

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This song is my thing for now. THIS JOINT IS FLYYYYYYY.

Bus conversations
  • Black Girl: Raheib is such a ghetto name.
  • Raheib: No it's not!
  • Me: I don't think it's that bad. It could be worse. It's not like it's shanaynay or something.
  • Black Girl: My sister's name is Shanay.
  • ....
  • Me: *fuck fuck fuck* Well we just won't tell her about this.
  • Guys it's not my fault, it was an old Shane Dawson joke. I go to catholic school our population is only 5% non-white. I take the late bus with the public school kids. I'm not used to obscure names.