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BTS: Spring Day Stage Analysis

The world has finally seen the Spring Day stage. And wooh! That was emotional! (You’re heartless if you didn’t shed a tear)

When they talked about Youth Ending… They weren’t fucking kidding.

Bangtan may have talked about their advocacy against discrimination and injustice for the MV (if you want to see the symbolisms check my theory here: BTS You Never Walk Alone - Spring Day MV Theory: The Untold Story) but this song, this choreography… was all dedicated to the victims and families of the Sewol Tragedy which happened on the spring day of April 16, 2014. The Sewol Ferry tragedy ended the youth of almost 300 students from Danwon High School that day and this song and stage hopes to give comfort to the victims and their families that they are not alone.

Jimin representing those whose youth ended that day.

Boat formation, Jimin slowly going down

Jimin being taken by the waves, JHope too late to save him

Jin, the “comfort-giver”.

He represents those who stand strong with the plight of those who went through the injustice in hopes of giving peace to them and those whose lives were lost in the tragedy.

Being a strong shoulder for Kookie

Continuing the fight for Tae who was singing about his best friend

Tae trying to catch and hold on to the hope

Finally giving peace to the lost, Jimin

When us ARMYs say that Bangtan is relevant, we don’t only mean that they are breaking new ground in the industry they are in. Their songs in and of itself are now even more relevant than some on-lookers may perceive.

Bangtan will let everyone remember that the fight is not over…

You who are still fighting, lost, and in mourning… You will never walk alone.

BTS Theory of Spring Day - Sinking of MV Sewol

Pretty sure a lot of people already posted ideas regarding this video, but here are some as well in another version. First off, Spring day is a story centered around friendship. The lyrics talk about friends missing each other and being unable to meet. When you’re far away from your friends, everything around you seems cold.

“It’s all winter here even in August” (1:07) 

The train has similar corridors to the ones from the ferry. Also, the luggages from the background in RapMonster’s part (0:48) are a refference to the ones of the victims.

Another clue is that during 0:48-0:49, while RM says “I miss you”, the sea washing the shore is being shown.

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i know it’s not supposed to be that deep but...

this is the first thing i thought of when i saw the choreo for Spring Day

and then jin breaks out of the mold to save taehyung… Spring Day’s choreo is really heartbreaking and beautiful

read the 4 points that pay tribute to the Sewol Ferry Tragedy in BTS’ “Spring Day” MV here

Spring Day Theory (Sewol tragedy)

After reading some people’s comments saying that it is a tribute to the people who died in the Sewol ferry accident. I feel that this makes the most sense and I have so much more respect for BTS for doing this (if this is true). Here are some of my thoughts on it, hope it somewhat makes sense.

The pile of clothes
This would be a representation of life, memories - of the victims of the Sewol tragedy - together with death. This takes on same idea as Christian Boltanski’s art exhibition called ‘Personnes’. Also presented in a mountain of clothes, representing the memories and identities that the dead has left behind, in his case it’s the victims of the Holocaust.

This is a utopian society where everyone is happy without any worries but to preserve this happiness, a child’s happiness and life is being sacrificed - in this case, it’s the people who died in the tragedy - this symbolises (perhaps is criticising) how people in Korea and the Korean government choose to turn a blind eye and consider it taboo. (There are articles about how the government is to blame for this tragedy that could’ve been prevented)

Essentially, I believe (one of the) underlying messages BTS is trying to convey is that we must confront and talk about these 'taboo’ issues in order to move on and so that history does not repeat itself. Thus, linking in with the book: we must all leave Omelas together and not indulge in this feigned happiness that is only preserved because of someone else’s suffering.

Ah there, it’s good to get this off of my chest lol


the beauty we learn behind this aweful tragedy from the young pure souls

External image

  1. a boy give his life jacket and give all his life to help his classmate… he die as a hero on his birthday
  2. a young selfless ship attendant help distribute life jackets to passenger and stay behind until her last breath
  3. a 6 years old brother who give his life jacket to his 5 years old sister and wispher comfort even his fate is still unknown
  4. a student who yell for rescuer to take a small child from his arms even the ferry is sinking and he still on it
  5. a teacher who guide her student to escape till last moment
  6. a group of young student who helping eldest and other to survive.

either u’re gone or safe or still missing my thought and pray goes for you…may your soul rest in peace and hope miracles exist so u can be with your love again and be safe…

BTS And Big Hit Entertainment Make Generous Donation To Families Of Sewol Ferry Victims

Via Soompi:

“BTS and Big Hit Entertainment were recently found to have donated 100 million won (approximately $85,000) to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council. Each of the seven members contributed 10 million won (approximately $8,500) and the agency added 30 million won (approximately $25,500) to the total.

Their donation is especially meaningful as it was recently uncovered that there exists a government blacklist on figures in the arts and culture industry. Supporting the families affected by the Sewol Ferry disaster was one of the reasons why people were placed on the list and discriminated against.

This is not the first time BTS have been involved in providing aid for the Sewol Ferry disaster. Back in 2014, BTS’s fans donated relief goods to families right after the incident occurred.

A representative of Big Hit Entertainment confirmed that the donation had been made, but stated that they hadn’t originally had any plans to make it public. They said, “From what I know, they planned to keep the donation private because they believe that you don’t make donations so that you can tell people about it. The members of BTS made the decision [to make the donation] and because we see this is a personal matter, we don’t think it’s right for us to speak on the matter in depth.”

Jeong Chawoong, The first student found dead in Sewol Ferry, was a brave man who gave his livejacket to his friend and went back into water to save other friends in cabin.

On his desk in the classroom in Danwon High, we found a bottle full of paper stars and a love letter on it.

“Dear Chawoong!
I had a crush on you for a year. I was going to tell you how I feel, but why aren’t you coming back? I’m waiting for you…
I don’t care if you turn down on me, just come back… I’ll be happy by just stealing a look at you. Please come back.
Would you give me a chance to see you again? Stop breaking my heart and come back… I miss your bright smile.
I should’ve told you how I felt. I should’ve told you I love you. I regret it so much. I miss you Chawoong…”

A mother of victim of Sewol Ferry Disaster is being stopped by a police. she was on her way to go to the Blue House (korean presidental residence) with a name tag of her daughter’s name and her class number on it.

She begged, “My daughter wants to be a glorious policewoman of Korea someday. My precious daughter is inside the cold water, she needs to get out of there quickly.”

The policewoman who tried to stop her burst into tears by hearing her words.

Today marks exactly one year since the Sewol Ferry tragedy in South Korea on 16/04/14.

For those who don’t know about this tragic event, Sewol Ferry was travelling to Jeju Island with approximately 500 or so passengers. around 300 were students and staff of a high school in South Korea who planned to go to Jeju Island for a school trip.

During the travel process from Seoul to Jejudo, the ferry started to tip and began to capsize. The captain of the ferry ordered everyone to stay calm and return to their rooms, which many obeyed, before the captain escaped from the ferry himself with some other crew members.

Rescue boats were immediately contacted and they hurriedly made their way to the sinking ferry. There were a number of passengers who didn’t go back to their rooms and stayed on the deck, waiting for help, and a majority of them were rescued. However, the other 300 passengers who obeyed the captain’s words remained in their rooms until the ferry completely capsized.

During this rescue process, families of the passengers of the ferry hurriedly gathered at the dock where the ferry had departed, hoping with all their might that their family member will return safely, even though the chances weren’t high. To some people’s absolute joy, they are assured that their loved one has returned. But for some others, they are faced with the harsh reality that they may never be able to see their child/sibling/friend ever again.

One mother of a survivor of the ferry shared that she had received a text message from her son, saying: “I don’t know when I’ll be able to tell you this again, Mom, but I love you.” The mother, at the time, was oblivious to the situation, and texted back: “Oh I love you too, my son.” Soon enough she was hit with the tragic news that the ferry was sinking, and quickly made her way there. Thankfully, her son was one of the few lucky survivors.

There have also been other stories shared from the students contacting their parents about the disaster they were involved in, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find them online. (Sorry).

Rescue divers have also shared stories of what they’ve seen while they attempted to retreat the dead bodies of the 300 students, staff and other passengers in the sunken ferry:

- Many of the student’s fingers have all be broken or crushed, most likely due to their attempt to escape the ferry before death hits them.

- Dead bodies of students have been seen to hold hands with each other.

- A boy and a girl have buckled their life jackets to each other, most likely not wanting to part with each other as their lives disappear in front of their eyes. The rescue diver shared that it broke his heart, knowing that he was only able to take one student at a time, forcing him to unbuckle the life vests of these young students.

Just like this, within moments, hundreds of lives have been lost. What makes this event especially heartbreaking is that a majority of the deaths are innocent students. Those students are just around my age, perhaps 1-2 years older. I can’t even imagine what their loved ones are going through throughout past year, knowing that they’ll never see their children again.

The vice principle of the school these students belonged to had also suicided by hanging himself, blaming himself for the cause of these students. The survivors have been going through a difficult time without their friends. The lower grades of the school will have no senior grades to look up to. As reporters visited the school, they have reported that many heartfelt messages had been written on the desks of the students who have lost their lives.

I am crying so much as I write this, and I just ask that everyone should pray for the people who have unrightfully lost their lives like this, and also for the families and friends of the non-survivors. Losing these students are a huge loss to their amazing country, and we should always remember such a tragedy and hopefully learn from this and do better in the future.

This may just be “just another accident” to the rest of us, but please think about it. 300 teenage students killed on their way to a school trip. This is just another level of innocence of undeserved deaths. Imagine if their trip was scheduled for even 1 day later. 300 young lives with bright futures could have continued living, and such a tragic loss wouldn’t have taken place.

2014 definitely wasn’t a great year for many countries, so let’s forget about these tragic events and move on, but also keep them in our hearts forever at the same time. Life goes on so let’s make 2015 better. When there is a chance for an act of kindness, do not hesitate and do it. The students who have lost their lives in the Sewol ferry would have certainly been kind people.

(Also, the captain of the ferry who escaped by himself has been sentenced 36 years in prison, 30 years for the chief engineer, and 5-20 years for the rest of the 13 crew members who escaped from the ferry before, leaving the passengers to fend for themselves.)


‘하나의 작은 움직임이 큰 기적을…’ ('One small movement mounts to one big miracle’)

[Yellow Ribbon Campaign - praying for the safe return of the Sewol Ferry victims]

There’s a support campaign going on in Korea since yesterday, called the Yellow Ribbon campaign- a title based on the 1972 song 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree’ by I. Levine and L. R. Brown, and other old tales of yellow ribbons being tied to wish someone’s safe return. More and more people are using these icons for their SNS profile pictures to support the families of the lost ones, and to wish for a miracle to happen.. no matter how bleak the situation may be.