Severed Ties

arabellestrange replied to your post: anonymous asked:Well tbh Hannibal…

but then what was killing abigail? who was he testing there? that was totally out of character imho. murasaki, also, is the first person who showed him kindness in a very long time, after years of abuses. if they have him hurt her… yeah no thanks.
no one says hannibal’s love is pure and selfless and normal, see how he tests clarice and he very much loves her, sometimes even getting her hurt. but that doesn’t mean he’d just kill people he loves just because.

Hannibal wasn’t killing Abigail just because. He killed her to punish Will for betraying him, to punish himself for trusting Will, and to sever all ties that bound him to Will, freeing Hannibal so he could run off to Europe unencumbered. He loved Abigail, but his love was caught up in the fantasy of having a family that consisted of Abigail, himself, and Will. And without Will, that fantasy crashed and burned – so he forced himself to cut off his love for Abigail at the root. It doesn’t mean he never loved her, only that his love for Abigail came into conflict with his anger at Will, and anger won.

We don’t know what the story is with Murasaki yet. But personally I believe Hannibal is capable of being – at the very least – indirectly involved in whatever happened to her, if indeed anything happened to her at all. Shall I start singing my ‘jumping to conclusions’ song again? Jumping to conclusions/is a silly thing to do/assumptions make an ass of me/and they make an ass of you. Ok, I admit the song still needs work. 

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