Mister Miracle (Scott Free)   //  DC Comics 

Shilo Norman is a super-star escape artist known to the world as Mister Miracle. As his fame grew, he took to more difficult and spectacular stunts. One sees him suspended over the event horizon of a miniature black hole, into which he is dropped in order to escape gravity before he is crushed! He fails and disappears inside the black hole. There he meets Metron, who tells him that they are both from New Genesis. Metron tells him of a war in Heaven and that the wrong side won. 

Shilo Norman was the ward of Thaddeus Brown, the first Mister Miracle and is the Mister Miracle of Grant Morrison’s, Seven Soldiers series. (X)

Created by Jack Kirby

1st Appearance Mister Miracle #15 (1973)

I’ve been really into Channel Orange Lately so I thought I’d try drawing Frank Ocean. The jersey is based on the JH Williams III design for Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory Mister Miracle. Seemed fitting for some reason. 

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