A few weeks before Shakira gave birth to her first son Milan, Shakira and Gerard Pique introduced an initiative created by Shak alongside UNICEF in which fans of the couple could donate life-changing resources to babies in need around the world in honor of their unborn son. This included polio vaccines, mosquito nets, oral rehydration salts sachets, therapeutic food, scales, and many other vital resources to ensure babies survival in vulnerable countries around the world. She explained in a letter to the public that in her excitement and nervousness of becoming a first mother she realized that she was taking for granted that her newborn child would be born in a hospital with all the resources necessary to ensure a healthy birth and upbringing, unlike many mothers who don’t have the luxury of basic resources due to inequalities of resources around the world. The World Baby Shower was so successful that it reportedly gathered 80,000 polio vaccines, almost 200,000 oral re hydration salts sachets, and 3.8 tons of therapeutic food, among other life-saving tools that were purchased and donated for babies and children in need around to the world and was again brought back when she was pregnant again with her son Sasha. “My hope is that by the time my sons are adults, they can look back and see how even small efforts can have a big impact when multiplied – and that they take the time to tackle the big questions of their time too” (x)

reasons zootopia is worth seeing

- a lot of focus on shattering stereotypes

- female main character w/o an unnecessary hetero romantic subplot

- one of the main conflicts was that a small part of the population was being wrongfully blamed for the city’s problems, sound familiar?

- just all around positive

- a+ cast (ginnifer goodwin, jason bateman, idris elba, shakira, jenny slate, octavia spencer, & josh dallas, among others)

- really not-subtle breaking bad reference