“The Three Shades” are ready for sketch club—are you? Join us at the Rodin Museum this Saturday for a morning of drawing the greatest models around.

“The Three Shades,” modeled in clay 1881–86, enlarged 1901–4 by Auguste Rodin; cast in bronze 1983 by Coubertin Foundry (On loan from Iris and B. Gerald Cantor)

Dark Shadow

The dark shadow of history, captured on a bronze plaque for fallen soldiers of WWI. For me the image is still a symbol and has it´s own language. It is still a warning and shows that the long and dark shadow of history has been present.

“Sometime they´ll give a war, and nobody will come.” (Carl Sandburg)

Copyright ©Stefan Haase All Rights Reserved

So here it comes.
A quickly creeping shadow.
Rolling in, like fog off the ocean
on the early mornings I first woke up in his arms.
And that’s all that will quell this ache.
His arms, entangled in my own.
No words, just warmth.
Shielding me from the blow
that never fails to land my face-
Five years and counting.

I’d rather bury my face in his chest
than watch the leaves turn shades of gold and bronze.
Orange and yellow.
The color of flames - what took you away from us.

The trees are ignited before me.
Soon enough, the leaves will fall and crumble,
mixing with the dirt below.
Your ashes to ashes.
Your dust to dust.
Leaving behind the bare bones of trees,
rib-cages exposed but no wild heart thudding within.

I’m so cold tonight.
So unforgiving.
Fire to ice, and back again.
Always hand in hand.
A familiar comfort.

My tongue, frozen to the roof of my mouth,
I can find the words but I can’t get them out.
All I crave is warmth,
to melt me down to who I was before all this;
before the blazing, searing explosion of pain,
and biting frost that soon set in.
A chemical exchange.

I’d rather bleach my insides,
make them pure white and pristine clean,
like the snow that falls over where your ash is spread
(look for the roses in the river)

but its white-hot pain that keeps me here.
White as the ash that fell through my fingers,
bits of bone left behind.
Fragments of being.

To think that you, or anyone,
could be reduced to pieces in my trembling palm.
There’s your smile here,
your laughter there.
–No, no, just bone.
Pure and smooth, against my shaking hand,
as I’m surrounded by the fiery branches
where your soul must hide.

All fire and ice, into the earth and ocean.
No words, just warmth, to help me sleep,
so I can see her standing tall and
smiling brighter than the flame that took her.

I feel you, when no one feels me.
4am and breathless.

ThrowBack Thursday to summer 2012 when we bundled up “The Three Shades” for installation.

"The Three Shades,” modeled in clay 1881–86 and enlarged 1901–4 by Auguste Rodin; cast in bronze 1983. On loan from Iris and B. Gerald Cantor.

Golden Highlighters For Summer

Looking for a gold highlight for summer to complete that golden goddess look? Golden highlighters work great on most skin tones to give you a warm, healthy glow. 

Check out some shades like..

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelee PC

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl in Gilded Honey (they also have a rose gold shade) PC

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer PC

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks Beige  PC

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip PC

NARS Dual Intensity Blush in Jubilation PC

[Ovan has logged in.]

Faint shades of bronze and brown ochre filled his visual senses, still a bright contrast to the darkness outside of his snug apartment behind his M2D. Ovan couldn’t necessarily sleep this time, but he armed himself with a mug of lightly steaming tea by his keyboard, and figured that he would not have to worry about the amount, or lack of players that occupied Mac Anu for the time being.

People were getting used to his iconic blue persona anyway, so there was no issue on his part as he stepped into the largest space in the server, calmly making his way from the Dome district down to the harbor. It was peaceful there, despite the ironic CGI. Maybe he was a sucker for typical soothing features, real and somewhat real alike.

Well, considering he spent much of his previous time in a white room full of archives with his little sister, he wouldn’t put it past himself at all.

“Heaven forbid I stay here all night,” the Steam Gunner murmured absently, pausing to sip his tea. Nobody seemed to be around, but maybe the idea of being just absolutely idle could lure him back to his bed.

Sleep sounded fantastic.

..Was he getting too old for this?


Sania Maskatiya August Dream Bridals F/W 2016
Sania Maskatiya’s latest collection suits were so dreamy! Long, flowy silhouettes were a dominant presence within her womenswear pieces, and crisp, clean shapes were present in the menswear pieces. The color palette was predominantly in the gold and bronze shade range with accents of reds and blues. Intricate thread work and the monotoned suits made this collection stand out in a unique way.  

How To: 'Don't Fuck With Me' Eyes

Hey friends. So I filmed myself doing this makeup look this morning, so I’ll be editing that this weekend and posting it sometime next week, but if you don’t have time for videos, here’s a quick rundown of how I achieved this look. 

For my base, I used the Rimmel Pro Fix & Perfect primer all over my face, and then the Wet n Wild Take on the Day eye primer all over and around my eyes. I then applied the Tarte Amazonian BB Cream all over my face. To start off the eyes, I used a bronze shade and a dark brown from the L'Oreal Rose Nude Color Riche eye quad to create a very simple light smokey eye with the bronze all over and the dark brown in the crease. I then used an angled brush and a black shadow to created the wings on my eyeliner. This is the trick I always use now, I hate using liquid eyeliner so much. I’d rather use tar and a paintbrush than liquid eyeliner. Anyways, I create the wing with shadow, and then I went in to draw the rest of the line in with the Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner. This is a good product, it’s very black and creamy, but it definitely transfers on my lid, which is really annoying. I then added a highlight from the L'Oreal quad and some Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara. Finally, I added a warm taupe shade under my lower lash line to even out the heaviness on my eyelids.

You can see that the shadow isn’t as black as the eyeliner, but no one would be able to tell unless they were about to make out with you and decided to instead check out your eyeliner, which is, in my opinion, an unlikely situation.

You can see how the eyeliner has transferred onto my lid, which is really annoying. To prevent this try setting your eyeliner with a black eyeshadow. I’ve never really found a way to completely get rid of this problem, so I’ve just been touching up with q tips throughout the day. 

On my brows I used the NYX eyebrow gel, on my cheeks I’m wearing the Topshop cream blush in Head Over Heels, and my lipstick is the Rimmel Exaggerate lipliner in East End Snob and the Bite Beauty Matte Creme lip crayon in Glace. I then set everything with the Coty Airspun powder.

If you want to actually watch me apply this stay tuned for the video! I really love this look. It makes me feel really badass, and it’s not too difficult to do.



New Limited Edition Holiday Palettes from @lisewatier. Total luxury right here! The packaging is divine and the shadows are as soft as silk! Duo Contour & Blush Palette, Luxury Lady Palette (warm bronze shades) and the Dark Diva Palette (shades of purple). My first ever Lise Watier products!! (My family spoils me 🎁) If you want to see swatches, they’re on my snapchat! Ywpsnaps ☃ #youngwildandpolished #lisewatier #beauty #beautyblogger #luxurymakeup

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Holland’s makeup for 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Day 1

1. Apply Temptu Airpod Foundation in Ivory all over the face and neck [$45]
2. Highlight and contour with Temptu Airpod Foundation in Porcelain and Warm Ivory [$45 each].
3. Apply Temptu Invisible Difference Finishing Powder [$35, shade unknown] down the t-zone to banish any excess oil/shine while keeping the overall look fresh and glowy. 
4. For a natural rosy flush, use Temptu Airpod Blush in Pale Pink [$30] on the apples of the cheeks and Temptu Airpod Blush in Nude Pink from the mid-apple up to the hairline to create some depth. 
5. Add a touch of Temptu Airpod Highlighter in Sunset Glow [$35] along the high points of your face. 

6. Line your eyes with Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner in Beyond Grene [$24].
7. Apply the shimmery bronze shade from the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Vintage Vamp [£38] all over the lids.
8. Finish the eyes with several coats of mascara.

9. Line your lips with a nude lip pencil. 
10. Complete the look with Temptu Color True Lipstick in Blushed Suede [$24]

originally posted on Teen Vogue


Perfect Mono has an incredibly creamy texture with a high concentration of oils and silicone and silk elastomers, which allows an easy and precise application. The eyeshadow glides effortlessly onto the eyelid with no creasing. 

Created in collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana Make Up Creative Advisor Pat McGrath, the palette comprises 14 colours: 8 matte finishes and 6 pearl shades. 

Each shade draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean and the muted tones of its rocky landscapes. Indaco, the deep blue of the sea; Lava, a smoky ash black; Coffee, the darkest brown shade and Desert, the naked pink of chalky rocks, are just a few of Perfect Mono’s matte shades. The pearl shades include Bronze, which brings to life the sun’s glowing reflections on buildings and the purple Dahlia.