Someone working on Seven Days Rhapsody (2006) must have thought “What hasn’t been done before? How can we tell a fresh story with these characters?” because there are some great, innovative things in this movie; Heck, the framing device (the members of the gang get a week off before the next heist) is one of my favourites, and seeing the writers experimenting with fresh dynamics, like the Goemon-Fujiko teamup, is pretty interesting.

And it’s funny! It does silly way better than a lot of the other specials, and now and then you get both hilarious dialogue (setup and punchline) and wonderful performances by the cast. Even Fujiko gets to have purely comedic scenes!

But as a whole it’s so frustrating; It kills me to see how ruined a movie can get by bad writing; Because in addition to all that innovation, the creators still weighed it down with all those things that haven’t worked in a single Lupin film yet; The tedious exposition, the *spunky* chick-of-the-week, the clunky main conflict, and their cluelessness on how to handle emotional drama.

See, it’s a terrible drama when it tries to be one but it’s a great comedy. The kind of movie that is probably best appreciated by fast-forwarding through half of it.