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How do I add sexualities/romantic orientations without feeling like I'm just adding it as something unnecessary? I have a cast that don't interact romantically, but I still want legitimate representation, not some tacky add-on

Having conversations about past flings could be a good way to fit that in without it seeming forced. If they’re friends that’s a very realistic way to slide that into your story.


An important thing to remember about cisphobia/heterophobia/misandry/racism against white people and whatever else

When I call out and complain about abuse hurled at majorities, I am not trying to say that it’s more important than the abuse minorities recieve, and have recieved through history.

It’s not a competition.

It’s not about making comparisons, it’s not about weighing the importance of one against the other. It’s about stating a simple fact: that regardless of which group you belong to, you never deserve to be bullied or mocked for the way you were born.

Everyone is capable of recieving abuse, and being hurt by it, regardless of their race/sexuality/gender. No-one should be able to hurl abuse and be excused or not held responsible, regardless of their race/sexuality/gender.

Hate is hate. Hate is bad. Don’t be a dick.
End of story.

Pansexual’s are valid and beautiful ♥

pansexual trans and cis girls are beautiful
pansexual  trans and cis boys are beautiful
pansexual agender people are beautiful
pansexual  genderfluid people are beautiful
pansexual  nonbinary people are beautiful
pansexual i genderqueer people are beautiful
pansexual  aces and aros are beautiful
pansexual  people are b e a u t i f u l and l o v e d

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I didn't want to go with bisexual because she would date a genderfluid person or a non-binary person and I'm not sure that bisexuality covers those bases. But thank you for that mentioning pansexuality because I think it might fit. Thank you so much! You were very helpful <3

I identify as bisexual and have dated gender non-conforming people. Labeling sexuality is weird and it just ends up being what feels most accurate to you (or your character.)

INTJ Dating

Do any other INTJ’s find it difficult to be attracted to people? No? After researching asexuality, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really fit that description. Even though I’ve dated, I’ve never met anyone that I’m actually attracted to? (Physically or mentally) Perhaps my social bubble just hasn’t expanded enough. (A general lack of human contact would be the assumed cause, if my extroverted friends didn’t kidnap me regularly).

This doesn’t particularly bother me as it’s quite trivial; I’m just curious if anyone is in the same position. (INTJ or otherwise, let’s not put too much faith in mbti theory).

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I have a character that doesn't really have a label on her sexuality. She's just sort of a 'whoever I fall in love with' kind of girl. I don't know if there's a name for this, and I know there doesn't need to be a specific label, but in the story it would have a bigger impact if it was identifiable because it's talked about a lot, if that makes sense?

Definitely makes sense. I suggest researching bisexuality and pansexuality. Both would be valid identifiers for that description.


A married couple having sex is meant to be the outward expression of their oneness and co-union spiritually in God. It’s not about… self-pleasure, trying to emotionally please the other or having an orgasm. It’s about… the image.

If you’re living with somebody and not married and are being physically/sexually intimate with them and are Christian, you should get married because you’re violating covenant. But more than that, get married to Jesus first, so you don’t just get married because you need to have sex because you can’t control yourself.

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To you and the anon, I'm EXACTLY the same way. Like I know I like girls and I find it easy to be attracted to them, but with guys I CAN be attracted to them but very few. Like fucking Jared Leto I'm head over heels in love with (lol)...

YES, EXACTLY. I mainly find that I’m only usually interested in male celebrities (aka, guys I already have 0 chance with, lol). But with girls, it could literally be anybody.

I think the most sexist thing that’s ever been said to me is a comment from a younger girl, very late at night while she was rather drunk (and I was completely sober). We were exchanging stories about boys, and she stopped me after a few particularly juicy tidbits.

“Wait, I thought someone told me you were like one of the top 5 smartest people in your grade?” She said after her giggles subsided.

I was sort of flattered but also incredibly insulted ???
Who raised our girls to believe that we have to be virgins in order to achieve intelligence, that intelligence and sexuality are mutually exclusive?

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I've always been more romantically into girls. But I enjoy sex with both men and women. So I'd say I'm bisexual. Whether I'm biromantic, homoromsntic, idk. I just roll with it really. You don't always need labels. As long as you're comfortable with whatever's happening.

That’s true. I personally
don’t really feel I need to have any sort of label, like you said, but I just know that with my family, I’ll kind of have to explain either way, so I want to try and make it a bit easier.

I currently feel like I may be bisexual, just with a more common preference towards women, but I’m still not 100% sure.

Okay so I don’t think we can officially say Dan ‘came out’ (as gay, bi, pan, etc.) in his latest video BUT I do think it was a huge step for him. Several years ago he wouldn’t have even likely joked about his sexuality. Or if he did, he usually seemed pretty uncomfortable. 

Dan being comfortable with the topic of sexuality is a good thing, no matter what sexuality he actually identifies with (or if he doesn’t identify with one at all right now) =^.^=


Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Her Girlfriend In Elle UK Interview (x)

“When I was dating a guy I was hiding everything that I did because everything personal felt like it was immediately trivialized, so I didn’t like it. We were turned into these characters and placed into this ridiculous comic book, and I was like, ‘That’s mine. You’re making my relationship something that it’s not.’ I didn’t like that. But then it changed when I started dating a girl. I was like, ‘Actually, to hide this provides the implication that I’m not down with it or I’m ashamed of it, so I had to alter how I approached being in public. It opened my life up and I’m so much happier.”

More People Should Know About Jackson Wang

A Hong Kong-raised idol in South Korea, where gender and sexual equality is still very far from being a thing, Jackson’s a bit of a maverick in the celebrity world with how he breaks stereotypes and discusses gender equality so casually.

Like this time when he asked if two men could get paired together on popular TV show “We Got Married” instead of just the typical hetero relationships. (Note: Still nothing but hetero couples on the show)

Or this time on Weekly Idol. When talking about the kind of traits Hani (girl holding the board) likes in a guy, she mentioned loyalty. When the host asked if one of the other guests if she liked guys with loyalty, Jackson thought the host was asking him and answered without blinking an eye. 

Then when he got the opportunity to make a guest appearance on SNL Korea, he didn’t shy away from the role, even with kissing another man in the script.

He even mentioned it in his time during the closing segment.

Then, when he got paired up with his friend Monsta X’s Jooheon for Flower Boy Bromance, he talked about how excited he was to get the chance to hang out. Jooheon got a little weirded out, but Jackson was quick to explain.

There are a lot more examples, but long story short, Jackson’s breaking down old school gender roles, whether he realizes it or not. More people should love him just for how amazing he is as a person.

You keep doing you, Jackson! 💚