Some screenshots of the boy™ !!

Quick recap:
-He sings the verses an octave higher
-He does belieeeEEEEEVEEE and it was very goode 👏👏👏
-Sorta got his words jumbled at one point and it’s adorable
-And his hair is getting long 😆😆
-He seems a little tired toward the end idk but he did good

Waiting on the video from Seth Meyers let’s hope it gets posted soon!!!


HERE IT IS!!! FOB performing “Champion” on Seth Meyers!

Update: I posted this last night & ordinarily I would have added a  clarification about “cis men, that is,” but I was tired and spaced it. My sincere apologies and a super shout out to all the guys out there who are able to get pregnant. 

Reproductive freedom for all, and hetero/cisnormativity’s got to go

Thanks to anyone who commented or wrote.