Things I’ve learnt from a day in the life of Dan and Phil in Japan
  • Phil getting squirted with water from a toilet is possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen since forever.
  • Dan’s hysterical laugh is just fab
  • Phil dries his ‘crotch’ with a hairdryer. (surely that would burn?!)
  • Japan has TVs in their mirrors
  • Dan looks like a samurai in his ninja shoes
  • Dan and Duncan are deffo twins 
  • Whisks even on holiday
  • Ah sugoi
  • Dan is immortal (no effect from sudden death sauce wtf?!?!)
  • Dil’s house exists in Tokyo
  • Phil’s red jacket of sex
  • Phil’s wants pandas to mate
  • Dan wants people to appreciate Kanye as an artist
  • Flower crowns
  • Phil’s Red Jacket Of Sex
  • Licking all the dripping cream… ;-;
  • Bitchin’
  • Phil is Godzilla
  • Glass floors are terrifying as f
This is America. There is no reason to lie, cheat or steal. Unless you want to be awesome. But don’t fuck people over to get to the middle. You betray everything America is about. We didn’t throw Britain’s tea into the ocean because we wanted to be a mediocre country. We didn’t let those fuckers line up in a line and then shoot them in the back, because we didn’t want to be one of the best countries in the world. And we’re not giving China an IOU because we plan on actually paying it back. This is America, the land of opportunity to fuck people over. To take what isn’t yours, but only if you plan on getting to the top of the mountain and waving what you have and they don’t in their faces. That’s America.
—  Philip DeFranco 

Totally agree with Phil’s  comments about Chick Fil A. There is some stupid people on both the pro gay and anti gay side of this. All in all I think it is a stupid thing to be fighting over. If we didn’t eat from places that the owner had different views than we did then we couldn’t eat anywhere. No one agrees about everything lets just try and live together with some peace. I am 100% pro gay but I am not going to hate on people for having different views from me. If they spout abuse at me or try and prevent me from being equal that is different but just saying their views is not wrong.