Seto’s Tweets (continued, 8/10/2016):

@seiun_nekojita: When you feel like you can’t stop crying, what do you do, Kousuke-kun?

Seto: Ah~ I was quite the crybaby back then, but I don’t really know why I cried during those times.

Seto: But in general, when those times happen, talking with my family makes me feel a lot better. Yeah~ it’s mysterious.

@G5I53V7Zkkikox8: What do you do when you feel like crying these days?

Seto: I rarely feel like that nowadays, but I’ve always done the same things as then. Like talking with family, or playing!

@unoa_sept: What color are your undies?

Seto: Blue

@a__ma__to: What do you think of Shintaro?

Seto: Shintaro-san? Yeah, he doesn’t talk with everyone that much, but he’s kind as heck!

Seto: Like when everyone’s talking with each other, sometimes the atmosphere turns a bit sour. At those times, he’s the first one to notice. Yeah~ I mean, he’s like a shadow commander.

@SDzgEGCJcUkgVOo: Does (Shintaro) smell like a dish cloth that’s been used to wipe away spilled cola with?

Seto: He does.

@ISUZU_0307: Is there anyone Shintaro doesn’t get along with?

Seto: I wouldn’t say they don’t get along… but there are times when Kano flares up at him. They’re just like one another, those two.

@MemoriaRudy: In the radio show, you were called the vice-commander. What do you think about it?

Seto: Eeh!? No, I kinda… think it’s Kano!

@non_taro_0624: Have you referred Shintaro to any part-time jobs?

Seto: That’s the same thing Kisaragi-san (Momo) asked me.

Seto: Some time ago, I suggested to him, “How about being a newspaper delivery guy!”, but he just answered me with “I’m allergic to newspapers, so I can’t.”

@zerozero_0507: Who does Shintaro talk to when he comes to the hideout?

Seto: That, huh… Ah, he talks a lot with Kido.

@tama_5_yaki: Eh, does he talk with Ayano-chan….?

Seto: Nee-chan, well… they do talk, but it looks like they can’t break the ice with each other.

@willll1163: Do you talk much with Marry-chan?

Seto: Yup! It’s fun talking with Marry. Like, talking with her makes me discover things I never noticed were there!

@xpecottox: What kind of mushroom do you like?

Seto: The shirotamaonitake. 

(Note: the mushroom is also known as the American abrupt-bulbed Lepidella.)

@Tukiokakotoha: What kind of mushroom is that?

Seto: It’s kind of a white and round type!

Seto: It’s poisonous, though.

Seto: Ah!! It’s time for bed!!

Seto: It’s great, getting so much questions. I’ll be back! Good night!

No screencaps tonight.

I’ve been working on the tweet screens for far too long, I’ve been pushing that translations themselves aside. I’m still filling the backlog tho. Here we go:

Kano’s Tweets (continued, 8/10/16):

(re: Seto’s trivia) @kakkare: Are you deceiving him and smiling?

Kano: No, I look at him seriously.

@fuka03291: Have you tried playing shiritori???

Kano: Yeah, we’ve played it lots of times now. Seto’s out-of-this-world strong, you know. He’s been using the names of animals and roads I haven’t heard of.

Kano: When I ask him, “Do those really exist?”, he just says, “Yeah they do.”

@Saya_sor: Do you mean Seto-kun’s quite smart..?

Kano: @Saya_sor Nah, he’s simply brimming with curiosity. And he never forgets that kind of stuff.

@46sirokurokonek: Can you talk with Ayano in chuuni-speak?

Kano: Nee-chan could tell that out, so that’s out of the question. She’d reply with “You’re not asking me properly, are you?”

@3939_mattya: This is a bit rude to ask, but… is there anything you can beat Seto in?

Kano: Ooh. I haven’t really thought about it, but if you ask me I don’t think I can come up with an answer that quick.

@ISUZU_0307: Is there anyone else you think you can’t talk in chuuni-speak to? Tell us if there’s if anyone you can talk that way to!

Kano: Thinking about it now. First, Ene-chan might be impossible to talk to that way, you know? On the other hand, I don’t want to play around with Shintaro-kun, so that’s also impossible… Well, I have Kido left. Maybe if it’s just among us family, I could talk much more that way with her.

@yxwvu89: In the Twitter poll, more than 90% now think the best way to unlock the door is by putting soumen (you) into the hole…… Your thoughts?

Kano: The, the real poll’s on LINE…!

@love_87R: If you tried using your eyes on Ayano and asked her, “Which one’s the real thing?”, what would happen?

Kano: First of all, she’d be really scary.