Severed Ties

The Amity Affliction 🖤


“So, Wall Street Journal, a well known, respected news outlet, posted that I, during the past 6 months, have made 9 videos that have anti-semitic messaging in it […] so basically, they went to the biggest brands that I work with: Disney and YouTube, and they pushed them in the corner and said ‘hey, what do you think about this? Look at this, this is bad!’ Obviously cornering them, forcing them to sever their ties with me…” [x]

☔ Storm Grounding ☔

a quick guide on grounding with storms for storm witches

☔ to be done during a storm

☔  stay in a safe place when you practice this form of grounding. only allow yourself to get wet if your health allows, and please avoid places that would get you struck by lightning. 

☔  have a view/hearing of the rain to the best of your ability

☔  visualize:

each thunder strike rattles you to the core, and leaves nothing there. each drop of water brings energy that replenishes and re-energizes you.

every drop is one of millions, but every drop has importance. each one soaks into you, cold and bright. it fills you

every sound of every drops rebuilds you from the inside out. 

each lightning bolt ignites within you, calling up new energies and instilling a calm in its wake.

☔  when you are ready, let the storm fade its hold on you. you are not severing the ties harshly, only letting them fall away, the way rain dissipates and the storm calms down.


New Orleans church window shattered 2 days after it hosted transgender town hall

  • Only two days after hosting a town hall to address violence against transgender people, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans was vandalized.
  • According to a post on the church’s Facebook page, someone threw a brick through a stained-glass window during a service Sunday morning.
  • “We think it might be in reaction to the town hall meeting we hosted on Friday afternoon, organized by Transitions Louisiana, on violence against transgender people,” the post read.
  • The church has several other ties to LGBTQ communities. It is a venue for LOUD: New Orleans Queer Youth Theatre, which posted a message of support to the church on Facebook.
  • “At this time, we do not have evidence that would link the simple criminal damage to property incident today with Friday’s [town hall],” the New Orleans Police Department said in a statement to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Read more (3/13/17 4:06 PM)

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The Amity Affliction’s ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ Australian Release Tour.
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Maryland, DC attorneys general to file lawsuit against Trump for breach of constitutional oath

  • United States attorneys general from Maryland and Washington, D.C., plan to file a lawsuit against President Donald Trump Monday. 
  • They will file on the grounds that Trump violated anticorruption clauses in the Constitution during his time in office by accepting payments from foreign governments through his vast hotel empire.
  • According to a report from the Washington Post, the lawsuit — the first of its kind to be brought by government entities — hinges on the idea that Trump’s promise to shift his assets to a blind trust managed by his sons doesn’t go far enough in severing his business ties.
  • A signed copy of the lawsuit provided to the Post accuses Trump of “unprecedented constitutional violations,” and says that the integrity of the U.S. political system has been undermined by a president “deeply enmeshed with a legion of foreign and domestic government actors.” Read more (6/11/17)
🌙 Moon Grounding 🌙

a quick guide on grounding with the the moon for you space cadets

🌙  it may seem a bit contradictory to ground with something in the sky rather than the earth. the focus is to ground as if you were an object in space, and to find the stability in yourself. if this strange to conceptualize, astral travel to the moon and use its surface to ground. 

🌙  (to the best of your ability) find a view of the moon in the sky, and rest somewhere its glow can reach you

🌙  do this during a moon phase that represents the energies you want to draw into yourself. 

🌙  visualize:

every flicker of light over your skin fills you and becomes tangible within you. it solidifies in your spirit and makes you feel whole. 

you are becoming your own moon. you feel the earth’s gravity pulling your negative energy away from you. push your old energies out.

the light that washes over you brings new, fresh energy. it illuminates you from the inside out

🌙  when you are ready, let the moonlight fade its hold on you. you are not severing the ties harshly, only letting them fall away, the way the phases turn over and release the earth, it releases you 

without really meaning it

The Way You Said “I Love You” Prompts
@stileslydiah requested “24. Without really meaning it”

Watching Derek dote on someone is hard – harder than Stiles thought it would ever be, despite the fact he knows it’s insincere; despite the fact it’s the job and nothing more.

 It’s hard because Stiles hasn’t had those arms around him in months, hasn’t had opportunity to arrange a chance meeting on a crowded street in weeks, hasn’t had Derek’s eyes meet his and watched his mouth curl into a smile for him.

 Derek’s team have been fairly indulgent, letting Stiles tag along on the assignment to observe and allowing him to blend with various crowds just to be close to Derek. Early on, before Derek insinuated himself into their mark’s life, they even allowed them to talk on the phone, but that might as well have been in another lifetime.

 Sometimes, Stiles hates his job, hates Derek’s job, hates the fact they’d never have met if it wasn’t for their jobs because then he can’t hate it as much.

 Stiles is across the restaurant and he can’t tear his eyes away from the back of Derek’s head for more than a few seconds at a time, usually at the prompting of the agent he’s sitting across from.

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why zuko had to screw up at ba sing se

[ or: all hail cognitive-dissonance-lord zuko ]

When I watched Avatar for the first time, I did it totally out of order. The first episode I saw was Cave of Two Lovers, I watched the finale before Western Air Temple, and the first episode was one of the last I saw. I was mostly at the mercy of the whims of Nickelodeon’s Saturday morning marathons.

So I knew from almost the beginning that Zuko (spoiler alert) was going to grow his hair out and switch sides, and I knew it happened mid book 3. Watching Crossroads of Destiny, then, was a totally different experience. When Azula gave him the ultimatum, I knew which side he’d choose, and I was so frustrated and angry. I wanted Zuko to be good already, dammit. After all of the development and the “metamorphosis” he’d gone through only a few episodes ago, I was convinced that his mistake in CoD was in there purely for shock value (and for me, knowing how it ended, I didn’t even get to experience that) and to draw out the angst. I was bitter because I felt cheated out of a half season’s worth of Redeemed!Zuko hanging out with the gaang. (It’s also worth mentioning that I was like 12.)

But now I know I was completely wrong. Whenever I try to think about what would have happened with the rest of the series if Zuko had sided with Aang instead of Azula, it just doesn’t work. Zuko needed to make that mistake in the crystal catacombs, and I can’t imagine his story without it.

Zuko developed a lot as a character through his travels in the Earth Kingdom up until his moment of truth under Ba Sing Se. He was rejected by his father, who sent Azula to imprison him and put out wanted posters that permitted anyone to kill him on site. He experienced true poverty and saw first-hand the horrible effects of the Fire Nation’s war. He’s been on his own. And, at last, he even gave up his search for the Avatar for a little while– not because realized it was wrong, but because realized it was hopeless.

But let’s think for a minute about what it would have meant for Zuko to side with the Avatar and fight Azula in Ba Sing Se. It would have made him a traitor. To side with Aang would be not only to acknowledge that the war was unjust and the fire nation the oppressor, but it would also be to actively fight against his own nation. And, implicitly, it would mean acknowledging the truth that his father did not and would never want him back. Zuko, at the end of Book 2, has had many experiences that point directly to these truths and in light of them, Zuko siding with the Avatar doesn’t seem that far-fetched. In fact, it was what a lot of people watching for the first time expected.

Here’s the catch: even though Zuko had had all of these experiences, he hadn’t yet processed them and fit them all together to form their logical conclusions. Sure, he knew the horrors the Fire Nation had committed in its war for prosperity, but he still wouldn’t have denounced his nation ; he knew that his father had declared him a traitor and sent Azula to lock him up, but he wouldn’t have admitted at that point that his father would never love or accept him and preferred him dead. Zuko pre-redemption is the king of cognitive dissonance. He has a lot at stake with the processing of all of these experiences—basically, his entire world-view. Somewhere in his mind, he knew that trying to reconcile what he saw in the Earth Kingdom with his current world-view could easily bring everything he knew and considered sacred crashing down around him. And there was one thing in particular that Zuko would protect at all costs; one truth that has been at the center of his world and forefront of his mind ever since his banishment — that he had a home to return to and there was a place for him within it, that if he just didn’t screw up for once everything would be okay again. This is the one thing Zuko clings to throughout his entire banishment, despite all the evidence and logic to the contrary, because if this one truth falls away what does he have left?

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