These are amazing highlighters for brown skin! (Top to bottom)

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sundipped - This was probably the best purchase from this past summer. It is my favorite out of all the glow kits and in my opinion the most woc friendly. For $40 you get four highlighters! Which is amazing and they’re big in size! It is a great formula
  • Laura Mercier Face Illuminating Powder in Seduction - Such a beautiful bronze shade! Amazing on deep skin! Gives a beautiful glow without being over the top. You can intensify it with a little fixed plus. It is pricey but amazing quality. Retails for $44.
  • MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze - Beautiful peachy bronze highlighter! Very pigmented on its own but can be intensified with fix plus. This product does has some fall out but it isn’t a deal breaker. Retails for $33.
  • MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Gold Deposit - Gorgeous gold bronze highlight!  Very pigmented on its own but can be intensified with fix plus. This product also has some fall out but it isn’t a deal breaker. Retails for $33.

Loki AU. Loki is an escort, hired by Thor, a rich business man, to spend one week with him. Will love bloom or will Loki’s dark secrets ruin everything?

Chapter two

After Augustine leaves, Loki takes the brandy and sits on the floor. He places the glass right there in the middle of his palm and holds it up to the light; the glass isn’t smooth, it has all these ridges and he thinks that if he’ll take all the other glasses out and place them one next to the other on the table he could recreate the temple of Zeus bathing in gentle sunlight. He had seen a photo of it once in one of his textbooks-it was in black and white like the rest of them but his mind painted every column in a light shade of bronze, added a gold sheen to the wind swirling around them in an ancient dance and colored the skies a bright tone of Malachite. For all the other kids in his class, these photographs, taken so long ago by a wrinkled pair of hands, printed in black and white because the school couldn’t afford expensive textbooks that make you dizzy with all their colors-meant nothing at all, but to Loki they were magical portals to places with so many stories, so many tales of bravery and lost loves and mythical creatures that can break a city apart with a single breath, or reach high up with their long fingers and break off a piece of the moon. They were places he could escape to when things got rough. All he needed to do was study the image until he could feel that ancient air filling his bottomless lungs and the wind brushing the redness from his cheeks, and close his eyes; and the bed and the walls and the ceiling so close to his face would be no more-he would be free.  

Loki lies down and raises the glass in the air. Augustine didn’t finish his brandy. The bit that’s left there looks like caramel in the sunlight-the color of his mother’s hair. And he runs his thumb across the thick surface of the glass and the light drowns in the brandy and it turns fiery red.

Once, there was a prince.

Loki blinks and his mother’s voice is soft in his ears.

His name was Celestial.

He looks at the brandy swirling there in the glass and all that red are leaves swaying from the branches of that great maple tree that stood outside his bedroom window back at his childhood home.

It is said that this prince had loved a boy dearly. Beautiful he was, that boy, and his heart pure it was, and innocent. One day, they had walked the golden fields together, hand in hand, until sunset. The prince had heard a noise coming from the forest and let go of the boy’s hand, eager to explore, to discover. And in those moments of abandon, the night enveloped the boy in his embrace and when Celestial turned around to reach for his hand, the boy was nowhere to be seen. Consumed by grief, Celestial searched for him by sunlight and moonlight, walked the lands of the earth until his feet bled and in a final act of love tore his body to pieces and each piece became a star so that their light could be seen from every corner of the earth, banish all the fear from his beloved’s heart and guide him back to him.

Loki raises his eyes to the sky.

Celestial watches over us all. His light will always be there, to guide us. To remind us to hold on to each other in the dark so we wouldn’t get lost. To remind us that we are loved.

No stars for him. Only this white blinding light of the afternoon sun. He looks at the brandy one last time before placing the glass on the floor. The maple tree vanishes along with all its dancing leaves and that caramel color of his mother’s hair vanishes too and when he closes his eyes he can’t even see her at all anymore.

He should be checking the time on his phone. He should be getting ready. He should be standing there in front of the mirror in the bathroom, looking at that face that’s always changing, because each time someone touches him something dies in his eyes and turns his face into the face of a stranger. But he stays there on the floor, eyes closed; face turned to the side, palms facing up, lashes fluttering and feels the sunlight moving across his body, signaling the passage of time. And the ice cubes melt, and the water in the pitcher turns hot and the air smells like brandy and somewhere someone is sitting on a bench made from a maple tree with its red leaves long gone, lost in some wind, forgotten.

Then, someone walks in, wearing a pair of boots by the sound of it.


“You’re not dead, are you?”

Loki keeps his eyes closed.

Malachi kicks the front door with the heel of his boot and it slams shut.

“Man, I can smell the brandy from here.”

Loki opens his eyes , grabs hold of the glass and slides it across the floor. He watches it skid across the tiles until it hits the tip of one black leather boot and Malachi bends over to pick it up. He gives it a swirl and the glass turns dark red.


He finishes the brandy in one gulp, sticks two fingers inside the glass, one thumb out, and takes it to the kitchen for a refill. Loki watches him moving from the fridge to the counter and back again-he’s wearing a pair of white jeans and a black t shirt that only has one sleeve and his dark brown hair is combed back looking all wet and he smells amazing. He grabs a knife, a plate, some bread and a jar of strawberry jam and that bottle of brandy and walks out to the porch. He tilts the pitcher a bit to the side to make sure there are no ice cubes left in there because he likes crushing them between his teeth and listening to that crisp crunching sound, but there are none and he pushes a chair out of his way and sits on the floor next to Loki. He sets everything down and twists the lid off that jar of strawberry jam and sticks the knife in.

“You know,” Malachi says, “there were times when I didn’t have anything to eat for like a whole week and I used to stay up at night, because, you know, when you’re hungry you just can’t sleep, it’s impossible, it’s like your stomach is telling you: go and take care of this. Feed me. So, I’d stay up and this is all I could think about, this thing right here. Screw potatoes and steak and stuff like that. Bread and strawberry jam is all I wanted. Once it’s in your mouth and you feel just how sweet it is, everything else just goes away. I can eat this stuff forever.”

When Loki first started working for Augustine, this guy right here was the only one who didn’t treat him like trash. He kept an eye on him and made sure the other guys weren’t giving him any trouble. And Loki watches him dipping that silver blade in the jam over and over again, scooping up more of it each time and spreading a thick bright red layer of it on a slice of soft white bread. When he’s done, he takes a bite, and washes it down with some brandy.

“Your hair’s wet,” he says and runs a wave of Loki’s hair between his fingers.

“I know,” Loki says and reaches for Malachi’s pocket.

Malachi takes another bite, “Augustine was here.”

Loki fishes Malachi’s phone out, “how did you know?”

“You hate brandy.”

Loki checks the time. He has one hour left before that someone comes to pick him up. He pushes the phone back into Malachi’s pocket and props himself up on one elbow. Malachi hands him the bread and Loki takes a bite. The jam is sweet and cold and the sound of the seeds popping in his mouth rings in his ears.

“He set me up with this guy,” Loki says and hands the bread back.


“Didn’t say.”

“Did he show you what he looks like?”

“No,” Loki sits up and slicks all his hair back, “just told me this guy’s paying for a week with me.”

“We had this happen to one of our guys before,” Malachi says, “that man turned out to be a total jackass and after the week was over the poor guy was ready to quit the whole thing. It’s one thing when they want to spend the night with you, but it’s totally different when you’re stuck with them for a whole week with no way of getting out if things get rough, it’s fucking insane.”

Malachi sticks the blade between his lips and licks it clean.

“I can’t say no to this,” Loki says.

“Yeah,” Malachi says, “it’s like, we have a place to stay now, we don’t need to worry about being hungry or freezing cold or something, but it’s like, nothing’s real. You don’t own this place here, I don’t own the place I’m staying at, he owns all of it and if I decide one day that  I’d had enough and I want to be the one that gets to decide who I want inside me and who I want out, all of this is taken away from me and I’m back to square one. But hey, listen. You call me, alright? Something goes wrong and you call me and I’m coming over and fuck all of this, I’m getting you out and we’re making it on our own. You hearin’ me?”

Loki smiles at him and nods and when Malachi finishes up and says goodbye, he gets dressed-no tie, but a vest this time, with his hair combed back, his skin smelling of soap. And when it’s time to go he makes his way down the stairs and stands there in the street waiting for the car to pick him up.

It’s Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, so I thought why not do a look inspired by the Red, Pink, Blush tones the day is well known for. For me, makeup looks to do with these hues in mind is perhaps one of my favourite types to create - not only on myself as I think this look complements everyone! I’m not saying I only do pink-toned makeup for V-Day, but for whenever I want to feel pretty in pink, this is a makeup look I’d generally go for.

Product Details:

Base- L'Oréal True Match Foundation in shade: 8.N. Cappuccino

Concealer- L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer in shade: Beautiful Bronze

Cream Contour & Bronzer (2 in 1)- Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in shade: Chestnut

Under Eye Setting Powder- M.A.C. Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in shade: Dark

Highlight (subtle)- Bare Minerals All Over Face Powder in shade: Warmth + MUA’s Single Eyeshadow in Bronze (for a more exaggerated glow)

Blush- I Used a subtle, dark rose, pink shade from a Nars palette in collaboration with Andy Warhol (Discontinued)


Brows- NYX Eyebrow Gel in shade: Espresso

Eye Base- I used a matte brown eyeliner on the inner and outer part of my eyelid (blended first, before I apply eyeshadow).

To set only the outer area while blending upwards for a ‘cat eye’ effect, I used an eyeshadow from the Toofaced Cat Eyes Palette in Panther (an intense dark brown/black shade).

Next I covered my lid with a satin-finished blush from Sleek’s Blush Palette in Sugar, making sure the edges of the brown shadow was transitioned into the pink tones on the crease of my eyelid.

Adding pops of shimmer on the lids and high points of my eyes while keeping within the theme of pink, I took a flat dense eyeshadow brush and pressed it into MUA’s Single Eyeshadow in Bronze (even though the actual colour is a pearlescent pink shade).

Lastly for Eyeliner and Mascara:

Liner- Nyx Liquid Liner: Black

Mascara- Bourjois Queen of Attitude Mascara

Hope this makeup gives you a little added inspo for any of your upcoming looks you create this Spring!

Lots of love,
Stacy xx

So here it comes.
A quickly creeping shadow.
Rolling in, like fog off the ocean
on the early mornings I first woke up in his arms.
And that’s all that will quell this ache.
His arms, entangled in my own.
No words, just warmth.
Shielding me from the blow
that never fails to land my face-
Five years and counting.

I’d rather bury my face in his chest
than watch the leaves turn shades of gold and bronze.
Orange and yellow.
The color of flames - what took you away from us.

The trees are ignited before me.
Soon enough, the leaves will fall and crumble,
mixing with the dirt below.
Your ashes to ashes.
Your dust to dust.
Leaving behind the bare bones of trees,
rib-cages exposed but no wild heart thudding within.

I’m so cold tonight.
So unforgiving.
Fire to ice, and back again.
Always hand in hand.
A familiar comfort.

My tongue, frozen to the roof of my mouth,
I can find the words but I can’t get them out.
All I crave is warmth,
to melt me down to who I was before all this;
before the blazing, searing explosion of pain,
and biting frost that soon set in.
A chemical exchange.

I’d rather bleach my insides,
make them pure white and pristine clean,
like the snow that falls over where your ash is spread
(look for the roses in the river)

but its white-hot pain that keeps me here.
White as the ash that fell through my fingers,
bits of bone left behind.
Fragments of being.

To think that you, or anyone,
could be reduced to pieces in my trembling palm.
There’s your smile here,
your laughter there.
–No, no, just bone.
Pure and smooth, against my shaking hand,
as I’m surrounded by the fiery branches
where your soul must hide.

All fire and ice, into the earth and ocean.
No words, just warmth, to help me sleep,
so I can see her standing tall and
smiling brighter than the flame that took her.

I feel you, when no one feels me.
4am and breathless.

—  heartfcksmouth 

Sania Maskatiya August Dream Bridals F/W 2016
Sania Maskatiya’s latest collection suits were so dreamy! Long, flowy silhouettes were a dominant presence within her womenswear pieces, and crisp, clean shapes were present in the menswear pieces. The color palette was predominantly in the gold and bronze shade range with accents of reds and blues. Intricate thread work and the monotoned suits made this collection stand out in a unique way.