Severed Ties

First Aid


Jax was trying to work on severing the ties with August Marks, or more taking him down. But now he wanted him to do something. He had been supposed to find this mother and son, but when he got there, the son had started shooting, hit Tig in the shoulder and then he’d driven the car in the river and Jax had dove in after him. It turned out his mother was really fucked up because of all the pressure or something from August Marks, and he had a whole other problem since the person August was looking for, he and the guys had killed weeks ago.

But now, there was a lady struggling with coming off something and he had a guy with a bullet, even though Chibs said they should be able to get it out. Bobby had hit it dead on. ‘Remember when our biggest problem was which Mayan to kill?’ 

Once they got her..and Tig to the cabin, Jax decided to text Lyla, to see if she could come up. His mother was busy with something and he needed help with all of this or he was going to just kill everyone.  He shot her a text and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Today was hell already.

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Martha's maiden name is Clarks first. That is the sort of answer that raises questions. I had the impression that your Kents didn't keep up with their extended families. Now, I'm not so sure. Growing up, did Clark have grandparents? Aunts and uncles?

The maiden name is a canon thing apparently and idk if I’m keeping it. In Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts it’s sort of a plot point that Martha and Jonathan have severed all ties with their biological families.


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