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Hi! :> I'm the main blog of the one that did the dialogue translation between Chazz and Alexis ;w; I noticed your tags and I would totally be happy to help if you have any questions about translating from the Japanese at all, so please feel free to ask whenever you'd like :> (I just wanted to extend the offer, laf)

oh right, i was going to ask you, but then i got distracted. when i switch duelists to kaiba he will yell something REALLY INTENSELY and i was wondering what that was. 

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KiriDai, Imayoshi, and Haizaki (i'm so happy i've found a knb ask blog that can write these bad boys) have been teasing and dropping hints of their feelings to their crush, who's oblivious to it all. They finally straight up admit their feelings. Her responce: "it's about fucking time". Turns out she was aware of their feelings, but wanted them to cut the bullshit and be honest with her.

Uwahhhhh I love it when I get these guys. I wish more people would branch out of GOM but it’so kay if you don’t (。•́︿•̀。)  it’s just nice to switch it up a bit Thanks so much for the request! 
And oh my gosh, so I’ve installed xKit and now I can save it on tumblr other than having to use google drive weeeee~ ₊·*◟(˶╹̆ꇴ╹̆˵)◜‧*・ More after Hanamiya!


Hanamiya: “Oi,” he flicked your forehead, taking you out of your trance that the crepe gave you, “If you keep eating, you’re gonna get fat.”

You rubbed the very spot he hit you, “Eh? How could I say ‘no’ to a crepe,” you chuckled. You pointed the strawberry filled crepe at your tadpole-eyebrowed date, “You know you want some.” 

Hanamiya grabbed you by the wrist and guided the sweet dessert closer to him, allowing him to take a bite from the very spot you took yours. His eyebrows knitted together as he chewed the confection thoroughly before swallowing it, “Too sweet,” he scoffed as he wiped the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb. 

The two of you chatted away as you walked around the summer streets of Tokyo. You were well aware that this Hanamiya liked you. Why? Because it’s Hanamiya, he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t. The black-haired male was dropping hints like crazy, hoping you would be the one to realize and speak up about it. The night grew longer and his patience was thinning as he stopped and pulled you over to the side. 

“Jeez, that hurt Hanamiya-kun! What is it? Is something wrong” you asked in concern, gazing into his eyes as if searching for an answer. 

“Damn, I’m getting sick of waiting,” he growled. He moved his grey-brown orbs so that they were locked with yours. He tightened his grip around your wrist, “I like you, ___.”

A toothy grin stretched across your face, “Well it’s about time. Damn, I was really worried that I had to wait for another date for you to say something.” 

“Wait,” he scrunched his face, “You knew? Why didn’t you say something?” 

“Because I enjoy watching you struggle,” you stuck your tongue out in a teasing manner. 

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”You’re teasing me.“ 〈(¬◡¬)ノ

…………It’s time to use my secret favorite ship.

(this is a college AU btw and NSFW ofc)


“You’re teasing me.”

Hanamiya’s eyes went wide in disagreement, but before he could even say a word, Imayoshi already pressed his lips to his. It was a rough, forceful kiss, nothing like his usual teasing, let alone gentle kisses. He felt the glasses guy’s tongue invaded the inside of his mouth, mercilessly silencing him without giving even a chance for him to resist. And much to his dismay, Imayoshi quickly stripped him off his clothes forcefully.

“What the fuck?! What do you think you’re doing, asshole?!” as fast as possible, Hanamiya struggled to break free from the painful kiss and shoved his former middle school senior away. His words were brash as usual, but he was well aware of his own feelings. He was terrified. For the first time in their relationship, he had no idea what Imayoshi was doing and why he would do that, and he was scared because of it.

“Because, Hanamiya, you’re teasing me,” the glasses guy replied without changing his usual tone and expression, “Isn’t it obvious that I jump on you because you’re trying to make me jealous?”

“The fuck did I do to make you jealous?! I just got back from my part-time job, you idiot!” he shouted once again. His feet, on the contrary, were actually stepping further back even though he was already cornered. Both of Imayoshi’s hands were by his sides, blocking his escape route while his back was already pressing against the entrance door of their apartment.

“There, you’re doing it again,” the glasses guy chuckled, “Yesterday you cancelled our date because you said you have work to do.”

“Because I did—-”

“But you didn’t,” Imayoshi curled a smile, “I thought I saw you going around some stores with that former teammate of yours. What was his name again? Ah, Seto-kun, wasn’t it?”

“You just mistook someone else for me,” Hanamiya replied. He tried to sound as convincing as he usually did, but for a brief second, he couldn’t help but slightly shift his gaze from Imayoshi’s eyes.

“It’s strange. Usually you are very good at lying, but this time your lies are far from mediocre level.”

His words pricked at Hanamiya’s heart, but he didn’t have a chance to say another words for the next moment, he felt a stinging pain on his neck. Imayoshi had just bitten on his skin without holding back and Hanamiya shivered as the other guy proceeded on licking the wound while his hand was roaming on his now naked upper-half. He nearly curled in pain when those cold fingers roughly pinched his chest all of a sudden.

“Imayoshi, you bastard, that hurts!” he scowled; hands gripping at the other guy’s clothes. It wasn’t only because of the pain, but he knew Imayoshi was angry and he was afraid of it.

“You were teasing me to make me jealous, and you were successful,” still with his usual devilish smile on his face, Imayoshi didn’t stop, “I’m really jealous, Hanamiya. I don’t think I’m going to let you off easily today.”

And he fulfilled his words. It didn’t take long for Imayoshi to deem Hanamiya helpless as his hands skillfully —-but still roughly—- toyed with his lower parts, front and back. Now trapped between both pain and pleasure, Hanamiya couldn’t help but shivered greatly; burying his face on the other’s shoulder with both hands gripping at his tightly until his knuckles turned white. As though it was not enough to hurt his pride, tears started dripping down his eyes out of his will.

“…I’m not cheating on you, bastard…” he said with a strained voice, “I did go out with Seto, but I didn’t cheat on you.”

“Hmm, you’re finally talking?” without erasing his smile, Imayoshi responded. His hands were still working and Hanamiya could only let out a silent cry. He knew his former senior was urging him to talk more. “What were you doing with Seto-kun that you had to cancel our date, hmm?”


“I beg your pardon?”

“…looking…for present…for you…”

At this moment, the proud guy who used to be known for his title the “Bad Boy”, was literally close to sobbing and sniffling as he held onto his partner tightly. His shoulders were trembling and his legs would soon no longer be able to stand on their own. However, after a brief silent, Imayoshi suddenly moved his hands faster.

“W-Wha—-? No, stop… Stop… Nngh!!”

His lips were once again silenced by Imayoshi’s kiss, but this one was surprisingly gentle. At the same time, his entire body shuddered and he almost fell limply on the floor if only the glasses guy didn’t have his arms around his back.

“I knew,” Imayoshi said out of the blue afterwards, in which Hanamiya could only stare at him in confusion, “I already knew why you went out with Seto-kun, actually.”

Hanamiya didn’t even need to put his mind into words upon hearing that sudden remark. Imayoshi, on the other hand, understood him completely as he let out a teasing chuckle.

“So you were wondering why I did all this, even though I already knew?” he said with a smile, wider and more mischievous than ever, “I’m not angry, actually. I just want to tease you for a bit, but your respond is even more adorable than I expected. Guess I went a bit too far, sorry. Didn’t mean to make you cry.”

And the next second, a painful slap landed on his cheek, leaving a bright red mark on his skin. Hanamiya’s piercing glare, still with traces of tears in his eyes, looked as though they were trying to kill him.

“I hate you…” he said.

But still Imayoshi’s smile didn’t leave his face.

“I know, I know. I love you, too, Hanamiya,” he lightly kissed the other’s forehead without even a single remorse in his voice,“ That’s why I’m going to make up for it. Let’s go to bed. I’ll treat you gently and lovingly until you stop crying.”


Did I mess up? Did I? Hopefully not. :’)

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15. Do you have other blogs: Yes, a shit ton. Tho my other main one is @goldenxeyedxfamily or my nsfw blog @goldenxeyedxdarkness

16. Do you get asks: A few when I reblog memes, though I haven’t been active much.

17. Why did you choose url: I wanted shootingstaryoosung but it was taken and Tumblr suggested theshootingstaryoosung and I loved it.

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25. How many blankets I sleep with: Right now a really warm pink blanket that is super fuzzy! In winter I sleep with usually three or four comforters.

26. Dream job: Songwriter or Writer in general

27. Dream trip: Tokyo

28. Favourite food: Sushi

29. Nationality: Native American

30. Favourite song now: You Are A Useless Child (English dub) by Umber

I tag: U h. Whoever wants to do this lol.


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Hello ^^, could you do a scenario where the kirisaki daichi guys embarrass themselves in front of their crushes? Thanks and good luck with the blog (your writing is awesome btw) :D

Guys guys my phone has a microphone that means I don’t have to type and I can still write stuff!!!!!

Hanamiya: he wasn’t one to get embarrassed, or to do embarrassing things but if he ever did he would be able to brush it off casually. Not this time though, as his crush calling out “you can so it, Makoto-kun!” during a practice match distracted him and he was hit in the groin by flying ball.

There was a brief moment of silence before the entire gym broke out in the chorus of laughter. He tried to stand up straight and act like nothing had happened, but he was curled over. He glanced up to the stands to see it’s crush looking mortified down to him.

“Damn it.” He groaned.

Furuhashi: his first mistake was walking to the gym and trying to put on his sneakers at the same time. His second was checking his phone as he did those two things.

“Furuhashi-kun!” He heard his crush calling from across the yard and he turned to look up in time to run face first into a wall. He heard them trying to muffle their laughter with their hand as they rushed over to help him stand up. “I was trying to warn you about the wall.” They giggled.

He frowned at them, crossing his arms and looking to the side. “Oh no, your nose is bleeding.” They grabbed his hand and led him back into the building. “let me get you to the nurse.”

Hara: he sat in the music practicing a new song he was learning on the drums.

“Oh, Hara-kun, I was looking for you!” He looked up to see his crush standing in the doorway holding a piece of paper. “You left this in class.”

It was a perfect time to show off so he started playing one of the most difficult pieces he knew. They looked incredibly impressed until one of the drum sticks flew from his hand and hit the wall behind him. He shrugged, figuring that was the end of his chance and stood up but accidentally knocked down entire drum set in the process.

They covered their ears to block out the noise and he groaned, spitting out his gum. That was probably the worst interaction he’d had with them.

Seto: as he was the smartest person in the class no one expected him to get the lowest grade on the last test. It was probably because he spend the entire period staring at ______. No no, scratch probably, it was definitely that.

He would’ve been fine with one low grade, but the teacher just had to call him out on it. “Seto-kun do I need to keep you after school, or just change the seating chart so you aren’t next to _______?”

The class bust up into laughter causing him and his crush to turn red.

Yamazaki: he was walking to the cafeteria to get into the lunch line when he walked past the water fountain and slipped on the liquid collected underneath it. He fell on his tailbone and hissed in pain.

“Yamazaki-kun? Are you alright?” His crush asked offering him their hand. He took it gladly, but when he stood up his pants were entirely wet from water he had been sitting in. He plastered himself against the wall to hide it and excused himself quickly.

He changed into his basketball shorts but his crush still knew that he “wet his pants”.

@multifxrious || cont.

“You now, Seto-kun, for some people that’s a kink. Doing something like that in a place like this where someone could find out. Or even just the power trip.” He hummed, continuing on unfazed by that little threat. “Unfortunately, you might not know what I’m talking about with your track record.”

He rolls his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. “I know that much, I’m not that clueless you know.” Of course with little experience he has, it was to be expected.. but he too has an experience with something like this.

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HI OMG I LOVE THIS BLOG (=゚ω゚)ノ may i request for the boys' girlfriends to be really close to each other and they share their boyfriends' dirty habits etc basically anything embarrassing about the boys with each other and the boys' reaction to it? arigato gozaimasu~(≧∇≦)

That was a little tricky to do without confusing you with all the __ and “Hara’s girlfriend said” etc things. I couldn’t write it as a proper story without causing you, and myself, headaches. So I did it this way. Somehow this post ended up being full of embarrassing moments. I hope you enjoy reading!

Regrettably for the boys, their dear girlfriends enjoy each others’ company a little too much and, often, at their expense. When the entire group comes together, chaos ensues.

HANAMIYA: “He was playing darts one time,” his girlfriend begins, grinning from ear to ear. “I was supposed to be napping, so he didn’t pay much attention to me. He sat up, ready to throw the dart in that too-easy-for-mighty- me way of his and somehow managed to crush his toes against the corner of his desk. The whimper that left his lips was priceless” Then, she added, cooing. “He looked like an injured puppy!”  Pressed to reveal more, she went on. “Oh and, apparently, he sings and laughs by himself while he showers. You know that evil laughing of his that makes your skin tingle. He must have accidentally gulped down some water too, because, suddenly, it sounded more like gargling than chortling.” She muffles a chuckle. “When he realized I heard, he came out in only a towel wrapped around his hips. I didn’t have time to appreciate the sight because he started swearing like a mad person. His cheeks were such a cute deep red!”

HARA: “He slept while chewing once. He must have spit the gum out of his mouth while sleeping and it somehow got stuck and glued between the covers and his fridges. He refused to let go of the pillow for half a day, when he finally let me cut the fridge for him,” she reveals, smiling as she recalled the scene. “Also, he likes to wear those pink underwear of his, that have Tweety’s face all over, for days!” That last was not a huge surprise, considering who her boyfriend was. “The second time we slept together he was more relaxed than the first. He was so calm that he nuzzled on my chest and muttered ‘Mama, Kazu-kun wants breakfast’ opening his mouth for me to feed him. I don’t think he knows that I know, though.”

FURUHASHI: “I was waiting for him while he was using the toiler. I received no response, so I got worried after a while, and then I knocked on the door. He didn’t answer, so, in a panic, I kicked the door open only to find him fallen asleep! His trousers were pulled down so I did my best not to stare, but… Anyway, when he realized I was there, his eyes widened for the first time! He let out an adorable little yelp and moved to cover his intimate areas. I got flustered, so I left immediately, but… Koujiro’s face was priceless!” she giggled uncontrollably while reminiscing. “It seems like he has his most embarrassing moments while he’s in the bathroom. Another time we planned I was staying over, I arrived a little earlier. I climbed up the stairs towards his bedroom and then I realized he had put on some kind of weird music and was humming, while doing something like dancing in there, moving his hips in a hypnotizing way! It was hilarious. Koujiro almost slipped when he realized I saw him.”

SETO: “The most embarrassing moment must have been when his older sister came over for a visit,” she starts, smiling impishly. “I am pretty sure he must have spited her somehow, because she truly was merciless! She casually approached me and started making light conversation. Then she proceeded to tell me all about little Kentaro, who she had one day found jumping in front of his mirror in order to see how certain parts of his body wiggled while he moved! That was so embarrassing! Seto-kun spit out his drink when he accidentally caught word of what his sister told me. She was willing to tell more, but he stopped her on time.” The girl couldn’t help but blush the moment the unbidden image of a little Seto popped in her mind. “And just a couple of weeks ago, while we were shopping in the local convenience store, he tried to approach me and do who-knows-what, but the moment he opened his mouth, a loud, dirty burp came out! That was the moment I realized that even he can blush.”

YAMAZAKI: “The cutest thing ever is that he still keeps his childhood toys!” she excitedly confesses. “I accidentally opened the closet once and I saw at least 3 teddy-bears and a few Action-Man figurines coming straight down from the toy-mountain and towards me,” she smiles widely at the memory. “But I think one of the most embarrassing moments for him when was he accidentally farted, loudly so, while kissing me atop his bed. Poor Zaki was so embarrassed that I heard him! He tried to convince me it was nothing, but I started laughing at him and the only thing he could do was try to hide under the covers of his bed.”

Extra points for those who understood Furuhashi’s last embarrassing moment. It’s connected with an earlier post. ;)

@Suzimizu: Is it fun using Twitter? 

@Kano: Yeah Twitter itself is fun but if I look like I’m enjoying it then Nee-chan’ll glare really hard at me.

@Kou: Isn’t Seto staring at you or anything? You’re using Twitter while talking to him after all. 

@Kano: He’s been peeking at me now and then, saying “What’s this”. 

@Asuneko@Sao: Doesn’t Seto-kun know anything about Twitter?

@Seto: Ah yeah he do seem to know. His question was more like “What’s this whole deal?”.

@Kano: Is it really fine if I explains to him about this whole ordeal… 

@Asuneko@Sao: Let Seto try it too! 

@Kano: Ah now is a little too soon. Wait a min OK.

He Liked It Rough: A SetoKano Fic




“Kido probably tossed them again, besides… Who needs those when we can make our own?”


“Comeon, I’ll get the stuff.”






And that is how Seto and Kano made a nature book.

Aaahh… remember those times when we used to call Seto “Forest-kun” because he was the only Mekakushi Dan kid who had “???” instead of his actual name on the official page?

Or when we used to call Haruka “Dead kun” because of his appearance in Children Record.

Or when Ene had Miku’s hair…

Or even when we thought Azami was the antagonist…

Aaahh… those times…