Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter Swatches, Review, Demo


Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighters are a relatively new and incredibly popular highlighter and one that I’ve received many questions about. It’s a product that risks being gimmicky, but somehow manages to combine all the great elements of highlighter into a cool, new and interesting product.

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A bronze double gourd vase.
Meiji (1868-1912) or Taisho (1912-1926) era, early 20th century, Japan.
Cast in two shades of bronze and decorated with a small frog, the patina darkening toward the top and bottom, signed on the underside Seiko saku
6 7/8in (15.2cm) high.  Bonhams


These are amazing highlighters for brown skin! (Top to bottom)

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sundipped - This was probably the best purchase from this past summer. It is my favorite out of all the glow kits and in my opinion the most woc friendly. For $40 you get four highlighters! Which is amazing and they’re big in size! It is a great formula
  • Laura Mercier Face Illuminating Powder in Seduction - Such a beautiful bronze shade! Amazing on deep skin! Gives a beautiful glow without being over the top. You can intensify it with a little fixed plus. It is pricey but amazing quality. Retails for $44.
  • MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze - Beautiful peachy bronze highlighter! Very pigmented on its own but can be intensified with fix plus. This product does has some fall out but it isn’t a deal breaker. Retails for $33.
  • MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Gold Deposit - Gorgeous gold bronze highlight!  Very pigmented on its own but can be intensified with fix plus. This product also has some fall out but it isn’t a deal breaker. Retails for $33.

anonymous asked:

What is your best makeup trick ?

F A C E:

  • Before applying any beauty products, hydrate your face with moisturizer. Don’t skip this step if you have dry skin.
  • Applying primer before foundation will even the surface of your skin, make your pores look smaller and your skin look smooth.
  • If you have combination skin, moisturize the dry areas and apply primer on the areas that get oily before applying foundation.
  • If you have a lot of red spots on your face, use color correcting concealers that come in mint green colors. Simply apply the product on the red areas using your finger or a makeup sponge and wait for it to dry, then apply foundation.
  • If your skin tends to get dry patches, exfoliate it at least once a week. It will remove dead skin cells and will make your skin smooth.    
  • When buying foundation, consider your skin type. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, choose foundations with oil-free formulas. If your skin is dry, opt for hydrating foundations. Foundations with hypoallergenic formulas are best for those whose skin is sensitive.
  • If your skin is dry, avoid matte foundations because your skin might end up looking flaky. Instead, look for products that have moisturizing and hydrating qualities.
  • When you’re in a makeup store and you’re trying to pick the perfect foundation shade, test if the shade is right for your skin tone by applying a little bit of it on your jawline. Don’t try to test if the shade is good for you by applying it on the back of your palm or your wrist because the skin tone of your hand differs from the skin tone of your face.
  • Does your foundation seem to look normal right after it’s applied but it changes its color/turns orange within an hour or when you go outside? It’s because it oxidizes, people with oily skin may experience this more often than those with other skin types. To prevent this, use a primer and stick to oil-free foundations. 
  • Once you’ve applied foundation, set it with powder. Makeup powders create a silky finish and minimize the look of pores and other small imperfections. It can also control face shine. If your face tends to get oily throughout the day, simply reapply the powder on the oily areas.
  • Does your makeup make your face look pale when you take pictures with flash? That’s probably because you’re using a foundation that is high in spf. To avoid this problem, avoid foundations that contain spf higher than 30.
  • Liquid highlighters are a lot more concentrated than powder highlighters; therefore, use them sparingly. 
  • Some people have a hard time blending out their contour. If you find difficulty with contouring kits, you can always use a foundation that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone as a contour. It is much easier to apply, especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Use translucent powder to prevent makeup transfer, it will set and mattify your makeup. A setting spray can also help you avoid makeup transfer.
  • Always clean your brushes after using them because they will transfer bacteria to your face, causing break outs.

E Y E B R O W S:

  • When doing your eyebrows, keep in mind that they should look shaded and soft, not like a straight, hard line. 
  • Before applying makeup on your eyebrows, brush them upward with a spoolie brush to enhance their shape. You can also enhance the shape of your eyebrows by slightly overdrawing them or applying eyebrow products on the sparse areas.
  • Always use products that match the color of your eyebrows; otherwise, they won’t look natural.
  • After you’ve applied eyebrow products, brush your brows with a spoolie brush to blend out the color and soften any harsh lines. You can also apply concealer to define them.
  • A clear eyebrow gel can be worn over an eyebrow pencil or powder to make those products last longer.
  • Are you trying to grow out your eyebrows? Forget about tweezing or waxing. It may take up to 15 weeks for your eyebrows to grow back fully so you have to be patient. While they’re growing back, you can use a tinted gel or a pomade to make your brows look more presentable.
  • Castor oil promotes hair growth so you can use it to make your eyebrow hair grow faster (you can use it on your eyelashes too).

E Y E S:

  • The easiest way to apply eyeliner is by tilting your head back and looking into the mirror. If you’re a beginner and it’s hard for you to apply the product, you can make dots along you upper lid and simply connect them. 
  • Does your mascara clump? Make sure that your lashes are clean before you apply it. If you apply mascara while still having some on from the night before, your lashes will most likely get clumpy. 
  • A blending brush should only be used for blending your eyeshadow. Don’t apply new eyeshadow with a blending brush, especially if it’s already been used because it’ll mess up your makeup.
  • Warm colors like browns and golds and shimmery shades complement brown hair and blue eyes the most.
  • Blondes with fair skin should choose shades like brown, bronze, silver, beige, gray and neutral shades.
  • You can prevent your eyeshadow from creasing by applying translucent powder. After priming your eyes, apply a little bit of translucent or loose powder on your eyelids using a powder puff or a sponge.
  • Fake eyelashes can be worn more than once. If you take care of them, they can last for a very long time. The first thing you need to do once you remove them is to remove the glue. You can do this by simply pulling at the glue until it begins to come off. It’s also important to clean the eyelashes with an oil-free makeup remover before you put them away. Keep your lashes in their original package to prevent them from collecting dust and bacteria. 

L I P S: 

  • If your lips are flaky, take a toothbrush and gently brush off the flakes. This will boost the circulation of your lips. You can apply some lip moisturizer after doing this to keep your lips hydrated.
  • Before applying your lipstick, use concealer to saturate the color of your lip lines and to make your lips look bigger. Apply it onto your lips and spread it a little over your lip line.
  • Overdrawing your lip line is the key in making your lips look bigger. Use a lip liner that matches you lipstick and apply it slightly outside the natural lip line. 
  • Apply some lip gloss on the middle of your lips to make them look fuller and plump.
  • Once you’ve applied lip products, apply concealer on the areas where you went over your lip line. 
  • Bright and deep lipstick colors compliment people with medium to dark skin the most. Try bright and deep reds, pinks, coral, shimmery peach lipsticks and lip liners. 
Instagram Frenzy

REQUEST: hi! can you write a blurb/imagine where dan is on tour and you post a really sexy/gorgeous pic of yourself on instagram and he goes crazy on twitter/in the comments showing you off (: xx

You look over the photo again before posting it on Instagram. It’s of you, sunbathing in Hyde Park in your bikini top and cutoff shorts with a lemonade in your hand and shades on. You look bronzed and glorious, and you’re hoping it will get Dan’s attention as it’s been a little hard to keep the spark alive since he’s been on tour away from you for months. You hit post, set your phone down, and go back to enjoying the sunshine and the park with your friends.

Not much longer later, your phone buzzes with notifications. You see that Dan has left a comment on your instagram photo and you open the app to see what it is. You’ve already gotten a few thousand likes and a bunch of comments, and after scrolling for awhile you find Dan’s. ‘Holy shit’ it says with the heart-eyes emoji next to it.

“Wow Dan must really like that picture you posted,” your friend says, laughing.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Look at his twitter. And his instagram page,” she explains.

Since you’re already on Instagram, you head over to his profile. He’s reposted the photo of you with the caption, ‘How a trashbag like me got a girl like this I will never understand. Love you dear.’ You bite your lip and smile, hitting the ‘like’ button and commenting back ‘I love you too. Come home soon!’

After closing Instagram, you open Twitter to see what he’s tweeted. Again, he posted the photo, but with a different caption this time. ‘I’m dying to get home to this babe.Am I a lucky guy or what?” And again, you liked the tweet, but rather than replying, you decided to send him a text.

You’re on a bit of a rampage with that picture I posted aren’t you? You said.

Shortly after, your phone dinged with a response. You can’t really expect anything else when you post a picture like that. You got me all hot and bothered - I had to show you off.

Smiling, you replied back. Aww you’re sweet. Now come home so I don’t have to post pictures online to get your attention.

Soon, baby. Not soon enough because I want to see you immediately. But soon. He replied. You send him back the kiss emoji and set your phone down, grinning with the knowledge that your photo did exactly what it was intended to do.


Cloudy Lavender Rose Eye - Palette Throwback (Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass)

I’ve been challenging myself to work with a different palette every few days because I have such a collection that most of them are inevitably forgotten whenever more new and shiny stuff launch.

This is a combination of shades that looks totally boring swatched, but transforms into something a little more magical on the eyes because of the duochrome nature of the shade Duchess.

P.S. MAC Pink Bronze pigment is a similar type of shade but use a light hand cos it’s about 101x more intense. If you’re lighter skinned, I’d maybe mix it with a little Naked pigment.

Step by step:

  1. Apply Chessboard onto dry clean lids in the socket as transition shade first
  2. Apply primer potion onto the lid (inside the socket line) with a synthetic brush to prep for the lid shades*
  3. Apply Gone Mad in the outer corners to deepen the socket, blending slightly into Chessboard.
  4. Apply Duchess over the center of the lid blending into Gone Mad slightly
  5. Apply Mirror with a smaller brush into the inner corners and sweep slightly along the curve of the socket up to the center of the eye
  6. Touch up a little more Duchess with a clean finger right in the center of the lid for more vibrancy
  7. Apply deep purple matte liner and then go over with a little more Duchess to soften the line.

*Whatever goes on right on top of primer is usually the most intense and hardest to soften and diffuse; I don’t want that to be my transition shade.

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Gouache Florals #3

I was aiming for a more Ravenclaw palette for this one but getting the perfect shade of brown instead of bronze got a bit frustrating. I’ll definitely be doing for Hogwarts house inspired designs for sure though. 

If anyone wants to suggest some specific flowers that relate to the certain houses then feel free! I’d love to know which flowers symbolise wit, bravery, loyalty and ambition. 

Gouache on blue stock

heaven, my hell (tom holland imagine/one shot)

He has his right hand wrapped around the white ceramic mug.

I think he is about to take a sip but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even look up.

I try to capture his attention-move a little to my right, adjust the collar of my shirt so he can see that the necklace he gave me a lifetime ago still hangs around my neck and settles between my collarbones.

He adjusts his cap, lowering it so that his eyes are hidden behind shadows.

I wait.

I wait for him to understand. I wait for him to speak. I wait for him to realise that I loved him but I wasn’t in love with him anymore.

He jerks a hand up hastily to wipe away at his eyes and I feel it in my bones.

I hurt him so much-I can see it.

“So, what now?”

I don’t know, is the truth.

But what I say isn’t.

“You need to move on, Tom.”

I look up from where my eyes have been glued to the table in front of us. Only, I find him staring at me like I’d just asked him to do the most impossible thing in the history of impossible things.

“I can’t do that.”

He says curtly. I can see his strong jaw clench, trying hard to balance his anger and his sadness.

His hands are on the table too and I risk it-reaching out to take them in mine.

He freezes and I’m afraid he will pull away.

But he doesn’t.


He just looks betrayed.

He looks defeated.

I lick my lips and swallow hard, trying to keep the emotions building up inside me from spilling out.

But his brown eyes look liquid gold mixed in honey and saffron in the sunlight by the window where we sit.

The tufts of hair peeking out from beneath of his cap glint different shades of bronze and red and eventually settle on being a glistening brown.

And he tries so hard to hide it-tries so hard to not let me notice but his soft, pink lips are quivering.

And I hate it.

I hate what I am doing.

But there is no other way.

I sigh quietly and gather my things. Tom is watching me, I’m sure. I know he is. I know he wants more than what I’m offering. I know he wants a reason. If it was me, I would want closure too.

But I offer him none.

Instead, I tug on my backpack and in the most nonchalant, robotic voice I can manage, I say the words that change our lives for the rest of time.

“I don’t love you anymore, Tom.”

a/n:  some more Tom stuff for y'all.

I’m feeling a lot better about my writer’s block. I mean, it’s not gone completely but I’m having a good time writing these small imagines.

based loosely on “quit” by cashmere cat ft. ariana grande

If you guys wanna send me requests, please feel free!

enjoy xx NK

Ocean- BamBam (Day 62/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To read the other drabbles in my drabble challenge, click here

Prompt: Ocean
Member: BamBam x Reader
AU: Mermaid!AU

Word Count: 1638

This was requested by TheAnonie forever ago! There or may not be a Part 2 later~

“Hey, we’re gonna go get some food, we’ll be back in an hour, okay?” Mark said, ignoring Jackson who was pulling at his arm. BamBam nodded, not looking up from the beach towel he was laying on and hummed in acknowledgement as Mark and Jackson walked off.

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day which made it perfect for going to the beach and BamBam adjusted his sunglasses as he sighed happily. He was soaking up the sun and determined to become the perfect shade of bronze when a sudden shadow fell over him. He groaned angrily and opened his eyes, sitting up ever so slightly to see what was happening.

Of course, the beach just had to be busy on the one day he decided to come. A family of 4 adults and 5 screaming children had put up an umbrella and were now blocking any sun that BamBam once had. On top of that, the children could not be drowned out by his headphones which frustrated him even more.

He decided to get up and move somewhere else, making a mental note to text Mark and Jackson where he ended up. As he slowly got up, he looked around at the now crowded beach and groaned once more, cussing at his own bad luck.

As he walked down the beach, he stayed close to the shore, marveling at the ocean and how it seemed to change colors. There were areas of the beach that were pure sand, and others that seemed to have enclaves of rocks that children were climbing over.

It came to a point where BamBam began to aimlessly walk, and before he knew it, he was at the far edge of the beach with almost nobody around him. He spotted an enclave of rocks, and saw that they almost formed natural chair-like rocks.

He smiled, happy to finally have a place to be by himself and put down his things, getting comfortable. He felt bad for not being around the others, but sometimes it could be exhausting and he just wanted a day of peace and quiet.

After an hour had passed, BamBam woke up, slightly groggy and realized that he had fallen asleep. He looked around the grotto and noted that there was nobody else around. Thankfully, the sun was still high, meaning he couldn’t have been asleep for very long.

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] BestFriend/Boyfriend!Vernon (G)

Requested by: @pearl-aqua-velvet
Prompt: When Vernon and you decide to part ways due to your commitments as rookie idols
Word Count: 3,087
Genre: Fluff, angst (admittedly a LOT more angst than fluff, I’m so sorry)
Warnings: None

A/N: I TRIED D: I’m so sorry if it’s not up to expectations, but I honestly did struggle a lot with this, writers block and all. So I had to seek inspiration from several sources: VIXX’s I Don’t Want to be an Idol, as well as the break up scene from Shut Up! Flower Boy Band to name a few. I feel terrible that Vernon’s not a member I’m used to writing about, but I promise I’ll keep improving!


Originally posted by lonexsamurai

There he is again.

You can’t help but watch him, the way he spits his raps flawlessly, the way he manages to blend in seamlessly with his members but stand out all the same, his fiery stage presence lighting up the entire studio, his charisma evident in every move of his muscle, and his eyes… Oh his eyes…

You are able to look at those piercing, beautiful golden-brown irises all day long.

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the karma of kismet / the second knot

Finding a way.

pairing: chae hyungwon/reader

genre: romance with bits of fluff and angst

word count: 3.773

author’s note: this is a soulmate au!

A light drizzle dampened your head with the smallest of dewdrops, covering you in a sheer layer of mist with eyes as cloudy as the sky. In the pond mirrored a gentle reflection of you calmly rippling against the blue waters, a contrast to the typhoon which raged within the very walls of your body. You wanted to splash away the person who stared back at you with a gaze full of fear and humiliation, ashamed of the woman you were making yourself out to be.

Dark locks fell and frizzed past your shoulders, the long length of your hair indicating the toll time has taken on you. The inky tousles stretched over your back like a lingering shadow, its darkness staining not only the irises of your already darkened eyes, but also the thoughts of chagrin which tickled at your senses like no other. Its manner was demean and covered you as the clouds had done in the skies above, its rain coating you in a belittled mood.

The gradual downpour of the deluge softly showered over you with sympathetic tears. The empathy which poured from nature somewhat soothed you, for you found some sort of comfort in this calm of the storm. Although, this was just a little bit of rain, and what lied ahead of you was a hurricane.

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Burying The Child - Feyre Fic - G


Block my fics with ‘sdcfics’

Pairing: None, Feyre-Centric, Feyre/Lucien Broship


Feyre has fashioned herself into a weapon. She’s different now, stronger - and yet she lost someone dear in the process.

Tags: Mental health, healing, grief, acceptance, support systems, painting, growing up

History was once again repeating itself, but this time I was different; I would not make the same mistakes as I had before. I doubted I could even if I wanted to. Fate and its sick sense of humour had warped me too much for that.

“I remember when Tamlin first bought you those paints,” Lucien mused. “You sat in here all day for weeks, like a child with a new toy. It was very endearing, really.”

He sat across from me, lounging upon a daybed below a window in the gallery. His body lay splashed with sunlight, turning his hair a gorgeous shade of amber and his bronze skin, exposed by the open-necked shirt he wore, shone like clear liquid honey. One could mistake him for a god were it not for the signs of strain that recent events had carved into him, from his hollow cheeks to his nervous, restless fingers; The latter of which was really quite irksome.

“Stop fidgeting,” I quipped, frowning and biting down on the tip of my tongue. “I’ll never be able to get you right if you keep moving. Honestly, and you compare me to a child.”

“I do have a few years on you, fair lady.”

“That only makes it worse.”

Lucien managed to still himself for a rather pathetic minute before his forefinger resumed their tapping upon his thigh, but I made no comment. The back and forth bitching we’d developed when I’d first arrived at the Spring Court had now evolved beyond the antipathy and mourning we’d shared. He no longer held the death of Andras against me, and I in turn agreed not to speak of what had passed here whilst I was at the Night Court. This silent agreement meant we were both more comfortable in sharing quiet moments together, knowing neither would verbally assault the other. In a case of mutually assured destruction, we both knew the wounds such talk would inflict could scar us both.

“I can’t believe it’s only been a year since we first met,” Lucien said, his gaze fixed out the window at the surrounding gardens. “Only a year since we were all prisoners. Or, a year since we were able to admit to it aloud.”

He was breaching dangerous territory, but I’d long stopped being scared by it. It had only been two months since my return to Spring, and yet it was already apparent to me that no one save Tamlin and Ianthe thought the deal with Hybern was wise. Since the High Lord and his Priestess were out on a ride that day, I saw no harm in letting Lucien say whatever it was that was bothering him.

“Missing Amarantha, are we?”

“Oh, dreadfully,” Lucien said, playing along with a theatrical swoon. He laughed when I scolded him for shifting his position. Though I had come to see Lucien as an ally, I could never come to like his laugh. It always spoke of so much pain. “What can I say? She kept Tamlin occupied. He does so love to have an enemy.”

Finished sketching, I took up mixing up the colours I needed on the paint palette. “He’s a fool for choosing Rhysand as his new target,” I said quietly, struggling to get the right skin tone. There would be time to learn proper painting technique, if only I could survive the war. The past year had been spent fashioning me into a weapon, no time for games. Who I was had been carved into steel and fire and power, so that I was more a what than a whom to the world now. Beyond what I had briefly shared with Rhys, I had not known softness in a long time.

“If what you say about the Night Court is true, I don’t doubt it.” Lucien looked over at me, his metal eye as unnerving as ever. Still I had not dared to ask just what it allowed him to see, but I felt as if it could somehow discern the contents of my soul.

He chewed the inside of his cheek whilst I distracted myself with mixing paint, before he finally spoke, “You’ve changed so much, Feyre.” He smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. “I must admit, I’m impressed by who you have become. Even if Rhysand did not exist, I’d hate to make a foe of you. So forgive me when I say I am also in mourning.”

Cocking my head, I finally had the courage to look back at him. Did he speak of Elain now? “Mourning whom?” I asked. The smile he gave me hurt as much as the two months apart from Rhysand had. It spoke of pity, pity I could not bear.

“I am in mourning for a close friend. A friend I made under Amarantha’s rule. A human girl, who came here with childish anger, who could be made happy and placid by nothing more than paint. A girl who screamed and cried and didn’t know any better than to wander out at night on Calanmai, and who could fall in love even with a Beast.” He did not drop my gaze. “I grieve for you too, for losing her. I’m sorry you can’t be her any more.”

He’d spoken so softly, so quietly, that we both flinched when I snapped my paintbrush in half. Claws edged out of my knuckles, my grip too tight. I was still learning the depths of my new strength, though I didn’t care as anger flashed upon my tongue. “Don’t be,” I hissed, snatching a fresh brush and ramming it in the prepared paint to coat it. “She was a stupid, foolish little victim who knew no better.”

“That, fair Feyre,” Lucien said, back to looking out at the gardens, “is exactly why I mourn for you.”

I hadn’t been so angry since- well, since Hybern. Tamlin was an idiot, a dangerous idiot, but I had long since given up expecting anything else from him. However, Lucien I had thought smart and clever, and I had come to value his opinion. That he could say such things, say that he missed me being the pathetic, trampled ruin of a woman I had been… I could not speak I was so incensed with rage.

For nearly half an hour, I stabbed and scraped at the canvas to vent my fury, all the while composing a righteous speech to throw back at him. As I slowed painting to make my stand, however, Lucien said idly, “It’s a rare thing in Prythian these days, to know no better.” He did not look away from the gardens as he smiled. “But then spring has to fade sometime, doesn’t it? Even inside this court.”

I froze, the hairs of my brush slowly fanning out wider and wider, ruining the neat outline of the face I’d painted. I could tell he’d noticed, a slight twitch echoing through his facial muscles, but neither of us spoke. I returned to painting, and he to lounging. It was another one of our silences, the ones that were there to protect us both. Yet I feared I had already been wounded.

I did not know why, or how. Inexplicably, his words had birthed a gaping, aching feeling in the middle of my chest, as if he’d blown a hole straight through. How had he done this? I did not want to be a victim any longer. Rhysand had healed me, helped me to save myself. I knew I made the right choice when I felt my strength at the Weaver’s house coursing through my muscles. I had summoned wolves from mere water, saved Velaris from the Attor, broken the wards of the King of Hybern himself. I was so much more now.  

And yet… And yet now, as I thought back to those days with Tamlin, I missed ‘her’ too. I even missed those times, those happy, strange times when Tamlin had been my world, and sunshine and painting and gardens had been all I needed. When fairy wine had sent me laughing and dancing, and when I was angry I could shout and scream and argue, instead of having to bide my time and plot, scheme, and manipulate.

Back then, everything had been simple. I had not known of the games played in the courts, nor of the real danger the fae could pose. My enemies had been unchanging, stoic creatures: hunger, exposure, the winter’s cold. They had obeyed strict rules that I had learned to navigate. Now I sat in the court of my kidnapper, all to protect those I loved so dearly, whom I had not known before. Even back when I was younger, Elain and Nesta had been protected for me. Now, I had to do all of the protecting myself.

And I was good at it. I had killed the weak parts of myself one by one by one, sacrificed until I had no excess left within me. All this had made me strong. I knew that when I decided to turn on Tamlin and strike Hybern, they both would fall at my knees. I was a force to be reckoned with.

My skin prickled, the hairs standing on end. As I tried to focus on my painting, my vision swam as I failed to blink away unwanted tears. Why? Why did I suddenly regret all of this? Every choice I had made I knew was right and good and true, and yet a heavy part of me longed to undo it all.

Worst of all, I yearned to return to myself as I had been after escaping the mountain. I missed the days of having to decide nothing, of letting Ianthe call the shots and having Tamlin order me around. I missed lying in bed and crying and vomiting the whole night through. It made no sense, but I missed those times where I felt entirely justified to do no more than that. If I even came close to that now, I would betray so many, including myself.

I realised I was crying. Even that small sign of weakness seemed grotesque in my new strong, warrior body. Crying was for the skeleton I had left behind, something I was no longer allowed. That sentiment only made it worse as I devolved into blubbering like an infant, my brush shaking in my hand.

Fingers brushed my shoulder, and a moment later Lucien knelt beside me and pulled me into the warmth of his embrace. I wanted to shove him off and tell him I did not need him, but the words died in my throat. It hurt. It all hurt.

“Why?” I asked through tears and huge gulping, gasping breaths. I hadn’t cried like this since I was a little girl, since before my mother had died. “Why am I crying? I have never been stronger. Never been more loved. Never been happier.”

“Never had so much to lose,” Lucien said, stroking my hair. “Never had so many people’s futures to protect. Never had so many loves to keep alive.”

My chest felt as if it was cracking open. Years and years worth of forcing myself to be strong, of protecting others, suddenly crashed down around me. Ever facet of pain I had tucked away and silenced now erupted from wherever it had been buried. I cried, and I cried, and then I cried some more.

When I finally fell quiet, hiccuping up the occasional sob, Lucien was the first to speak, “It’s okay, you know. You’re allowed to mourn her too.”

“I don’t want her back. I don’t want to be her again. Not really.”

“I know,” Lucien said, his voice honest, free of the usual patronising drawl. “I know. But you deserve to grieve her too. It was you who had to kill her after all.”

It Started With A Question- CH.4

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.4K

Warnings: None

Written By: Kace

A/N: GUYS, IT’S ABOUT TO GET JUICY!!! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in this series x

It Started With A Question Masterlist

The pounding in your head increased as the light began to creep between the curtains and the outside noise began to fill your eyes. It felt as if a knife was jabbing into your temple and hitting your brain. Acid shot up your throat as you sat up, causing your body to jolt out of the bed and sprint to the bathroom.

Wiping the back of your hand across your mouth and heading toward the small kitchen to get some coffee, Y/F/N chuckled and shook her head silently. “How are you feeling, sleeping beauty?” She asked with a smile.

“Like shit,” was all you said while rubbing your temples and trying not to throw up again. “I’m pretty sure I’m still drunk.” You added with a huff.

A laugh slipped through Y/F/N’s lips as she patted your back and walked past you. “Well you’re gonna have to suck it up because we have a busy day ahead of us. Get ready, we have to leave soon.” With a sigh, you grabbed your cup of coffee and headed towards the shower.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can please tell me what products/tools do I need for contouring? Thank you and nice blog

There are sooo many contour products on the market, make sure to swatch in store before you buy. Some suggested products:

Drugstore - NYX Wonder Stick, LA Girl Pro ConcealerPhysician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

High end - Kat Von D Shade + Light, Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, ABH Contour Kit, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, NARS Laguna Bronzer, Urban Decay Naked Shapeshifter, Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer

To apply cream contour products you could use a beauty blender or artis brushes (dupes are fine). 

Suggested brushes for contour powders:

Drugstore/affordable - Real Techniques, Morphe

High end - Kat Von D Shade + Light, Benefit Hoola Bronzing & Contouring BrushZoeva, Sigma


Tick tock….

This big and beautiful 5+ inch red fox skull (natural decease) has been transformed into a stunning FULLY FUNCTIONAL steampunk timepiece in copper and gold. Hand sculpted metalwork designs highlight the cranium while an ornate antique brass key gleams on the brow; antique shades of rich copper, bronze and flashes of real 18k gold liquid leaf absolutely glow with warm color. Antique brass chains add both beauty and support so the skull can be worn as a massive pendant that will make people stop and stare - or it can simply sit on a desk or shelf to mark the time for you at home, whichever you please!

The crystal globe watch held in the jaws is 100% functional. It is a windup watch, no battery needed, and it has visible gears that you can see whirring and clicking busily away. 

Are you looking for the final touch that will take your steampunk cosplay over the top? This won’t just take it over the top, it’ll take it over the moon!

Available for purchase right now at Silver Skull Creations! 

(Holiday promo: spend $100 or more in the shop and receive a free bone jewelry surprise with your order!)


Celebrity Makeup Artist Nick Barose sheds light on strobing.

Lately, you may feel like everywhere you go, there’s a twinkle in your eye—and maybe a little bit of envy—from seeing everyone’s on-point highlight in action. Lancôme’s celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose shares his top tips and tricks for creating a luminous look on deeper skintones. JESSICA VELEZ

Why do you think highlighters are having such a moment?

“Highlighters are the easiest way to add dimension to the face on days you don’t feel like contouring. When placed on the high points of the face, highlighters catch the light in those areas, and the features become more defined in a neutral and subtle way. Not to mention that, with the right formula, highlighters are 100 percent effortless to apply and look beautiful in all types of light. The right highlighter will also look beautiful in photos.”

What are your thoughts on the strobing trend?

“It’s basically a new word for highlighting. With strobing, or highlighting, the goal is to look radiant and lit from within. The key is to start sparingly and build until you create a beautiful, natural highlight. A heavy application will result in a harsh glare, and that is never pretty!”

How are the Lancôme Glow Subtil Silky Creme Highlighters different from any other?

“I love the creamy yet powdery texture, so it’s truly the best of both worlds. The fact that it’s creamy to the touch makes it easier to blend—but then once it touches the skin it has a luminous, velvety finish, and it’s never greasy. It provides just the right amount of versatile sheen for a variety of looks, beginning with a soft-focus glow. It can be layered for a more vibrant and intense look, which would be perfect for a nighttime look.”

What are the general highlighter shade rules for those with deeper skintones?

“Always pick the shade according to your skintone like you would a base color, such as foundation or concealer. It’s important to ensure the highlighter has the right undertone so that it blends seamlessly into the skin. This is where a lot of people go wrong, and often the highlight ends up looking too metallic or silvery with a white cast. In general, rose gold and bronzy tones are best for those with deeper skintones, like Rosegold Lights and Amber Lights. Gold Lights is also great for medium complexions.”

Let’s talk more about the Glow Subtil Silky Creme Highlighter’s rose gold and bronze shades. Why do you think those shades are important to include, and what skintones and undertones work best with them?

“Highlighters are not one shade fits all. All of the different subtle undertones can either look fresh if the shade is correct, or fake if you have the wrong tones. The rose gold highlighter has coppery tones to it, so it works well on deep, dark skintones. Amber Lights is great for medium-deep to truly deep skintones; it adds a soft golden glow for a beautiful, fresh finish.”

What should those with deeper skintones stay away from, highlighter-wise?

“Stay away from a formula that is too silvery, frosty, or pearlized. It will always look harsh and very unnatural on dark skin.”

How do you build a glow from a subtle sheen to a more intense radiance?

“For a soft and subtle effect, I place the highlighter underneath the tinted moisturizer or foundation, so it shines through. I sometimes also dampen a beautyblender or brush with the highlighter and dab it onto the skin for a sheer, veil-like effect. For a more dramatic look, I use a small brush and lightly tap it on top of base makeup and layer from there for more intense shine.”

What are your go-to application techniques?

“On deeper tones, the skin naturally appears to reflect more light. So I tend to control the application more than I would for someone with a lighter skintone. I use a smaller brush or mini beautyblender to dab the highlighter on top of the cheekbones, and usually that’s enough for a daytime look. But for more drama in the evening, or for an event taking place with dim light, I add highlighter onto the bridge of the nose, chin, and temples and then blend well. For nighttime, it is important to always start with foundation and then powder before layering highlighter on top.”

What makes the Glow Subtil Silky Creme Highlighter and Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation the perfect pair?

“The Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation is more matte, so it’s a perfect way to control the shine on your face when adding highlighter. This ensures that the finished look looks fresh and not overly shiny, or even sweaty.”

What’s the most innovative way you’ve used a highlighter before?

“I’ve brushed highlighter over brows to add golden highlight and to soften darker brows. I also sometimes dab it on the center of dark lipstick to bring a bit of light and dimension to a dark lipstick look.”


High Elves' Skin Color

Why are people fighting each other over this when the major information sites literally say:

“The coloration of elves as a whole varies wildly, and is much more diverse than that of human populations. However, as their coloration often matches their surroundings, the elves of a single community may appear quite similar. Forest-dwelling elves often have variations of green, brown, and tan in their hair, eye, and even skin tones” - 5eSRD

“Most high elves are fair-skinned rather than dark, though sun elven skin is a hue darker than that of the star elves or moon elves and dark elven skin, in particular, is dark brown. Most high elves have black hair, with silvery hues common amongst moon elves and star elves while blond or copper hues are more common amongst the sun elves.This hair is often worn long and loose.” - Forgotten Realms Wiki

“The high elf is the most common elf variety. High elves average 5 feet tall and typically weigh just over 100 pounds. They live on fruits and grains, though they occasionally hunt for fresh meat. High elves prefer colorful clothes, usually with a green-and-gray cloak that blends well with the colors of the forest.” - D&D wiki

“They are generally dark-haired and green-eyed, with very pale complexions the color of new cream. They simply do not tan, no matter how much time they spend under Oerth’s sun. High elves prefer to wear light pastels, blues and greens and violets, and often dwell in homes built into living wood, high in the trees.” - D&D High Elves, Wikipedia

“Elves’ coloration encompasses the normal human range and also includes skin in shades of copper, bronze, and almost bluish-white, hair of green or blue, and eyes like pools of liquid gold or silver. Elves have no facial and little body hair. They favor elegant cloth in gin bright colors, and they enjoy simple yet lovely jewelry.” - 5th edition Player’s Handbook

Most of the handbooks and official sites don’t even mention skin color or subspecies.

Where is the problem?


I know this isn’t the biggest issue with the garbage bin that is FR, but still relevant.

THIS IS LITERALLY BLACKFACE??? Scales in dark shades (obsidian, coal, bronze, chocolate) is literally blackface on dragons. Does this really need to be a thing??? First off, the gene is ugly as hell, and now it also promotes blackface. Great job, FR, just great. Thank you for letting us know you hate POC, I’ll remember not to buy gems from now on.