Shady 2.0

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Hey I'm glad that you believe that chiam baby is babygate 2.0, because it seems that everyone in the fandom believe its real

I don’t think everyone believes it’s real.  

Of course the people who believe the entire official narrative are going to believe it.  There are also some Larries who don’t pay enough attention to Liam to see all the shadiness around babygate 2.0.  There are also Larries who see the shadiness and refuse to say anything publicly because they’re afraid of breaking rank and losing popularity.

Those are the 3 groups that pretty much always miss the ball on shady things going on with Zayn, Liam, and Niall.  

The Ziam group and Team Stunt are agreed about the shadiness of babygate 2.0 as far as I’m aware.  Of course there will always be some exceptions, but I don’t think I’ve seen any real arguing about it in the parts of the fandom I expected to call out babygate 2.0 as a stunt.  I mean, in reality, we’ve been calling it out as a stunt for the last 6 months or more anyway.

Maybe you just need to follow more Ziam/Stunt people and fewer others.  It’s hard to do sometimes, but I’ve found that I’m much happier when I unfollow blogs that regularly post opinions I find frustrating and/or disgusting.  I lose information sometimes and I still haven’t really found a good source to get information about what’s being discussed on the Larry side, but my metaphorical blood pressure is much lower.

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why do you think the sophiam pic is shade? i thought it's just the normal bullshit we get from his Instagram lately lol

When the joke’s on you but you gotta play along:

How Sophia really felt:

LOL. Backs turned. Arms folded. Screw face. Looks like Liam’s special brand of shade to me. Now by itself, sure it might not mean much. But taken with Liam’s other Sophiam shade moments (which have been completely missed by most of the fandom), it definitely looks like a pattern to me.

While the media was shouting about Liam being “devastated” about his break-up with Sophia:

When a rich hitter want you
And your man can’t do nothing for you
These hoes ain’t loyal
These hoes ain’t loyal
Yeah, yeah, let me see

O rly?

Liam ships it:

How about swerving on the opportunity to publicly acknowledge your supportive girlfriend:

Not “Sophia”. Not “girlfriend”. “Person”. Who is this mysterious person whom Liam truly loves? Three guesses…

What a ridiculous narrative this was:

But friends don’t let friends throw shade alone:

Thanks Harry, you’re ace.

What kinda boyfriend is annoyed by the mention of his girlfriend loving him?

A fake one feeling shady and over it, that’s what kind.

What kinda boyfriend shades his girlfriend’s make-up and self tanning preferences?

Mmmm…that was shady, Liam.

Looking unhappy during pap shots so we know that he knows we know:

I see you, Slim Shady 2.0.

And how would you feel if your boyfriend cast himself as the ‘other man’ in a selfie of you two?

Who is Sophia’s Mickey, cuz it sure ain’t Liam.

So yeah, that’s why I took that princess pic as shade. You decide.

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hi!! I feel kinda really stupid for asking this, but what exactly does the aerobic exercise video mean with the "You're Welcome"? And what's shady warehouse? I'm so sorry, I'm really new and I'm confused. Thanks so much -- love your blog!

It’s ok! So Harry has had a recent history of outing himself via Twitter. He makes “subtle” references and throws out hints left and right about his not-so-straight-ness. There was this one week in August when he was just on a roll and outed himself just about every day. And one of those outing tweets was 

When you search Shady Warehouse you get this lovely video of people (mostly men) wearing very little clothing while doing some fantastic aerobics moves.

Today in the ODE interview, Harry outed himself for the 50000th time when Liam said one of the traits he looks for in a girlfriend is that she’s a female and Harry said “Not that important.” X 

And a few hours later Harry has tweeted this new aerobics video which reminded everyone of Shady Warehouse. So that’s why you probably see people calling it Shady Warehouse 2.0. Maybe Harry’s is giving a little shout out to that. It might be another knock on that closet door (if you can even call it a door at this point. I’m pretty sure it’s like a piece of fabric) especially after all the earlier excitement. OR it could be some weird celebrity inside joke because Kevin Jonas just tweeted the exact same thing so I’m a bit confused at the moment. I don’t really have a definitive answer about this newest tweet. But at least you have all the background info on everything else!

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Shady 2.0 BET cypher (Official footage) (New)

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Shady 2.0 BET Cypher: Yelawolf x Slaughterhouse x Eminem

Easily the best cypher from the BET Cypher series. Em justifies his spot as one of the greatest to do this and the entire team slice through the classic “Tried by 12” instrumental as expected.