i hate “accurate” shakespeare productions where all the actors are white guys. the reason women didn’t act in his plays was because it was illegal in that time obv due to misogyny, and we don’t want that to carry over. there were characters of colour that shakespeare specifically wrote. for example, othello was a part for a black actor and yet there r MODERN productions of othello where othello’s actor is a white dude in blackface.

shakespeare would be thrilled if he knew that modern productions of his works featured diverse casts, complete with not only female actors, lgbt actors, and actors of colour, but interpretations that have been tweaked to showcase modern issues that black communities, gay people, women, etc. face.

if you want to do something, do it. a midsummer production where they’re all lesbians? a romeo and juliet production depicting racial tensions? a twelfth night production where viola is and is played by a trans women? shakespeare’s ghost will give u a thumbs up. (plus his works are out of copyright so u can do whatever the hell you want with them whether he’d want you to or not.)

Hey did you know that in the renaissance they would sensor the word c*nt by shortening it to “c”? Furthermore, do you know how many times Shakespeare refers to the “sea”? It’s quite a few. and you know what sea sounds like? 




So when Shakespeare references the sea it’s entirely possible that it’s a double entendre for female geneitalia.

So when he says that “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep” he’s also saying “My love for you is as deep as that pussy;)”

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