get to know me meme: [1/10] cancelled tv shows
Nikita ( 2010 - 2013 )


Favourite Episodes: Nikita 1x11 Free

If any of you recruits or agents are having any doubts, then you should. I’m always looking another                                                                                                                                  good   s o l d i e r .

It’s around a year since I was in a hotel room with one of my best friends, talking about how I (actually, we, both) would never get to meet [our] favourite actor(s) and how that was fine!! because 1. it would only make us anxious as fuck and probably kill us and 2. it would never happen anyway!! so it wasn’t worth getting hung up about. Literally, two days after that conversation he fucking announced he was coming to LFCC. And it worked out perfectly actually, bc my best friend got to meet her favourite actor the SAME FUCKING DAY I MET AARON. 

It took me about 6 laps of the venue before I actually went up to the table to meet him lol. I still can’t believe he KNEW MY NAME. He hugged me!! and said it was nice to meet me!!! I still die whenever I think about it!!! I still say I was a fucking wreck, even though I have been told otherwise lol. The anxiety was worth it, though. It was so fucking incredible to be able to meet him, especially when at the start of last year I was convinced it never would. He was so nice, and asked my about my Jennifer shirt and about my Cole funko that I made. He was so kind and so patient with me too, lol. I can’t look @ myself in the photo I got with him and keep my face covered with a peridot sticker but it’s a reminder to me that it really happened. I’m forever fucking grateful to Aaron for his work and for his kindness that day.