Big Bang's reactions to their sassy gf

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You were outside at the party and had a lot of fun when a woman came and started talking with you. He was next to you talking to her boyfriend and drinking wine together. He was smiling and having fun but you had some difficult with understanding what that woman wants from you. When her boyfriend and T.O.P were looking away or weren’t near she just started talking how she uses her boyfriend only for money and then when they came back she started talking how great he is and how he treats her well. You had enough listening to her and when they came back you said:
“Sweetie, if you’re gonna be two faced at least make one of them pretty.”
The woman and her boyfriend offended walked away and T.O.P scolded you for saying such mean things to a person but in the car later he laughed so hard you couldn’t stop him. He really adored your sarcasm and your sassy attitude. He especially liked when you would reply to mean comments with your swag and make those people take back his words. He was happy because you were sassy you didn’t let other people judge you or make bad comments about you.

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Jiyong just came home late at night from the airport where he flew from the USA. He was really tired and because of his work he was a little depressed. You really wanted to cheer him up so you made him the best coffee and let him tell you about his business trip. He also brought you a gift, a shirt with a caption ‘swag’ on it. He was glad you liked it but he was exhausted so you let him go shower. Right before he went to bed you wishpered to him:
“Don’t be ashamed of who you are. That’s your parents job.”
When you said that to him he smiled and kissed you on your cheeks. He remembered why he loves you so much- because of your awful sarcastic jokes and amazing love you always showed him. He fell asleep hugging you and with a shining smile on his face. 

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You were working on your college studying and took a short break when he came home. He told you how your studying is important to him and how you must be successful in college so you will get a good job. He kept saying how proud will he be if you get A’s on the tests. He kept worrying about the marks you’ll get and it was getting pretty annoying to you. While you ate a strawberry in kitchen he came again and you put your finger to his mouth to keep him shut.
“The only BS in my life are bags and shoes.”
He was quite surprised by your words and he understood he might be too annoying with all those words but he still laughed at the sarcastic voice of yours, because he thought it was funny. He thought it was funny and cute when you made sassy statements like those. 

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After your busy day at work you came home finding Daesung playing drums. When he saw you came home he started a conversation. You were always happy to talk with him and see him but today was one of your bad days. You did talk with him and when he inturrupted you sentance and spoke on you stared at him for a moment and than added:
“Oh, I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt your begining?”
He was offended by your words and apologized for interrupting your talking. He felt bad because of that and went in the bedroom to chill and relax. He kept thinking why you would get so upset over such a thing, although it was rude. You realized your words may have been too much and apologized to him too.

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You are both a king and a queen of sass. He always got your sassy statements about clothes or movies. As you were walking in the shopping mall you saw some cute dresses and ordered him to tell you how you look. You predicted he wouldn’t like shopping a lot but he was just fine watching you in a different dresses. One was glittery and another one was all pink. He said both suits you but the pink one is sexier.
“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins”
He couldn’t help but to cringe at your statement. He was proud you realized how beautiful you are and to make sure everyone else sees that he bought you the pink dress, because you already have enough glitter in you veins

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BigBang Reaction #11 - Their crush is really intimidating when they’re angry

@praisefandoms asks: Hello. BigBang reaction when their crush is really intimidating when their angry.

a/n: anything between forward and backslashes and in italics are what the member is thinking internally

Jiyong: He was listening to you rant about what some jerk had said to you at work today and you got so worked up that your face was all red, your voice loud and deeper than usual, and you couldn’t keep still. He sat there calmly and listened to you, glad he wasn’t the one that you were mad at.

/Yeesh I guess I need to watch what I say around them…/

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Seunghyun: /Oh shit I’m actually a little scared right now/

-says gently- “Okay Y/N I think it’s time to walk away from that video game. You’re starting to scare me a little bit so please take a deep breath and walk away for a bit, okay?”

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Youngbae: -after he said something stupid and feels really, REALLY bad…and a little scared tbh-

“Okay, okay Y/n. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you’d get so offended so I swear I’ll never say anything like that again if you forgive me.”

You: “Okay, just give me some time to cool off.”

/And after you do I’m going to talk to you because there’s too much anger behind your eyes for you to just be mad over something stupid I said. There has to be a deeper story/

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Daesung: -completely and utterly unsure what to do-

/Do I stop them from punching that person…? I should right? They wouldn’t actually punch them though would they…? Do they have anger issues or is this a one time thing?/

-stops you from punching the person you’re fighting with and does some aegyo to lighten the mood. If it works then he talks to you once you calm down-

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Seungri: He’s probably the only one who gets a little in your face too, regardless of your intimidating nature.

Though in the end because you’re so fierce and intense he’d probably get a little turned on and depending on how serious the situation is and would end up initiating something. It’s up to you if you’re into that or not but he’d definitely try.

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