Severus deserved better

In my world, James Potter woke up this morning to find Lily greeting him with a nice breakfast and saying “Harry, Ginny and the kids will be here later”. He just finished eating dinner with Lily, Harry, Ginny, his grandkids, Sirius, Dora, Remus and Teddy. His grandkids race out to the backyard to play a family game of Quidditch. As Teddy and James Sirius hop onto their new brooms while Harry helps Lily Luna and Albus Severus, James realizes that their is no other way he’d want to spend his Father’s Day. In my world, James Potter is alive and well, surrounded by the people he loves and cares about more than anything in the world.

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Oh boy, 7 whole years to choose from! And Severus deserves so much better than he got.

Lily uses every second in hogwarts to experiment with magic. It’s not like she can go home and explode things on a whim…. Severus reads every little thing he can. Who needs to look where they’re going? Looking is for the weak. Also why bother looking when staircases do what they want.

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Were you always obsessed with Snape?

I love telling this story. It’s like those stories people tell about when they met.

Short answer- not always

Long answer-

I always liked Snape as a character. I got into the books later than others. I was twelve, so about seven years ago. I checked all seven books out because my mama didn’t raise no weakling.

I read the first book & said “"this is really good.” My favorite character at the time was Ron, but I thought Severus was pretty cool. So I went onto CoS and liked him more. PoA and GoF are the ones that drew me in. 

He was just so interesting to me. So petty, yet with good reason. And learning he used to be a Death Eater? I was just !! Really, there are no words. I knew he was a vital character, and he was slowly becoming my favorite. 

After reading GoF, I began to watch some of the films. Philosopher’s Stone was great and I thought Alan Rickman (or as I didn’t know his name then “deep voiced guy”) was a wonderful choice in casting. I started liking his character more because of this. Then it happened.

I watched CoS and became surprised. As I watched, I found myself thinking “"ok but Snape is kinda hot.” Remember, I was twelve, thirteen at best. I couldn’t tell anyone because what would they think???? So, hoping I wouldn’t feel as much attraction to him if I kept reading instead, I read OotP.

SHIT HIT THE FAN. I was just so in love with this character. Reading his worst memory, I was thinking “there has gotta be something important about Lily in his life.” And his hatred for Umbridge was so relatable. I was thinking “"forget Ron, forget Lupin. Severus Snape is my favorite character.”

I literally began to search for fanfictions about him, I even made one my best friends because she loved Snape, too. I watched PoA and was turned on amazed by how wonderful Alan was as Snape. When I watched GoF, I couldn’t get over the part when he cockblocked a bunch of students during the Yule Ball. OotP intrigued me because “Obviously” was just hilarious. And I felt so bad for him with his memory. I was just like “bb NO ITS OKAY.”

Then I read HBP and was shooketh. I could not comprehend any of it. I wasn’t attached to Dumbledore, but D A M N. And learning he was the Half-Blood Prince? I was shocked. But I did not hate his character. I knew there had to be a reason, at least I hoped there was.

Watching the movie version, I realized that no, I could not hate his character because he looked so hesitant. And damn Alan just looked too good in this movie. I immediately read Deathly Hallows because I needed answers,

That book killed me, burned my crops, and took my water supplies. That BOOK was my everything. I was so relieved to see who Snape really was but I can’t lie. I threw that damn book across the room and sobbed during The Prince’s Tale. Severus deserved so much better. I still get emotional talking about it.

I didn’t want to watch either part of DH because I knew what to expect, but I got through the first part okay. But I screamed, cried, and had to take a few minutes before I could finish the second part. Alan’s acting was just too real. 

After that, I kept rereading and rewatching just to see parts with Snape in it. I could not get over the character he was. Everything about him was just truly amazing. I read fanfictions, wrote/write some fanfictions, looked at fan art, etc. Then I decided to tell my mom that I thought Alan Rickman was gorgeous, for some reason. But, according to her, she knew I already thought that.

And to this day he is still my favorite character and I’m still amazed by his character development. There are so few characters like him. And to think, none of this would have mattered to me if I hadn’t decided to tell myself to read all seven books within two months (which I did.) 

So no, I wasn’t always obsessed. But the obsession happened pretty early on.

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5, 12, and 19?

5. Pro or anti Marauders?

Against. Firmly.

Armando Dippet was rather useless in most areas, but one thing he was very intent upon handling, was harassment. Or as it is called these days, bullying. Fact is, the Marauders were foolish enough to get caught multiple times, which is something I detest.

Another issue is that Dumbledore is too soft and shows too much favourtism to his precious Gryffindors. He allowed many illegal things to transpire under his nose - knowing full well what was going on - and merely ignored the happenings. The Marauders did not only torment Slytherin students, but anyone whom they did not agree with. Be they Pureblood, Halfblood, or Muggleborn. Even the Squib Filch was on the receiving end of their intense harassment.

A jape, or better known now as a practical joke/prank, is not a joke if everyone isn’t laughing. Meaning if the person on the receiving end of said ‘prank’ is not laughing alongside everyone else, then it is bullying, not pranking. A very simple truth that many do not wish to acknowledge.

Dangling someone by their ankles, stripping them of their clothes and sticking them to statues, knocking them off their brooms, mocking them for their financial situations at home, stealing their assignments and taking credit for them… etc… are not pranks and jokes. While Dumbledore can claim that ‘boys are being boys’, I can assure you that I never did such things and would not want others to do them.

They were obvious and got caught.

They were annoying.

They were Gryffindors who were praised without deserving said praise. Being a Gryffindor doesn’t make someone good or the epitome of Lightness.

They drove a lot of their fellow classmates into Voldemort’s awaiting arms, which got a lot of them killed in one way or another, wasting magical potential.

They ruined Hogwarts for a lot of students. Hogwarts should have been a home away from home. Not a place they should expect to be attacked and harassed every minute of the day.

They were never punished for breaking school rules. ~Tom

12. Thoughts on Severus Snape?

Severus deserved better. Had Dumbledore done his job like he was supposed to, Severus Snape could have had a better life and would probably be a different person. Yet once again, instead of doing something once he recognised the signs of poor upbringing, he merely let whatever happens, happen.

Snape was not the second student Dumbledore ignored. He was the second who managed to live and make something of himself(the first being myself) but he was not the first. Nor the last.

The Light Lord should have extended a hand of aid instead of ignoring the boy’s troubles. If he preaches his desires for unity among all magical beings so much, and means his words, then he should want to help the students who seem ‘lost’ in the Darkness. 

He never has, and he never will.

Severus is a genius will enviable skills. He could have been better. Dumbledore saw to it that he didn’t receive the chance. Now we are all forced to deal with Severus’ dour attitude and acerbic wit. I am often caught between the needs to tease and torture him for his cheek and treatment of others(Harry). ~Tom 

19. Favourite Weasley?

This is a difficult decision. Most Weasleys I have met are annoying, though I do not claim to know all of them and wouldn’t generalise like others would.

Ginevra: Much potential and an astonishing grasp of practical magic. Wit that puts Severus to shame. Would have done better in Hufflepuff. Sweet yet unassuming. A perfect combination for one such as she. An undercover Slytherin perhaps.

George and Fred: Innovative and inspiring. Should have been Slytherins. An understanding of magical creation that not many magical humans bother with these days.  Can be very useful when in a pinch. Deserve more time and money to expand their creative potential. ~Tom