In Case You Missed It! - A Round Up Of All The News That Mattered On March 1st, 2012

Image By Giuseppe Camuncoli




Reading Rat Queens #1 kept me wondering “how did this get made?” in the best way possible. Its not every day you get to see published comics that star queer ladies, ladies of color, bad ass unapologetic ladies starting shit and doing shrooms in the woods. Like, seriously, how did this get published?! It felt like reading some of my favorite webcomics, that are smart and foulmouthed and a little pervy and uh, about women. Kudos to Shadowline and Image for doing creator owned comics right. READ IT.

scraping goblin shit off your shoes and making monsters bleed

01 acapella - karmin / 02 trouble – neon jungle / 03 problem – natalia kills / 04 did it on em – nicki minaj / 05 clique – kanye west [j-reyez & lydia paek remix] / 06 get some – lykee li / 07 black sheep – gin wigmore / 08 breakin dishes - rihanna / 09 monster – nicki minaj [verse] / 10 easy fix – k.flay / 11 bad reputation – joan jett / 12 i love it – iconna pop

Time then to delve into the truly groundbreaking work from SF comic creators that just happen to be female: Starstruck, A Distant Soil, and Finder; and their

An important and very interesting overview of women in SF Comics. So complimentary, I got teary. And some very deserving creative works here. Just amazed to be included.


Today’s the day!  MORNING GLORIES DELUXE EDITION, vol. 1 is in stores nationwide.  It collects the first 12 issues, + a slew of extras and clocks in at 400 pages , for only $39.99!  This edition features a foreword by the co-creator of LOST, Damon Lindelof (pictured here by me and colorist extraordinaire, Alex Sollazzo). 

I’m immensely proud of this book.  I’m already stockpiling sketches and commissions to include in the second volume! :) 

So I hope you’ll check this out.  Recommend it to a friend, or better yet, it makes a heckuva Christmas present!