~ Relief on the North Wall of a Chapel of Ramesses I.
Period: New Kingdom, Ramesside
Dynasty: 19th Dynasty
Reign: reign of Seti I
Date: ca. 1295–1294 B.C.
Geography: From Egypt, Northern Upper Egypt, Abydos, Temple of Sety I, north of NE corner, Chapel of Ramesses I
Medium: Limestone

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Onog momenta kada počne da se oseća bezvrednom

Onog momenta kada počne da se oseća kao smetnja

Onog momenta kada počne da se oseća tužno zbog tebe

Onog momenta kada postaneš bolna tema

Onog momenta kada pogleda u tebe i seti se ožiljka koje si joj naneo

Onog momenta kada vam se veče završi u njenim suzama

Onog momenta kada njene suze ne zabole tebe

Onog momenta kada je tvoje reči poseku poput mača

Onog momenta kada počneš da padaš u njenim očima

Onog momenta kada je neprijatno iznenadiš

Onog momenta kada je razočaraš

Onog momenta kada učiniš ono što je mislila da ti nikada ne bi

Onog momenta kada ne primetiš nešto što je njoj bitno

Onog momenta kada staviš nešto drugo ispred nje

Onog momenta kada ona postane cena koju moraš da platiš

Onog momenta kada joj okreneš leđa

Onog momenta kada je pustiš da zaspi u suzama

Onog momenta kada ne budeš ruke u koje će da trči tužna

Onog momenta kada zaboraviš da je pitaš ,,Kako si?“

Kada zaboraviš da joj kažeš ,,Volim te ludo”

Kada joj ne kažeš koliko je divna

I koliko ti je vredna

I koliko bi svet bio sranje bez nje

Onog momenta kada počneš da je uzimaš zdravo za govoto

Onog momenta kada sve staviš na njena leđa

Onog momenta kada ona počne da vodi sve bitke za vas sama

Onog momenta kada joj ne budeš sigurnost

Onog momenta kada se uplaši tvog odlaska

Onog momenta kada ti nešto što je njoj ozbiljno bude smešno

Onog momenta kada zaboraviš da ona može da ode od tebe

Onog momenta kada ne želiš da je saslušaš

Onog momenta kada joj kažeš da ti je dosta

Onog momenta kada njoj bude dista

Onog momenta kada se ona umori od svih ratova koje je vodila sama za vas. Onog momenta kada se ona umori od pričanja, od toga da bude tvoj oslonac. Onog momenta kada se ona umori do toga što ne dobija ono što bi trebalo. Onog momenta kada shvati koliko je ne ceniš, a koliko vredi. Onog momenta kada zaplače jer je shvatila da ti ne plačeš i da nikada nisi zbog nje. Onog momenta kada zaplače jer je shvatila da ne vredi ostajati na silu uz tebe. Onog momenta kada skupi svu hrabrost ovoga sveta i ode od tebe. Tog momenta ćeš je izgubiti. Ona je tebe gubila sto puta, ali ti ćeš nju samo jednom, zapamti. - Sanja Mitrović insta: @obecao_si

You Who I Called Brother

Fandom: Prince of Egypt

Rating: T for violence, sexuality, general unpleasantness relating to rites of adulthood

Word Count: 2524 for chapter 1/3

Summary: Is this all you ever wanted? A story of three decades and two brothers born of divinity.

“The kingship is a goodly office; it has no son and it has no brother who shall make its monuments endure, but one man provides for the other…”
-The Teachings of Merikare

Archive of Our Own|FanFiction

There will be art for chapter one soon! Stay tuned.

The god Thoth with Seti I, in the Tomb of Seti I (KV17)

“The ancients thought of death as the essential prelude to life. The two form a polarity; one is meaningless without the other, and they alternate in all spheres of nature - among men, animals, vegetation and stars. Death is passing from one kind of time to another - from life yesterday to life tomorrow. What is in the Underworld belongs to death, but it is in a state of becoming, where the ‘form’ or shape of things is given in which they will later “appear.””

Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt by R. T. Rundle Clark

Elevator pitches for some good podcasts (minor spoilers)
  • Welcome to Night Vale: Community radio told in soothing tones that are really easy to zone out to. Don't, though, because if zone out for three seconds during a report on a PTA meeting you'll be wondering when Cecil started giving injury reports on a pteradon attack.
  • Within The Wires: In a future of world peace and totalitarian fascism, shitty guided meditation cassette tapes are the true weapon of resistance.
  • The Message: You like horrible death plagues? You like SETI? Boy do I have the podcast for you.
  • LifeAfter: A fascinating little story about grief, recovery, and the development and psychology of artificial intelligence. That would be awesome. You can almost see it being told in the background of a self-centred dickbag whining and fucking everything up.
  • Juno Steel: Mentally ill genderqueer private investigator on Mars solves crimes and saves lives. Once ate a rock to stop anybody else from having it. Let's not get into the cat thing.
  • The Black Tapes: What if James Randi was, like, a complete arsehole? With the philosophical grounding of Richard Dawkins? Also a sound-based death cult is in there somewhere.
  • Tanis: Man in search of mystery finds too much mystery. Wishes people would stop being so fucking mysterious and just give him straight answers. (Spoiler: they do not.)
  • Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars: The title tells you everything.
  • Beyond Belief: Two rich people want to sit at home and drink all day. Ghosts, demons and vampires keep fucking it up.
  • The Bright Sessions: Psychiatrist violates every ethical rule possible for dealing with her patients, but it's okay, because psychic government conspiracy.