Show Me (Part Four)

Steve finally gets his shit together and asks Bucky out on a date.
They are the cutest.

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<To: Bucky>
– hey man I’m going to be in town overnight. My dad is turning sixty so I’m driving back for his party. I know it’s last minute but I’d like to see you

<From: Bucky>
– congrats to your dad. I’m free until about five then I have a few appointments and plans tonite
–it’d be cool to catch up for a minute

<To: Bucky>
– not sure what time I’ll make it out of here but if I have time can I stop by and see you?

<From: Bucky>
– yeah if you have time

Steve tried his hardest not to be disappointed when he didn’t make it over to see Bucky. But it was worse was when he texted Bucky to apologize and Bucky told it was no problem.

Steve definitely wanted not seeing each other to be a problem.

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I took a bunch of sexy pictures of myself last night. I’m actually really proud of a few of them. It’s cool cause they’re kinda the first I’ve done since beginning transitioning. I’m really proud of how everything has been coming along so far, even though I still feel so far from where I want to be.

Anyway. I’m really loving them and loving how feminine and womanly I am in them :)