Seth McFarlan

Euphemisms for cishet

for people who think there are just too many labels

-”He’s the kind of person who always knows what box to fill in on the census.”
-”She’s just… never really thought about her name.”
-”His queer community center is society, if you know what I mean.”
-”She, um… still shops in the same parts of the department store.”
-”He… you know… he’s the type who might dye his hair brown?”
-”How to put this… She can enjoy a Seth McFarlane joke.”

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.

to all creators (yes, that includes creators right here on tumblr)

create sensitively, thoughtfully, responsibly

you owe it to everyone who consumes your works

no one can actually stop you from creating whatever you want but people can absolutely refuse to give your work any praise or take your work seriously if it’s irresponsible and insensitive

be compassionate for god’s sake

you have the power to create art that will bring people just a tiny bit of happiness and let them escape from how fucking miserable the world is for just a second

don’t fucking blow it by filling your art with all the same atrocities plaguing the real world

i have absolutely no more patience for the seth mcfarlanes of the world. fuck your art and fuck your entertainment if it fails vulnerable people in exactly the same way the real world does.


NEW! Animated Movie from the creators of Despicable Me called…SING!  

SING is about ‘a koala named Buster [who] hires a black sheep [which] is also his best friend to help him run his business of theater.‘

  • Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, a showman entrepreneur koala running a legit theater.
  • Reese Witherspoon as Rosita, a single mom pig who once had teenage musical dreams, trying to raise her 25 piglets.
  • Seth MacFarlane as Mike, a smooth talking jazz singing mouse who tries to con the other contenders.
  • Tori Kelly as Meena, a shy teenage elephant with an exquisite voice and severe stage fright.
  • John C. Reilly (not pictured) as Eddie, a black sheep, and Buster’s best friend.
  • Taron Egerton as Johnny, a young rapping gorilla who is the son of a notorious and powerful crime boss, trying to escape his family’s criminal footsteps.
  • Scarlett Johansson as Ash, a punk rocking porcupine trying to start her own career after being kicked out of her punk rock band and her break up with her boyfriend.

In theaters December 21, 2016