Why are people excited about this?  We’ve known he was coming back for a few weeks now, haven’t we?

I’m just nervous because Mickey might not get a just ending, despite showing up.

You know what I think a just ending would be?

Mickey getting out, seeing Yevgeny.  Mickey at the Milkovich house packing his bags.

Ian growing as a person over the season.  Ian having a shit time.  Ian suddenly realizing Mickey’s home so he comes to Mickey in tears, apologizing, proclaiming his love and offering to work so hard to rebuild their relationship.  Genuinely contrite, sad and worn enough to make even our hearts go out to him, despite ourselves.

Mickey opening the door like the first season when Ian begged to see him, to now find our old Ian - the Ian that we know and love who’s finally done being a douche - .in tears.

So Mickey looks back at him with soft eyes, really hears him out.

And instead of “Gallagher”, he uses his first name.

“Aw, Ian.” he says.

“Go fuck yourself.”