PART NINE. College au with Jeonghan

ooooohhh what’s going to happen?

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There’s Always More

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 3.3k
Warnings: First Time Receiving Oral
Summary: Getting a tattoo was the main goal but meeting him was a plus.

This moodboard was made by me. The photos used do not belong to me. Credit to the owners:)

Constant tapping resounded through the room that you waited in and as it started to annoy you, you realized it was you, tapping your foot nervously. The room you were in had black, glossy walls with beautiful artworks that covered almost every inch. Designs of what you assumed were some of the tattoo options were propped up in a glass case. Each colorful sketch had you amazed. The one that caught your eye however, was the light purple and pink plum blossoms. A branch connected each blossom down into a flutter of petals. It was something you would have loved to get but you came for a specific image.

As you continued to stare and imagine the image of the plum blossoms starting on the side of your neck and ending somewhere at the top of your chest. Your nervousness automatically subsided as the image began to fill your mind.

The door to the room finally opened, slowly pulling you from your thoughts. You began to fidget with your hands again because the squirmy feeling in your gut was coming back. The person who closed the door, came to stand in front of you with a huge smile, holding out his hand to shake yours.

“Hey! I’m Mingyu! How are you today?” he asked enthusiastically.

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Seventeen song lyrics prank on Vocal Unit; Part ½

Part 2/2 will be uploaded tomorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. Yoon | Jeonghan Spy AU | Part 3

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Words: 2513

(A/N: Lmaoooo the Jeonghan Spy AU actually is only one part of a larger story. This is the backstory of how they met tho)

Late Summer, 1950

Washington D.C


The Cold War was at its heights with the battle between Communism and Democracy reflected in the Korean War. However, miles from the frontlines of the battlefield, a different battle was being fought tonight.

 The chandeliers were glowing ablaze against the huge ballroom below. Classical music, probably an Elgar or Beethoven chamber piece was played by the hired musicians at the side. Tchaikovsky was supposed to be the choice, yet anti-Soviet sentiments boiled amongst the guests, some of which were from the different departments of the US government. It was a just simple party of Harvard alumni, so it may seem.

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Incorrect Seventeen Quotes #67

Jeonghan: Have you seen the remote?

Joshua: *points* It’s right over there.

*Jeonghan tries to reach the remote from his cushion, unsuccessfully*

Jeonghan: I guess I’ll just take a nap.

  • Mingyu: anyone under 5'7 shouldn't be talking about fighting anyone. like what're you gonna do, headbutt them in the nipples?
  • Woozi: say goodbye to your kneecaps, asshole

Seventeen Don’t Wanna Cry locks

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SEVENTEEN - F.R.I.E.N.D.S opening

a/n - yes i have spent three days making this and honestly, i would watch this show~

Joshua: *mumbles something in english to himself*