Some fancy photos of the hat I made a couple weeks ago! I’m so ridiculously pleased with how this came out, I love it and I love wearing it. This has really motivated me to make more historical headpiece in the future, even though they are time consuming and scare me a little. I think they really complete costumes!

This hat was made from felt weight interfacing. It has wire in the brim, cotton gauze lining, and a damask print denim interior. The outside is a dark grey taffeta with wool bias tape trimming the edges. It’s decorated with pale blue braided trim, a matching sash of silk chiffon, four ostrich feathers, black geese feathers, and some grey pearls.

I drafted/made it without reference and it is completely sewn by hand. A full write up will be on my blog tomorrow!

A new “Aion” Gunslinger photo emerges!

Thanks to Charlie of @gotsuperpowers for shooting with me during #AVCon
This is a fantastic portrait that really showcases the fabrics and details of the costume. I made the bodysuit using the pattern I designed for @cosplaymccalls then appliqued a ton of lace over it. The jacket is upholstery corduroy and leather, with a taffeta lining. The holster belt is pleather and leather, with Worbla as the stabilizer. A lot of time was spent on the appliques O_O….
My fabulous pistol was made by @kamuicosplay 💜💕 #cosplay #craftsmanship #sewing #Aion #Gunslinger #YayaHan

very-crofty asked:

Do you have any advice or tips on how to sew gloves?

Hi very-crofty!

Gloves aren’t as scary as they seem :) I’ve used two methods to make ours and both are really easy to use.

First things first, you’ll want to purchase a fabric with stretch. It doesn’t need to be a ton, but there has to be some give otherwise you can’t squeeze your hand into the glove. I recommend some spandex, stretch vinyl, etc.

The easiest way to make gloves is to literally trace your hand (like when kids make hand turkeys in school :) ) and then cut 2 of your hand pattern and sew them together! Easy :) Here’s a tutorial with pictures from Crash Cult

Another way to make gloves is to use an actual pattern. I used Butterick Pattern 5695 (out of print now but you should be able to find it online/probably in stores) to make my Mirai gloves. This is why I mention you need at least a little give in your fabric. I wanted the bows and gloves to be the same fabric so mine were made out of cotton. It was a tight squeeze but they DID go on (note that I used the biggest size). Something else to keep in mind about this method is that it is time consuming! It’s a lot of sewing small pieces together, but is really cool when things start looking like a pair of gloves XD

Here’s another tutorial on making your OWN pattern for gloves if you can’t find the butterick pattern. LINK

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions :)


Handmade Tailor’s Shears by Master Blacksmith Eric Schatzel

Part of the mission of The Farmers’ Museum is to demonstrate historic trades from the 1840s. The Field Blacksmith Shop at the Farmers’ Museum demonstrates metal working in the mid 19th century and produces a variety of goods-anything from nails and horshoes to replacement farming equipment. 

They also work on special projects.  Recently, one of these special projects was a pair of tailor’s shears specially created for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Fenimore Art Museum. Mr. Schatzel reserached the design, working from 19th century sources to create a pair of authentic tailors shears.

Let me just take a minute to *swoon* over these.  LOOK AT THEM! Those are HANDMADE AT OUR MUSEUM!   I have added several pictures of Mr. Schatzel at work on the shears just incase you did not believe me that they WERE MADE BY HAND! If you want to see more of the Field Blacksmith Shop at work check out (and follow please!) their really awesome Facebook Page

*Content note: Tailor’s shears are totally clothing related. Also, blacksmiths are cool. 

After three and a half years I’ve finally have a Dressing Gown to call my own. I almost understand why Erik was such a drama queen about crawling into his coffin once he finished composing Don Juan, finishing a project that’s been so near and dear to one’s heart for so long is an interesting feeling to say the least. 

I decided to put off my normal ‘completed project’ photoshoot so I could just swan around in my new robe for a while. 

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Cosplay Tip! If you’re having a hard time figuring out how you want something to look but you don’t want to waste muslin on draping and re-draping and RE-re-draping, try taping shapes on your dressform.

It’s a quick and cheap way to figure out complicated patterns. Once you’ve got it figured out, you can drape right on top of your tape lines, using them as guides!

A little more progress on the leather motorcycle jacket inspired by Achievement Hunter Ryan Haywood’s GTAV character.

I have to admit here that working with such thick leather in a full garment capacity has been particularly challenging for me and, for the first time in this new sewing endeavor of mine, I’m more than superficially dissatisfied with what I’ve made. As with anything that I’ve never done before, it has come with its own unique set of challenges. While I have managed to overcome many of them, a few have plagued me, the most prominent of them being how stiff the seams get once they have been flat felled. Any imperfections are then accentuated and made rather immobile.

Mercifully, all leather is stretchable material and I have high hopes that with time, use and abuse, this jacket will eventually soften and settle into a more accommodating shape for its wearer.

So please, mintsharpie, when you get it, beat the CRAP out of it until it’s not bad.

also I finally rehemmed my wishing skirt and figured hey wHY NOT A POCKET SINCE I’M ALREADY AT IT



Mobile retakes the feather photos with the in progress bodysuit for Delveen.

To recap: I finally got my ostrich feathers in for the full size Goldileen outfit design, after about a month they finally delivered. I bought 100 of them so hopefully that’ll be enough but I might need more since they’re all going to be on the skirt.
If I have some left over, large.feathers for doll outfits would be a cool concept to play around with. I also want to make little feather fans.