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Shadow’s Peak, Shadow’s Fall: A Random Infodump On Two Equally Random Planets I Invented When I Was 14

Part 1: Intro

Shadow’s Peak, a rather middling Earth-like planet made unique only by the extreme cloudiness of its skies and the dreadful darkness of its clouds, was settled during the Golden Age of Humanity, along with all the rest. Sitting rather comfortably somewhere between 23rd and 24th century technology, until the Great Crusade arrived the population of SP were restricted to travelling to their neighbouring handful of mostly uninhabited star systems. Only three other planets they could reach could sustain a human population. This voyaging was made possible by psyker navigators, much like the Imperium’s own use of Navigators, aided by the Torch: a crude and clumsy version of the Astronomican fuelled by the sacrifice of SP’s unwanted - mainly weak, untrained psykers unfit for the armed forces or navigation duties. It is also their version of the death penalty, which is the sentence handed down to many, many crimes. To this end, the Torch-ships that collect the sacrifices are a common sight both on SP and the surrounding planets that owe it fealty.

Its unofficial sister-planet, Shadow’s Fall, is more of a mystery. For a start, it is not within the same star system and has had no contact with SP that anyone can remember. Despite their matching names, there is no reference to the other planet in either place’s histories. SF’s records are, however, very lacking when it comes to the ancient history and settling of the planet. It is a small water planet, hot and muggy all year round in spite of being far from the sun, with large areas of open but very shallow water, broken up by chains of islands. Mangrove forests are very common all over the planet. There is evidence that it was once an ice planet like Fenris, until some strange event changed the climate to its current unnatural temperature, melting the ice and flooding the lowland areas. The largest island, named after its great capital city Landton, is the size of Australia. The second smallest, home of Lanton’s eternal rivals Fretton, is the size of Great Britain. Landton is a very egalitarian society, where all people are born perfectly equal, despite very harsh laws and a strong emphasis on obedience and austerity. Fretton is a more anarchic place, where people are free to be or to do whatever they want, which can either make it a paradise or a hell depending on your luck. It has a very high population of psykers when compared to the human average.

(Part 2, History and Geography, coming soon)

Hey guys so if you guys ever want to RP with me, here are a few facts about my Shadow so you guys don’t freak out after reading my replies to our RP threads.

1. Shadow’s blood is dark green. He is part Black arm, I tried to keep his character canon to his own game, like in his game, if you kill an alien( black arm) , green stuff comes out or also known as blood. Black Doom helped create him and he gave him some of his DNA so Shadow could be a living creature.

2. Shadow and my Sonic are brothers, Sonic was created on the ark a bit after Shadow was created. Shadow awoke first before Sonic. Sonic’s back story is a bit long so I’ll leave that for another post.

3. My Shadow enjoys his life unlike when he had “ first” met Sonic at least that was before he found out that he and Sonic are brothers, at least he now has a companion who he can share the world with. ( Sonic’s got Maria’s personality since a bit of her went into him when she passed on.)

4. Shadow isn’t angered easily at all, he only gets angry if pushed past his limits or if something happens that he feels threatened. He is usually very kind and caring though even to others. He just wants to help in any way he can.
Like Sonic, he cares about everyone’s well being even enemies.

5: Egg man to him is an uncle but he is more like uncle Scar from the lion king, wanting to destroy his nephews and take over the world but Scar in the lion king wanted to be king even if it meant killing his own brother and his nephew, Simba in the process.
Shadow would never harm Sonic.

( that’s it for now.)

Scallison Fan Fiction time!!!!! =D

Scallison Fan Fiction time!!!!! =D

Some Fluffy, some sad, some AU, ALL SCALLISON! <3

Both Sterek & Stydia side parings below  <3

If anyone has any Scallison fics to share <3 I would LOVE that! AUs welcome <3