Here goes nothing

I don’t have a point but it feels connected.

Labrys’ shadow has a persona, Asterius but we know that a persona is a shadow before they become that. And Shadow Labrys is inside the depths of Labrys’ heart which means she had 2 personas although only Shadow Labrys is the only one who can use Asterius. Both Personas: Ariadne and Asterius are under the Fortune Arcana.

Like Goro’s personas. Loki ans Robin Hood, they are under the Justice Arcana. Both reprents reverse and upright Justice, it might be same for Labrys if you think of it.

As for Sho, early in P4AU, he doesn’t have a persona but Minazuki does have one. Sho’s arcana is Sun while Minazuki is Moon. Tsukiyomi is under the moon. Sho’s not compatible with Tsukiyomi. So let’s fast forward to the end. Sho was able to use Tsukiyomi after Minazuki disappears.Sho awaken to the wild card ability and Tsukiyomi change it’s arcana to Fool like Aigis’ Palladion.