“have you heard that new Taylor swift hit”
“you mean bread? Of course I hAve, who hasn’t”

sh4ne asked:

one time i accidentally got a small fries instead of a medium fries

small fries usually taste worse than the other size fries too. have you ever noticed that?

love my girlfriend shane, she still hasn’t accepted my marriage request on fb yet though! :P haha we like to have fun (not really married just having a laugh)

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not everyone is willing to make the trade off and not everyone is informed

yeah i think its different here like theres so much exposure to it like they have to have ‘caged eggs’ on the box and like there is so much protest against it but i really think they should just stop supplying them to supermarkets and stuff i mean like prices of fruit and vegetables go up all the time so people will adjust for the extra couple dollars if it means eliminating a form of animal suffering. so i think just MAKE people willing, and if they cant afford it then they can just not eat eggs

Shane's naping schedule
  • Shane at 5:00 pm: hey wanna go see a movie?
  • Me at 5:30ish: When I get home i'll see if money
  • Me at 6:30: Hey i'm out of cash :[
  • Shane at 7:45: Sorry I was taking a nap but okay :(
  • Me at 7:46: Wanna do something else?
  • Shane at 8:00 am the next day: I just woke up from my nap lol
  • Shane at 10 am:I fell asleep again and just woke up lol