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Larry are taking a private plan to the UK in six days, for the twins BDAY. Upon leaving the states, whilst in transit to the UK, up in the air, the denial will be released. Larry will be papped on the runway, statements will say that he is going home to see his family for support, and that Harry is helping him thru this rough time. Lairport 3.0 will be happening.

I’m ready shady insidery anon

Forget about Life & Style, it’s a rag mag. The real story is why is people magazine that broke the story ignoring the birth. This is their current issue for Feb 8 and nowhere in the mag does it say the baby was born. Not even a simple sentence on the announcements page

And before you say maybe they went to press early, notice Michael Buble and his baby born the day after on Jan 22 is there

so there are two Ks that consistently post in the 50k g/g

one always begs for scatterscrolls

and the other has an insanely expensive wishlist that intimidates others and backs up the thread. they post multiple times a page when they’re there

gettin real sick of this thread because i cant give people the stuff they want and i feel bad when i can’t


Me passing by the vending machines at school with no money

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I'm a PA in the industry, and am a 1D/Larry/Ziam fan so this sparked my interest. My boss works close with the Azoff's. The articles about Harry being there for Louis are going to increase with a crazy magnitude over the course of this entire thing. This is the plan for reintroducing the public to the notion of Larry. The denial is coming soon, but they first had to set up the Larry dialogue. Which they have now just done. And to confirm the theories- TMZ has the story 100%.

thanks shady insidery anon, I hope you’re right

when you find the alt account you made like a year ago and only logged into once

and not only does your random progen match nicely, but you have a scavenged egg dragon that has great colors

but even if you got over the alt guilt, you don’t remember the login info

of course.