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“What if nothing ever gives you that same thrill again?” -Ian to Fiona.

This was personally one of my favorite, if not favorite, lines for Ian on 7X10 and here’s why:
Ian broke up with Mickey because he was in denial of his bipolar disorder, Monica got in his head, and he didn’t want to take his meds and he knew Mickey would want him to, correct? Well, now that he’s come to terms with his disorder I think he realized what Mickey did for him. Not only that, but he had pushed back all those memories when he started dating again and started to live a “normal” dating life. Straight up dinner and movie dates. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but, when you’re a Gallagher, it doesn’t really suit you or last long. Mickey and Ian fought for their love. For years it was secret hook ups, fighting with each other until they passionately had sex, the drama of Mickey coming out to his family, and Ian literally melting every time another piece of Mickey slipped through the hard cracks of his shell and showed Ian his true feelings.
“What if nothing ever gives you that same thrill again?” He’s not satisfied with Trevor anymore. You could tell the second he found out Mickey was back. He tried to convince himself that he was still into Trevor but, like he said, he couldn’t get Mickey “out of his head.” And Caleb? The only “thrilling” part of their relationship was Ian finding out he was HIV positive and him cheating on Ian with a woman. Gallavich, their love wasn’t something boring. It was dangerous, surprising, passionate, and true. You can’t fake what they had/have. Nor will they probably ever find somebody that could even match that level of “thrill” and Ian knows that.
I hate to compare their relationship to Monica and Franks because of how toxic their relationship is but, I will say this. No matter what happens to them or how long they are apart, Frank and Monica always find their way back to each other in the end. Their love is too catastrophic for each other to ever end. This is how I see Ian and Mickey. Even if in the next episode or two they leave each other again, they will find a way back to each other. We may not see it in the show or the show may end and they are “broken up” but, this episode put in stone that they are a powerful force. When they are together, nothing can stand in the way of that.
Now, I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the next episode. I honestly feel like the writers will never give us a happy ending on film with them since they made it their mission to trash Mickey every chance they got whenever somebody would speak about him. I just hope that, if they do break up in the next episode or the finale, Mickey gets the recognition he deserves. He gets a fair ending. He shouldn’t get belittled or made into the bad guy because he asked Ian to go with him, not forced. He told Ian to tell him goodbye but he didn’t. Ian made the decision to go with Mickey himself. Nobody else made him go. BUT there’s a chance they don’t fuck it up and give them their “happily ever after.” Cameron is set to start Gotham and film 5 indie movies soon. There’s talks of him leaving the show (not sure if it’s for a season or forever but). If they give Gallavich their “forever”, I need two things to happen:
-Ian tells Mickey thank you for taking care of him while he was really sick and in denial of his bipolar disorder.
-I need to hear Ian tell Mickey he loves him to Mickey’s face

My perfect Gallavich ending:
The cops find Ian and Mickey. They are running from them and find a place to hide, the cops are running past them not knowing where they went. Mickey turns to Ian and says “Gallagher, you with me?”
And Ian simply replies with “Always Mick.”

In the world of television there are few relationships that can set the internet on fire like the pairing of Mickey Milkovich and Ian Gallagher on Showtime’s Shameless. The partnership, better known to fans as ‘Gallavich’, is one of the most beloved fictional relationships of all time and in terms of #LGBT relationships, it’s right up there with Glee’s Kurt and Blaine and Queer as Folk’s Brian and Justin.
—  “The Internet Goes Crazy As Mickey Milkovich Returns To ‘Shameless'”

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