greenrangerdonald  asked:

With the new Blair Witch movie coming out, do you plan on doing a Snob episode of Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2?

Doubtful.  That means I’d have to watch Blair Witch 2 again, and I’d rather sit through a Trump porn than that.


I cast my shadows away,
They weren’t useful enough,
As they were my demons,
Crashing my soul every time

I cast my shadows away,
Running from the dark past,
That encloses the life that was,
Stumbling as they catch on

My shadows wouldn’t let me escape,
They would come and haunt me,
Even after I sent them away,
At night, I pray, they would be gone

I should just accept my shadows,
For reality is a hard pill to take in,
Insecurities, doubts, the past,
They will never be washed away

I should just accept my shadows,
For they are the ones that complete me,
As life is a complete balance of opposites,
You have the good and the bad.

anonymous asked:

What is probably the biggest decision you guys had to make?

Judy: “Well…This may sound silly.”

Nick: “Very silly~. But you must understand that between us, this caused a huge commotion.”

Judy: “Oh yes. Us trying to choose our wedding venue was one of the worst times in our relationship so far I would think.”

Nick: “Without a shadow of a doubt. I wanted the wedding to be held in a normal church. Boring I know, but nice and traditional! But Carrots over here wanted it in an open field in BunnyBurrow so all her family could see her marry.”

Judy: “My argument made more sense! It was more logical than a church because we could have more guests, and the whole family could watch us!”

Nick: “But a church is nice and cosy, plus I’m more of an isolated person than Carrots is.”

Judy: “To make both our lives easier, we actually got together in the ZPD reception office! Most of my family could get in and our friends at the ZPD could attend too! And in a place we both loved!”

Nick: “Certainly was the right choice. It was the best of both worlds~.”

Today I found out that one of my biggest influences and personal hero’s has sadly passed away. Juan Gabriel is beyond shadow of a doubt one of Mexico’s greatest entertainer and unmatched composers. He was a man who’s charm and melody inspired love, passion, dance, sincerity, joy, and beauty among many other angles of sentiment. I’m honestly heartbroken over the news and send my condolences to friends, family, and fans alike. “El tiempo es cruel y a nadie quiere”

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Yeah they're very fake. A shadow creature isn't fun and it doesn't just disappear. The only expection to it being a delusion is I've heard of demons being shadow creatures and haunting people but I doubt that is happened to her either

watch out, she might say that demons are the reason she needs validation on being a two year old japanese girl next.

Uncle Charlie: You’re just an ordinary little girl, living in an ordinary little town. You wake up every morning of your life and you know perfectly well that there’s nothing in the world to trouble you. You go through your ordinary little day, and at night you sleep your untroubled ordinary little sleep, filled with peaceful stupid dreams. And I brought you nightmares. Or did I? Or was it a silly, inexpert little lie? You live in a dream. You’re a sleepwalker, blind. How do you know what the world is like? Do you know the world is a foul sty? Do you know, if you rip off the fronts of houses, you’d find swine? The world’s a hell. What does it matter what happens in it? Wake up, Charlie. Use your wits. Learn something.