Reading Rat Queens #1 kept me wondering “how did this get made?” in the best way possible. Its not every day you get to see published comics that star queer ladies, ladies of color, bad ass unapologetic ladies starting shit and doing shrooms in the woods. Like, seriously, how did this get published?! It felt like reading some of my favorite webcomics, that are smart and foulmouthed and a little pervy and uh, about women. Kudos to Shadowline and Image for doing creator owned comics right. READ IT.


(and, please, re-read #1 before asking questions–everything you need to know is right here):

Shadowline Submission Guidelines

1. Please follow all “guidelines” explicitly (this tells us you can read, follow directions and are probably not too difficult to get along with).

2. Do not propose any project that has been submitted to and turned down by Image Central, nor any previously published project.

3. Please keep the initial story arc to 5 issues.

4. There is no specific genre or style that we’re looking for. Be original, be creative, and be certain that your proposal has market appeal.

5. Send us the first five fully finished pages. Also include a cover letter explaining to us whether or not you see this as a finite or on-going series and a realistic estimate of when the series can launch.

Please refrain from telling us that your series is the best thing since peanut butter and we would be fools to pass it up…cause then we will.
We also want to see a cover, with logo (yours, not ours–we know what ours looks like). Include a SHORT paragraph synopsis of your STORY, not your plot (if you don’t know the difference between the two, then you’re not ready for prime time).

6. Send jpegs ONLY. Please do NOT send us links or zips or fruit baskets. Thank you! (Synopsis and cover letter should be word files.)

7. Send your proposal to:  DO NOT send it to our Facebook or Twitter accounts and, please, use YOUR name–thanks.

We will respond to every submission, but if rejected, please don’t ask for a follow up.

Thank you and good luck–we wish you only success.


Today’s the day!  MORNING GLORIES DELUXE EDITION, vol. 1 is in stores nationwide.  It collects the first 12 issues, + a slew of extras and clocks in at 400 pages , for only $39.99!  This edition features a foreword by the co-creator of LOST, Damon Lindelof (pictured here by me and colorist extraordinaire, Alex Sollazzo). 

I’m immensely proud of this book.  I’m already stockpiling sketches and commissions to include in the second volume! :) 

So I hope you’ll check this out.  Recommend it to a friend, or better yet, it makes a heckuva Christmas present!