1. How is it that modern-day!Tevan turns out to be old enough to be friends with Liam’s mum? He appeared…like…maybe older than Leo max. I may be wrong though. Or I need to find out what skincare the man uses 😂😂

2. Most probably we’re going to interact with Francesco again, considering that dinner isn’t over yet. Sooo I’m guessing we might be a) tracking down the photographer, and b) possibly getting some small info on Liam’s mum? Probably. Idk.

anonymous asked:

Serious sexy Liam or Childish cute Liam? You have to answer with a pic/gif showing why!

This is REALLY difficult and I will show you why:

I can’t choose just one of his “sides” because he can change himself in about 0.5 seconds… And also I love both of them. He can be serious and sexy but him will always have his cute (and kissable) nose and sparkle eyes that makes my heart melt… 

Or childish and all adorable with his crinkly eyed smile that makes him looks like a cute sunshine! But also looking as a teddy bear he will always look all sexy, making me want kiss him and jump on him… 

I dont know! I love all his “sides”, he can take my breath away and make my heart stop for a second and then beat faster… But the one that makes me smile the most, is his childish side. I love see the happiness jumping outside him everytime he smiles.