Here’s what I made for the P4A art perk this year. Sets of 3 notebooks with a worldsuck decreasing theme. projectforawesome.com/donate

I had a lot of fun making these. I have plenty more behind-the-scenes pics if anybody wants them (I do love taking artsy pictures of piles of scraps), but I hit the tumblr picture limit. I’m not going to get to watch a ton of P4A livestream because I’ll be at work, but last year Hank showed off some of the art perks. Send me a screenshot if these show up in this year’s livestream. Let’s all raise and crap-ton of money for charity, yeah?

Cassandra Pentaghast Under Shirt & Vest

This is for the anon who asked about the undershirt (and vest) for my Cassandra cosplay! Again, I am not great at explaining so here are more pictures! Luckily, I took quite a few of my progress! :)

For Cassandra’s undershirts, I did a long sleeve shirt (top right photo) and a vest with pointed sleeves (bottom right). I had to start with the undershirt first so that I could figure out both the vest and the armour, and how they all looked layered on top of one another. I do most of my patterning from scratch but I am sure there are quite a few patterns out there that work as a base to start with. I always do mock-ups with cheap fabric first to make sure the fit/size is right - which you can see in the first pictures below!

I wanted the look of Cassandra’s ‘seamless’ collar (top left & right), so I added front panels and facings to my undershirt with the seams for the collar only on the shoulders and back (where the seams would be hidden). The brown collar straps (bottom left) are sewn into one of the side collar seams and then wrapped around the neck and closed with snaps. The brown straps are also tacked down so they stay in place. The white strap behind is just tacked down and stuck in place with velcro. The shirt is closed with a simple zipper and hook and eye (bottom right) which you can’t see once the whole costume is on.

The sleeves were one of the hardest parts of the costume for me. I wanted to imitated the look of leather stitching on the sleeve seams (top left) but since the arms are an area with lots of tension and my base fabric has some stretch to it, I used wide flat elastic so I would be able to move my arms and so it wouldn’t pull. Next, I had to do the criss cross straps on the arms (top right & bottom left). This part was basically a lot of trial and error of getting the straps to sit flat and not move around too much while wearing them but still having movement in my arms. The undervest (bottom right) was pretty simple; using a raglan style sleeve and stiff fabric I was able to get the pointed shoulders to sit nicely. (I found the quilted purple fabric and HAD TO use it even though no one would actually see it as part of the costume. :P) The collar was made with the same purple as the undershirt and a thick interfacing + batting to make it stand up on its own. I finished the vest with lining and raw edge bias binding and the front is closed using a leather cord and grommets.

Here are a couple of extra details. Back of undervest (top left), adding grommets to the arm straps (top right), elbow patch on sleeve (bottom left), pointed shoulder detail on vest with studs and stitching (bottom right).

You can also find my Cassandra Pentaghast Breastplate & Backplate Armour Mini ‘Tutorial’ HERE and also some costume close-ups HERE!

Thanks so much for your questions and comments!


MSD 46cm Christmas Grab Bag going out from the etsy store. I have had the Santa fabric since before collecting BJDs, so that means it is at least 10 years old. In my defense, I’ve been sewing since high school. Which means my stash is a good 20+ years established 😊

Now you finally know the word for those shoulder things! Epaulettes are those weird things on that character’s shoulders! It is pronounced ep-uh-let and sometimes spelled “epaulets.” They are typically found on the uniforms of high ranking military officers. Characters like Saber from Fate Stay Night and Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena have stylized military outfits that include epaulettes. Epaulettes are worn on the tops of both shoulders with pieces of gold cord hanging from one edge. They can be made from thick cardboard cut into the right shape and painted or covered in fabric the right color. Gold cord is then glued in place. A piece of thick paper or cardboard could be glued underneath to give a finished look and to prevent the cord from fraying. Another option is to serge pieces of cord together and then glue the cord to the piece of cardboard. Yet another option is to use a chenille mop head. It can be cut in half with the halves becoming the epaulettes. The extra cords can be cut, and the remaining cord along the edge can be painted gold or another color with fabric paint. 

Definition from Google dictionary. Other sources:  pronunciation, Utena, Saber, epaulet 1, 2, 3 

Tutorial and where to buy 1, 2, 3. Chenille mops can be found online and in many stores on the cleaning supply aisle.

Last night’s contribution, it continues from the lines on the front that went up to the shoulder seams. All that’s left now is the large back skirt panel, which is going to be like twice the amount of embroidery on the rest of the jacket all together. 😒 and then on to beads. I have til March for this one, but I’d like it done for Katsucon if possible.#needlework #handembroidery #embroidery #sewing #lotrcosplay #silmarillion #silmarillioncosplay #cosplay

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog…
I’m still alive! I’m more active on my instagram which is: @heartcore.bjd
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I’ve been sewing lately, because I’ve been head over heels for my minifee.
I made the plaid dress and the turtleneck sweatshirt this week.
I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

I’ll try my best to upload more sewing projects here

Australia’s 12-year-old Campbell Ramess has sewn over 800 toys in 3 years to comfort children in hospitals. In 2013, he asked his parents if they could give toys to children in the hospital for Christmas and then learned to sew them himself. Since then, he’s created a toy every day of the year to help cheer up sick kids around the world. Source

Even though it’s only September I’m definitely in a Halloween mood :D So I whipped up these little batties and thought I’d share the pattern with you ♥
It’s a .pdf pattern that’s one part photo instructions and the second part is a printable template.
I would give it a 3/10 stars in difficulty, so sewers that have made an easy plush or two might be able to give it a try! I hope you all like it!


I finished my seven day embellished edwardian ensemble! This is based on something Sybil wears on Downton Abbey. I made it in a week out of materials I had laying around. 

The bodice is made from brocade, with chiffon and lace sleeves that are decorated with beads and sequins that were sewn on by hand. The bodice is lightly boned and closes at the back with a mixture of eyelets and hooks.

The “harem pants” are made from almost eight yards of chiffon in three different colors. They also close with hooks, which are hidden by the asymmetrical draping. I pieced together a matching headpiece out of bits I had leftover, and the costume was complete!  

Since this is based off Paul Poriet’s work it is worn without a corset, which makes it surprisingly comfortable and easy to move in despite it being an evening ensemble. 

I’m pretty pleased with the end result - it’s fun to wear and I had a lot of fun making it! Construction notes on the process can be found here.