Respect the office of the Presidency.


Why do Republicans keep telling me to “respect the office of the Presidency” after they spent eight years disrespecting a *great* President? The self-described party of family values took every opportunity to disrespect a wholesome American family who achieved the pinnacle of the American Dream by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. They’re the cover story for the dream Republicans keep selling us, yet the Obamas were disrespected for eight solid years.

Hypocrisy aside though, why do I have to respect the office of the Presidency if I have no respect for the person sitting in it? I wouldn’t tell a Japanese American to respect the office of the Presidency as FDR was ordering them into internment camps during WWII. I wouldn’t tell a Native American in 1830 to respect the office of the Presidency as Andrew Jackson was forcing them out of the South and into the Midwest along the Trail of Tears. I wouldn’t tell a slave in 1776 to respect the office of the Presidency as our founding fathers formed the economic foundation of this country on the backs of their forced labor.

I don’t respect Donald Trump as a human being. The fact that a bunch of angry white people put him into office against their better interests doesn’t somehow elevate him. The office of the Presidency deserves only as much respect as its last occupant, and Obama ain’t in there no more. So piss on the office of the Presidency. It ain’t finna do jack for me and I’ll disrespect the hell out of this sham of a democracy if I want to.

Voting Guide for 2016

It’s important to go into an election well-informed and equipped with everything you need to cast a vote for the presidential candidate that best represents your interests. Democracy only works if you do, so being swayed by party politics or worse, not participating at all, robs you of your voice in this country. Think of all the people in other countries who don’t get to vote or whose choices are so limited, they may as well not vote at all. Below is all you need to know about the 2016 candidates, so that can vote with confidence and assurance that you’re putting principles before politics.

1. Every candidate is a sham , democracy is a farce, literally every single candidate will continue to erode at individual autonomy and freedom, and actively promote America’s imperialist agenda and I swear to god if I see one more Hilary bumper sticker I’m going to lose my fucking mind.

and here we have it. any talk of ‘election integrity’ by voter id opponents is simply bullshit designed to cover for the true purpose of these laws, that being making it harder for groups that aren’t going to vote for republicans to vote. the actual issues of election integrity in the USA are things like felon disenfranchisement, gerrymandering, registration and turnout of voters, and of course the sham of bourgeois ‘democracy’ in the first place.