@Suzimizu: Is it fun using Twitter? 

@Kano: Yeah Twitter itself is fun but if I look like I’m enjoying it then Nee-chan’ll glare really hard at me.

@Kou: Isn’t Seto staring at you or anything? You’re using Twitter while talking to him after all. 

@Kano: He’s been peeking at me now and then, saying “What’s this”. 

@Asuneko@Sao: Doesn’t Seto-kun know anything about Twitter?

@Seto: Ah yeah he do seem to know. His question was more like “What’s this whole deal?”.

@Kano: Is it really fine if I explains to him about this whole ordeal… 

@Asuneko@Sao: Let Seto try it too! 

@Kano: Ah now is a little too soon. Wait a min OK.


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