12 SHOCKING Photos of Anakin Skywalker!

So I’ve noticed this “trend” of electricity being highly attracted to Anakin. 

And I have to ask, how did this guy manage to have kids, let alone twins

Well… I looked it up. Luckily for him, it only causes temporary infertility, but still… this guy’s been fried so many times… lol  

I figure with the coming holiday season and all, Anakin all lit up was a highly appropriate post to make. :P

‘Wanton Destruction’

[DOS] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1998]

  • Computer Gaming World, January 1998 (#162)
    • via CGW Museum

Wanton Destruction was created by Sunstorm Interactive and tested by 3D Realms, but was not released by the distributor. Charlie Wiederhold presented the four maps he created to 3D Realms, and was consequently hired as a level designer for Duke Nukem Forever. With permission, he released the maps on March 22, 2004. On September 5, 2005, Anthony Campiti—former president of Sunstorm Interactive—notified 3D Realms by e-mail that he found the Wanton Destruction add-on, and it was released for free on September 9, 2005 - Wikipedia

Favorite Moment of Shadow Warrior
  • Lo Wang: So what is your name anyway?
  • Hoji: Why do you want to know?
  • Lo Wang: It is written, that if you know a demon’s name you can control it.
  • Hoji: I don’t know, it is written that no human can pronounce the demon tongue.
  • Lo Wang: Just tell me what it is.
  • Hoji: It is… Hoji.
  • Lo Wang: Hoji?
  • Hoji: But… How… It’s impossible… Unless… You are the chosen one, the one written about in the Prophecy.
  • Lo Wang: What… What else does this Prophecy say about the chosen one?
  • Hoji: It is written… That the chosen one… *Laughing* Will believe any damn thing you make up on the spot and tell him!
  • Lo Wang:
  • Hoji: *Laughing harder*
  • Lo Wang: Get out of my car.
Shadow Warrior
  • *Lo Wang opens the security lock using a scientists head for the retina scanner*
  • Hoji: Now that's what I call using your head.
  • Wang: The only thing worse than a friend who tells bad jokes is a friend who tells bad jokes inside your head.
  • Hoji: Did you just say we were friends? Best fwends??
  • Wang: If I killed myself, would it kill you too? Please say yes.
  • Hoji: Yes.
  • Wang: You're lying aren't you?
  • Hoji: Yes.

Shadow Warrior 2, Pump Action Shotgun

-Shadow Warrior (2013) was fantastic. And it had some great reloading animations in it. So when I heard that we were getting a sequel I was very excited. And then I saw some gameplay. Now I’m not only excited, but I can’t even contain myself. 

The action looks fast and filled with even more gore and just look at that amazing shotgun reloading animation. Look at it. Look at it some more. This is Blood Dragon level of amazing. That flip, the way you toss the shells into the shotgun and quickly spin it back..beautiful. Just beautiful. Can’t wait to play it.