Severed Ties

My thoughts on this whole Jon Tron deal

Okay I just recently found out about this whole Jon Tron controversy surrounding Yooka Layee. Granted, I didn’t even know Jon was actually in the game until this happened and I will say the general overreaction from people on this has been downright disgusting. Generally I do agree that it’s important to accept and respect others opinions. Playtonic is no different in this regard but as a company it’s perfectly within their right to disagree with Jon both morally and legally as well as sever ties with him if they feel he could potentially damage their image. Them cutting out Jon Tron is simply their way of saying “We don’t want any part in your mess.”

It’s funny really people give Playtonic crap for supposedly not respecting Jon’s opinion yet they can’t seem to accept and respect Playtonic’s view on things and act like they stabbed them all in the back simply for wanting to distance themselves from a potential scandal. Funny enough that Jon from what I hear has handled this really well and said he respects Playtonic’s decision while his fans on the other hand throw a massive tantrum and act like overly self entitled children. Looking at some of the things Jon said, it’s not too surprising why they decided to let him go. If you said the sort of stuff Jon said, don’t expect to keep your job for much longer. 

Ultimately Jon has no one to blame but himself. He should have known very well what he was getting into when he started talking politics. As a general rule, personal opinions on race are best kept to yourself if you want to maintain a good public image. Freedom of Speech is not the same as Freedom from Consequence. Jon didn’t watch his mouth and he said some pretty stupid shit and now he is suffering the consequences for it.

I am still very excited for Yooka Laylee and I am not going to let the removal of some guys voice affect my enjoyment or purchasing decision. At the end of the day Playtonic is a business. They aren’t your best friend and they have their own views on what is considered acceptable in their company. It’s their game and they have the right to change or remove something if they feel it could be detrimental to their product, 

Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction.
The Amity Affliction’s ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ Australian Release Tour.
Brisbane, Australia.


New Orleans church window shattered 2 days after it hosted transgender town hall

  • Only two days after hosting a town hall to address violence against transgender people, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans was vandalized.
  • According to a post on the church’s Facebook page, someone threw a brick through a stained-glass window during a service Sunday morning.
  • “We think it might be in reaction to the town hall meeting we hosted on Friday afternoon, organized by Transitions Louisiana, on violence against transgender people,” the post read.
  • The church has several other ties to LGBTQ communities. It is a venue for LOUD: New Orleans Queer Youth Theatre, which posted a message of support to the church on Facebook.
  • “At this time, we do not have evidence that would link the simple criminal damage to property incident today with Friday’s [town hall],” the New Orleans Police Department said in a statement to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Read more (3/13/17 4:06 PM)
Burning Bridges Spell

SO a fellow blogger messaged me asking for a little advice on a spell they were crafting…and this is what I came up with. After thinking about it, I added onto what I told them.

The purpose is to essentially sever ties with someone you had a negative relationship with, but still want to wish them the best. It’s based off my earlier post, “Remember, it’s okay to burn bridges and still be happy for the people you left on the other side.”

You Will Need:

-Two long-ish stemmed flowers. Can be different, can be the same, your discretion. These represent both of you blooming and having wonderful lives.

-Something to write on them (or otherwise personalize them)

-A car and a windy day(windy day optional I guess?)

What to Do:

-Write the name of the person(s) on one flower, and yours on the other.

-Tie the two stems together if possible. If they’re too stiff, wrap them together with a ribbon. 

-Drive far away from your home, the farther the better. Once at your destinaton, get ready to drive home. Pluck the flower with the name of the person you want to cut ties with from the stem. Focus all your emotion and intent and energy into it.

-Drive back. Along the way, let the flower go out of the window (ergo windy day and car–inertia is needed here) and envision the wind diverting their path far, far away from yours. 

-Once home, pluck your own flower off the stem and bury it in your yard, solidifying the spell.

If this bullshit keeps going, I’m leaving all of the fandoms I’m in, severing all ties with any other fans and just enjoying the show on my own.

You all are completely ruining it. Completely destroying my enjoyment of anything with these ship wars and trash talk of characters and attacking the actors and being absolute assholes to anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

I had to unfollow over 75 accounts already because everything was just drama. Are half of you still in middle school or something? Just. Stop.

You’re toxic and problematic and have become the very thing you claim to be against.

“We part ways forever and each move on to better things.”

NOTE: This sigil serves to facilitate a clean (and total) severing of ties between two people whose relationship (be it romantic, platonic, or familial) is, or has become, toxic or negative in any way. The most effective application would be to draw it on a photograph of the people in question (ensure the photograph does not include any other people).

My name is Rod… and I like to party alright Dave you’re up
Hi my name is Dave and I like to party
You know what lets move on
I like to party I’m Rod
No you’re Kevin
Right Kevin I party
No no you don’t… ok nobody parties but me
I’m the only one who parties
I’m pretty sure I’ve partied before
No you do not party
Yeah your right Dave is the party guy
Haha Sweet
Lets party

Dan Brown of The Amity Affliction.
The Amity Affliction’s ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ Australian Release Tour.
Brisbane, Australia.