(I blame all of this on my roommate who decided to go break my heart.)

((Help this boy I love him.))

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‘hi, honey’ is going to be the fall semester bookend nbd nbd

haha i love grasping for straws

tw, like if u read

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you're now living in a house with 5 other tumblr users: your spouse, your child, your mom, your dad, and the sneaky mistress. who's who?

I love these things oh ym god

Parents: @sugarjisoo & @saltyjeonghan still my JiHan trash parents with a side of JiHan trash aunt @shuasoo

Spouse: ….awkwardly my bean wife @saltyjeonghan….never quite thought about the strange correlation. Also SharkDad @taeayong and Fruit Wife @doekyum

Child: everyone  @woanu & the corns at p17net

Mistress: @scoupsthighs, we literally planned our wedding one night

fuuei said: haha no i think it’s good to discuss differing veiwpoints without that intent. i don’t think their age is any excuse, frankly. 15 is more than old enough to recognize something as basic as that. four hours later, a simple “we’ll accept punishment” nothing else, does not help at all. it’s also not helping that eren’s always been so gung-ho about the sc and its creed. about armin, just one “we’ll support you armin” anytime after the reveal wouldn’t have taken much time

Eh, I’d argue that the type of empathy required to appreciate the emotional struggles of the adults responsible for you when said struggles conflict with your own struggles takes a few more years to become an expected, reasonable thing.

The anime might help out on the supportive front.

When it, you know. Exists.

raelis1 said: to be fair to eren and mikasa, they didn’t exactly have much time to spend on comforting armin, considering that zeke and reiner were still out there somewhere. they didn’t leave him alone because they didn’t care about his emotional state; they did it because they needed to fulfill their objective as quickly as possible, and hange ordered them to. so i find it a bit baffling that they get blamed for not being empatheitc enough towards armin.

This part is also true, but between the two of you, I’m starting to form this rough idea in my head about a post on how badly the Shiganshina Trio handles consistent emotional support outside of extreme situations.

They’re like the, “You fight good,” .gif of friendships, sometimes. Not out of social ineptitude exactly, but out of a sense that everything’s cool if they make it out alive. Despite continued evidence that some TLC processing might be in order. Dramatic outbursts are right out in the open for them to respond to, so they do so, but in the quiet aftermath, I’m not sure they know what they’re doing.

I don’t know, that idea’s still forming, so I haven’t gone through and really examined it, but I am starting to like it a lot.

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Level Hundo Pidgey, aayyyyyeeeee ٩( ᐛ )و

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ: Lance

(งツ)ว : Keith