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Hello guy! I am a big fan of Disney’s films. I love every single movie of this pictures. And this is the logo collection of most of Disney films that I can find on the internet. There is one fact that it is very difficult to recreated some logos. So, I know this collection is not fully completed, but that all I can do. I put them in the order of time. It is included Animated feature films, Hybrid films with live action and animation, Live-action films, True-Life Adventures / Disneynature, and some of other documentary films. Hope you guys like it!

P/s: This is Part 1


the calendar // panic! at the disco


Racebent Disney Princesses x

“Here’s a compilation of my racebent series with all of our major Disney ladies. :D
It’s been so fun creating these, and I’ve been both shocked and beyond thrilled with the overwhelming support I’ve received for this series! :) Thank you all so much for the wonderful messages and the continued enthusiasm. <3<3<3”

Aurora (Jamaican)
Megara (Egyptian)
Belle (Arab)
Jasmine (African/Luo)
Elsa (Inuit)
Anna (Inuit)
Eilonwy (African/Fula)
Kida (Maori)
Esmerelda (Moroccan)
Tiana (Chinese)
Ariel (Indian)
Cinderella (Japanese)
Jane (Korean)
Snow White (Spanish)
Pocahontas (Pacific Islander)
Mulan (Native American)
Rapunzel (Mexican)
Merida (Brazilian) 

You’ve heard of it’s locked, now get ready for...

It’s blocked

It’s chalked

It’s clocked

It’s crocked

It’s docked

It’s flocked

It’s gawked

It’s jocked

It’s knocked

It’s mocked

Ist nacht

It’s oct

It’s rocked

It’s shocked

It’s smocked

It’s socked

It’s squawked

It’s stalked

It’s stocked

It’s talked

It’s walked

It’s Xoc’ed

  • Jumin: Say it. Say it.
  • Yoosung: ???
  • Yoosung: No way, Jose?
  • Jumin: That's right. Who is Jose?
  • Zen: It's just a thing.
  • 707: *peeking from the door*
  • 707: Andale.
  • Jumin: Who the hell is Andale?

“Aquaman is especially cool,” says Momoa, “because, being a Kanaka Maoli—being Hawaiian—our Gods are Kanaloa and Maui, and the Earth is 71 percent water, so I get to represent that. And I’m someone who gets to represent all the islanders, not some blond-haired superhero. It’s cool that there’s a brown-skinned superhero.”

Camp Camp Headcanons cuz why not

Max wears his sweatshirt all the time because it’s the only gift his parents got him that actually fits. He’s pretty sure it was an accident, but he wears it anyways.

Neil has a pretty solid group of friends at school so when his mom sent him off to camp he was depressed that he wouldn’t see his friends for three months

Nikki’s first best friend was a tarantula that she found in her backyard. His name was Frankie. Candy killed Frankie.

David watches Thomas Sanders vines religiously because he loves the GOSH DARN clean humor

Gwen had a short phase in college where she went to protests. She spent time in jail after throwing a Molotov cocktail into a cop car. Oops.

Nerris gained her love of larping and magic because her dad would read Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Fire and Ice to her when she was a small child. Her mom was kinda pissed at first but she was happy she didn’t need to read goodnight moon a thousand times.

Harrison comes from a long line of sorcerers. He can date back his heritage to Merlin the great wizard, but of course his parents try to bury that as they a very religious and from an Amish like town.

Space Kid has extreme dyslexia. It was almost to the point where they declared him mentally disturbed. It wasn’t until he was 8 when they put him the right classes. He’s still learning. Slowly.

Ered wasn’t a typical adoption. Her dads were on a mission to break down a top secret drug bust. This led to a shoot out that killed her parents. Her dads took her in and treat her like the punk princess that she was born to be.

Nurf has a weird obsession with psychological thrillers. His favorites are Shutter Island, Seven, and Donnie Darko. It may stem from his rough childhood, or maybe he just likes really weird shit.

Preston may be well versed in theatricals, but damn he can make a good cheesecake. If theatre doesn’t work out for him, he can be a pastry chef. He learned from his grandma, who is the bomb at making sweets.

Dolph has a special connection with his mother, Anne. While his father was off on duty, they would finger paint and craft together. She is his inspiration for every art piece he makes.


You don’t know about the meaning of strong bonds until you’ve seen two people communicate without spoken words..

routeguano  asked:

Got any extremely feel-good happy summer fics? Like Kind of a Forever Deal, but not necessarily taking in a summer camp - vacations and road trips and basically summed.

We thought you’d never ask! Here is a mini summer heat fic rec list for your vacation destiel needs. The mods picked the fics based on following very serious criteria - summer vacation, heat, beach, and happies. 

I. Reviewed and unofficially submitted or recced fics:

II. Some new recs! 

Feel Good [T, 9,290 word count]

Dean and Castiel first meet at a summer camp.

Go Out and See What You Can Find series [NC-17, 61,600 word count] 

The thing about summers is that they seem like they last forever, then suddenly it’s slipping through your fingers, and you’re scrambling to enjoy the end. Dean learns that this is true for other things as well, as he works as a counselor at Camp Kripke, the summer after high school. In an enclosed environment like Kripke, rumors fly faster than the zip line, and suddenly everyone’s talking about him and the attractive head chef.

Something Wicked This Way Comes [M, 9,600 word count]

Just like every summer, Dean and Sam are tracking tornadoes. Surprisingly, it’s the nerdy computer scientist that sweeps Dean off his feet.

Ten summers [M, 33,000 word count ]

Dean is thirteen when he starts going to Uncle Bobby’s summer camp, and when he meets his best friend, Cas Novak. Over the next ten summers, Camp Wooded Falls becomes the backdrop for friendships, romances, and drama as they move from high school to college and ultimately into adulthood.

That One Week in French Polynesia… [M, 1,700 word count]

A Dean/Cas Six Days/Seven Nights movie AU. Island pilot Castiel agrees to fly magazine editor Dean to Papeete. Unfortunately they crash. Lusty adventure ensues.

III. Other resources:

Mystic Messenger e-mail answering guide FULL VERSION

Hey, just to start, apologies for any grammar mistakes I will commit during this post. I am having internet connectivity issues right now so I am writing this on phone.

There are 4 types of e-mails after you are done with the invitation to the party, the FAILED, which means you did not manage to invite that person, the COMPLETED in red or green, that means the person may or may not come, and the COMPLETED in blue in which the person is coming to the party.

So here goes the list I have until now:

Blue completed:

Indie games developer: Scheam, Nameless, Game convention
Youngest College Students: Jaehee, playing games of drinking soda, because you are too smart.
Oil Company:We have very big parking spots, we have american TV, the bald one.
Barista Group: Arabica coffee, Drip brewing, italy
Models: yes will there be a lot of companies, zen, look of yourself reflected into woman’s eyes
Tetris guy: battle 707 ate the party, stick, we have a new tetris series ready.
Wine Producer:red wine, ice wine, Jumin
Indie movie enthusiasts: environment ( he one that is not r- rated stuff), realism, Cannes, Venice & Berlin.
LOLOL guild: headset, make the stats balanced, blood dragon.
Narcissist association:Lock up in a room full of mirrors, takes a lot of selfies, Lake na.
Secretary association: a rational boss, well payed, normal outfit
Monogamy group: cross-stitch framed, handcuff her, give her flowers.
Musical Supporters: Zen, the jalapeno topping was pretty spice musical, the one that doesn’t say to ask someone for tickets.
Bankers: 100% interest deals, swiss bank, 1.2 million.
Private investigator: Yes I wanna invite you to the party, the heroine that uses violence, It really matches you.
Long cat: meow meow, (with the comma),  miumiu , nyannyan
Tradition: Whoopee~~ Beat the drums~~, Whoopp~~, Oh my dear sun~~ lay your passion upon us~~. 
Hospital: Hippocrates, exam results, compare hospitals.
Culture: Borborry, verragamo, there will be many handsome man.
Artwomen: monet, louvre, cantabile.
Floppy:  rainbow floppy, windows 8.1 3711, obtain a limited cassette tape.
Cat Project: Please come, feed them and wait, social media.
Allergy: Cat allergy, beef and seaweed soup, guests not attending to parties.
Frank: All to the bank, bank passbook, put on various bank accounts.
Solo: Hi I’m Youngsoo. I got your number through Chulsoo, watch, consider the other person’s feelings.
Uranai: I have plenty of time, Jumin Han, old man under the moon
Smartphone: leave the phone on the living room, leave the battery half charged, popcorn brain.
Badcomment:, I will be watching the next one, report them.
Nolam: Baleman, Otherstellar, Leonardo Dicappucino.
Tom: call the zoo, stock price of peaches will go down, you are getting two F’s.
Chef: 3 cups, you mix as if you are cutting, 20 minutes.
Rui: Elegant , Olympusx20, ganon
Cherryfarm: green, take out the stem and use a staw to push out the seed, diamond.
LOLOL: Dia, hunt the new zombies, invite her to play lolol
Romance: He will, Your one and only top star, kiss
Naming: Luciel, Your character’s name, Jaehee
Medicine: Tiarnol, tiarnol, tiarnol
Hyoja: fillial piety, confucius, health
Smoking quitter association: scold him, your girlfriend will love it, scold him again
Golf Association: Driver, shoes that dry quickly, gloves that don’t wear out easyly
Roastery: Antigua, whole beans, 15 days
Bracelet: various kinds of organizations, Lock U Up silver bracelet, mall
Pancake: silvervine, salmon fish sauce, fish-shape
Security: Korea, because it’s cool, gold
Writer: art-related organization, X0X0foreverurlovely#1star★ , flies off to space
DocLee: the seal is unlocked!!!, black , the rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!
Meteor study club :  first kiss, hungry, make a wish
Tuition Committee: Noon, Yellow and Black, Candlelight
Cat hotel: Cat buffet, Putting on a show, Cat limousine
Driver Kim: Compete with your son, Drifting, young Pong
Hacker: Lucky Kim, 80 years old, Grandmother
Students living alone: In the freezer, Bubblewrap, Fried Rice
Shoes association (Toeic): Small feet, chinese,  Nimtendo
Homeless rescue team: there will be potential donators at the party, warm rice, soup, green salad, baked salmon, and fried eggs.  + sell small issue magazine (third reply; i got blue completed)
Press: netizens, a law must be implemented that protects reporters, i cannot tell you that
God: the one where you said you’re excited talking to him, the one that didn’t ask for money, i think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person
Detective: i know the vanished seven treasure islands, yoosung’s lolol exploration, chief assistant jaehee kang.
Keyboard: ergonomics, control+C,  movi 83.
Monnami: best pen of the nation: BIC, sear the end with a lighter, classic is best
Emotion: i’d like to help you, the movie one, i really hope you come to our party.
Chicken: Youtube,  face of a generous looking grandfa…I mean you, the owner!,
Wrongmajor: What are you interested in, not too late, convince the parents.
Basketcase woman: green, long enough to do well with my eyes closed,  get a camel through the eye.
Catlovers: head, odd eye, crystal litter.
Stock: Invest the stock, not lose your money, chief assistant Jaehee Kang.
Lame (Haejung): Call the police, Say Hello!, I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt.
Marc: Bae screen wedding,  triple tipt invitations, use the screenshot.
Cream Roll: Imagine Mythical Creatures, limited edition name change ,Banner for the winner
Star: first kiss, shiny moon makes me hungry, wish on a star
Mira: pink bandages, coffin with lace all around, Life size marble statue of the Pharaoh

If you got full completion on other e-mails or have any more info to update the list just reply here, leave a note or send me a private message, I will add your name to the contributors.

@jessrine made a spreadsheet table with all this notes if you prefer to read that way here is the LINK

I Would not be able to do half this list without the help from LittleredLilly/ @paranoialover , thank you SO much!

Thanks SO MUCH for all the help: Himeka1238, Calligor, MarchFairy, LittleredLilly, Midnightkitsunepei, @nohrslittleprincess , @sicheynne, @xxblackrabbit18xx @zelchex @syun0acute @kalelofkrypton @akechu @ledragonprince @creafujo94 @otomesiren @pescado-diabolico @yuuki-kawaii-makoto @vedrane @flibbertigibbetjie @amethystcria @magicalthingy

Hiveswap names


The Caridea, commonly known as caridean shrimp, are an infraorder of shrimp within the order Decapoda. They are found widely around the world in both fresh and salt water.

The name Jeevika is a baby girl name. The name Jeevika comes from the Indian origin. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Jeevika is: Water. Similar Names: Evika ( Hebrew )


Fiammetta [fi-ammet-ta] as a girls’ name is of Italian origin, and the meaning of Fiammetta is “little fiery one”. The word fiamma means “flame”: it may refer to the flames of the Holy Spirit that descended on the apostles on the day Christians commemorate as Pentecost.


His name is derived from Adama, Hebrew for Earth, alluding to his role as the troll who was transported to Earth.

It is possible that his name is derived from “damma”, which is Latin for deer, alluding to his antler-like horns.


Her first name, Trizza is a plait or a braid in both Sicilian and Maltese languages. This is possibly a reference to Meenah’s hair, or maybe her own hair. Her last name is likely derived from Tethys, a greek Titaness of the sea. Saturn also has a moon named Tethys.


Mierfa is a change in Mirfak, which is the brightest star in the Perseus Constellation. Mirfak also means “elbow”, a slight reference to her elbow-bent horns.

Durgas is from Durga, a Hindu goddess most notable for her slaying of demons and monsters.


Nektan: Variant of Nechtan, an Irish water deity, also popular name for Pict royalty.
Whelan: Irish surname, eventually derived from Faolin, meaning wolf. Nektan is a wolf of the sea (a pirate).
The fixation on the number seven for his typing quirk relates to: the seven seas, the seventh deadly sin (pride), the shape of his left horn, the seven main islands of Atlantis, and the seventh visible color of the rainbow (violet).
His symbol is one of the ones belonging to Neptune.

A nekton is any animal that swims to get its food, hence Nektan’s name and status as a sea dweller. 


Xefros is possibly named after Zephyrus, the Greek god of the west wind.

His lusus is a large sloth-like creature; his surname reflects this as it sounds like “tri toe” to reference the Three-Toed Sloth

Impossible: Part 4

Summary: Prompt: ‘I’m a superhero and you’re my arch nemesis but we don’t know each other’s identities and we’re actually best friends’

You’re best friends with Bucky, although you know him as James Ranier. He’s your best friend, too, but he has no idea you’re actually Shade, a woman who plagues the reformed Winter Soldier’s life as his arch nemesis. Bucky’s suspicion only grows, and he takes you to meet the Avengers. What could possibly go wrong?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Mutant!Reader

Warnings: Violence, Swearing (always), blood

Word Count: ~3,377

A/N: Alright guys, shit hits the fan (surprise surprise)

This is for @bookybuns‘ writing challenge!

This Chapter was inspired by My Way by Frank Sinatra.  

Masterlist // Previous Chapter // Next Chapter

Originally posted by yourboi-steverogers-imagines

“That’s so fucking cool,” you said, smiling broadly as you followed James down one of the hallways to an elevator. “Will they be all suited up?” you asked, sounding excited by the prospect when really the thought terrified you.

“Probably not. The mission isn’t for a few hours,” James explained, hitting the button for the elevator. It appeared you’d be going down below ground. Fucking fantastic.

“Damn…. that would have been so cool,” you said, sounding disappointed. Inside, you were elated. That would give you a chance, slim as it was. It was easier to take out a person if they didn’t have Kevlar and an arsenal of weapons protecting them.

The elevator arrived only a couple seconds later and you and James stepped inside. You went to the back wall and spun, leaned against, and stared at the hallway you’d just come from. James pressed a button. It looked like you’d be going at least ten floors down.

As the door slowly shut a sense of dread hit you. You suddenly felt like a trapped animal. A sinking feeling in your gut told you something terrible was going to happen, and your gut was almost never wrong.

“And away we go,” James said quietly as the elevator began its slow descent downwards.

You watched the floors tick by as the elevator took you deeper into the compound, your anxiety growing by the second.

“What brought all of this on all of a sudden?” you asked, turning to smile at James. “You know I’m not usually one for surprises… although I’ll make an exception for this one,” you said, winking at him.

“Just thought you should finally see what I do for a living, Doll,” he said, not looking at you.

A second later the elevator came to a gentle halt and the doors silently slid open. James motioned for you to go first and you did, stepping out slowly, looking both ways in genuine confusion. “Which way?” you asked, turning back to look at James, who was closer than you thought he’d be.

“Left,” he said simply, a single gloved finger pointed lazily in the direction he’d indicated.

“I’m so nervous… I’m actually going to meet the Avengers!” you practically squealed, putting an excited skip in your step as you made your way down the hallway.

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