Seth Avett

Music Series: I’m So In Love With You by Jill Andrews ft. Seth Avett (trequel to Figures)

After I finished writing the two MS stories last night, I laid in bed trying to go to sleep and all I could think was…”But what’s going to happen to Harry if she doesn’t take him back? He stopped traffic and everything!”

……. This is my life. I can’t shut Harry off, nor do I really want to.

So I began thinking of what the next song should be to finish off that storyline. I have a process my brain goes through when writing, especially with the Music Series imagines. Something clicks in my mind and makes me smile when it’s right…and this feels right to me.

I found this song not long ago. I really like the Avett Brothers, but I’d not heard of Jill Andrews. The words to this song, and its sweet, loving sound, really made me wish I had a man in my life!

So to finish off this story, here is the trequel to Figures and Tell Me How. This song is called “I’m So In Love With You, by Jill Andrews, featuring Seth Avett. You can find it on my Spotify playlist called I Love You Long Time, HERE

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Harry walked to you, standing in front of you, afraid to touch you. He didn’t want to make the wrong move and push you further away.

“Please forgive me. I’m so sorry, and if it takes the rest of our lives for me to prove it to you, it will be worth it to be with you again. Will you give me a chance to show you how much I still love you? How much I want to be with only you?” Harry asked, desperately. “Please, love.”

You looked at the pleading on his face, as you stood outside of your work building, and the part of you that still loved him sympathized with him.

“One chance, Harry,” you said, clearing your throat. “Don’t make me regret it.”

You could see the relief wash over him as he slowly and gently reached for your hand, pleased when you didn’t pull it away. He leaned toward you, leaving a soft kiss on your cheek, before you turned and began walking into your building.

When I’m alone, I talk to myself

Like I’m talking to you, talking to you

I lie on the couch, and hum a little tune…Hmm

I’m singing to you

And I know it’ll take a little more time

To get through

As you were about to leave work, a messenger stopped at your desk, asking your identity then handing you a folded note. You thanked him then opened the note, seeing Harry’s handwriting inside.

‘I miss you…and I love you. Only yours…..Harry’

You smiled slightly, touched that he would do such a nice, simple thing, but then again, that was just Harry. He used to always make sweet, little gestures like that. You traced over his name with your finger, in his lovely scroll, and nearly fell apart. How were you ever going to get through this?

Harry’s slow but steady pursuit of you began simple and small, and you were relieved. He knew you weren’t ready to jump back in, and he didn’t want to overwhelm you to the point of you changing your mind, saying it was too much, too soon. But he definitely had a plan, and he wasn’t going to give up. He was determined to win you back. He had dreamed once of your life together, having children together and building a future together, and you had wanted that, too. He wasn’t going to give up on that, he just had to remind you of why the two of you fell in love in the first place.

Slow, but steady.

As you were about to sleep, you heard your phone ring and saw it was Harry. You took a deep breath and answered.

“Hello?” you said nervously.

Expecting to hear Harry’s voice, you were surprised when you heard a familiar song playing.

‘Oh, this is the night, it’s a beautiful night

And we call it bella notte

Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes

On this lovely bella notte

Side by side with your loved one

You’ll find enchantment here

The night will weave its magic spell

When the one you love is near

Oh, this is the night and the heavens are right

On this lovely bella notte’

By the time the song finished, you were in tears. Harry heard you sniff.

“Do you remember this, love?” he asked. “Our first date. I invited you to come watch a movie with me, and you laughed when you realized the movie I had chosen was Lady and the Tramp, and that I fixed us spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Was also the first time you let me kiss you. Well, I sort of stole it, but still. Do you remember?”

You sniffed again and wiped a tear from your cheek.

“I remember,” you answered.

“I knew it straight off,” he continued. “I loved you then. That very night. And I love you now…and every day between…and every day after. And if it takes me serenading you with love songs and happy memories every single night before you sleep, to remind you of how much I love you, I’ll do it.”

After a short silence, you replied, “Thank you.”

You knew Harry wanted to hear you tell him you still loved him, but you weren’t ready for that yet. You did still love him. You would always love Harry. But you still had hurt inside of you that Harry needed to work on, hurt that choked those words back inside of you when you were tempted to tell him.

“I know this won’t happen overnight, love, and I’m okay with that,” he said gently. “However long you need, I’m here, waiting for you.”

‘Cuz I’m so, I’m so in love with you

You know I can’t control it, acting like such a fool

And I’m so, I’m so in love with you

Here’s to wishing, and hoping, and waiting to hear it from you

Let me hear it from you

Every day as time passed, Harry would do things to show you he was thinking of you. Reminding you of inside jokes the two of you shared…places you had gone together…the fun, happy times you shared. Texts and phone calls became more frequent, and soon became grabbing coffee or a quick lunch during your work day. He never presumed he had you, and you appreciated that. But it was already becoming harder for you to not think about him or want to be around him. You were still in love.

As you worked at your desk, trying to keep your mind where it was supposed to be, you saw your cell phone vibrate with Harry’s name and photo appearing on the screen. Things were becoming comfortable again with Harry. You were even able to laugh together a bit, mostly from his corny jokes, which you always loved. You smiled and answered.

“Hello, love,” Harry said cheerfully. “I’d like to ask you a question.”

“Okay,” you said into your phone.

“I was wondering…if you’re free…could I…could we…” you heard him struggling and taking a shaky breath.

“What is it?” you asked curiously.

“I would like to have a first date with you…again,” he said nervously. “I…I just…I miss you so much, love. Just would like to spend more time with you again…but if…you’re not ready for that…”

“No,” you swallowed. “I’d like that.” You paused then said something you had been feeling for awhile, and hoped you weren’t jinxing yourself with by saying it out loud. “I miss you, too.”

You audibly heard him sigh his relief into the phone, and you sensed the broad smile that was no doubt plastered across his face.

“Tonight alright?” he asked eagerly. “Or…we can do another night, if that’s too soon for you.”

“Tonight’s fine,” you agreed. “I can be ready by…7?”

“I’ll come for you at 7,” he said. “Thank you.”

“I’ll see you then,” you replied, as you both said goodbye.

If I fall asleep, and find you in a dream lying next to me, next to me

I’m holding my breath. We’re tangled in sheets

And I wanna believe, I wanna believe

But in the morning, I’m still waiting for this dream to come true

Your date was wonderful, but Harry always had a way of making you feel special, regardless of the situation. He took you to the restaurant you both always enjoyed eating at, bought a small bouquet of flowers from a street vendor and gave them to you, then the two of you walked through the park to listen to a jazz band play in the tiny amphitheater, hiding toward the back around some trees, in an attempt at Harry not being seen. You felt Harry’s hand rest against the small of your back…and you loved it. You had missed his touch. The first time you let Harry hold your hand again, you would have thought it was the most rare jewel in the world and he was protecting it. His hand barely left yours for a second.

As the two of you stood listening to the music, you felt the need to tell Harry something that you thought was still weighing on him. You turned to him and he looked at you with a grin.

“I forgive you,” you said to him, nodding your head slightly and looking directly into his eyes. “I don’t think I’ve told you that. But I forgive you for…what happened.”

You could see the tears build in his eyes as he smiled, wrapping his arms tenderly around you, whispering “thank you” into your ear.

As Harry walked you to your flat, you unlocked the door and stepped inside, he following you in a step or two and looked at you with much love. You knew he wanted to kiss you as desperately as you wanted to kiss him. It may take you a bit to completely forget about everything that happened, but you did forgive him for hurting you, and you missed him terribly.

'Cuz I’m so, I’m so in love with you

You know I can’t control it, acting like such a fool

And I’m so, I’m so in love with you

Here’s to wishing, and hoping, and waiting to hear it from you

Let me hear it from you

You stood looking at each other, as Harry searched for the right words to say.

“Did you enjoy tonight, sweetheart?” he asked, holding your hand in his.

“I did,” you answered. “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” he repeated back, so thankful you gave him that gift. “I hope it’s the first of many dates to come.” He smiled as he rubbed his thumb over the back of your hand. “I…guess I should be going…”

You looked at him, not wanting him to go but knowing he probably should, and fighting with yourself over the feelings and emotions that were overtaking you.

Harry leaned toward you, leaving a sweet, tender kiss on your lips, so gently you thought you may have only dreamed it. As he pulled away, not wanting to push you more than he felt he may already have been, your arms instinctively reached for his and pulled him close to you, as you kissed him firmly, tasting him, wanting more. You opened your lips, just enough to allow him to slip inside of them, catching the moan he left against your mouth. You lingered in each other’s kiss for a long moment before separating, both of you breathing more rapidly than before. You laid your cheek against his and whispered against it.

“Don’t go…”

Kurtlarla Koşan Kadınlar

“Yaratıcı hayatınız için, yalnızlığınız için, olma ve yapma zamanınız için, asıl hayatınız için en önemli şey devam etmek, direnmektir; devam etmek, çünkü vahşi doğanın vaadi şudur: Kıştan sonra, her zaman ilkbahar gelir.

Son aylarda günlük hayatın koşuşturmasına çok kaptırmışsam kendimi, kendi mağarama çekilip Kurtlarla Koşan Kadınlar’ a doğru yolculuğa çıkıyorum… Her seferinde kendime getiriyor beni. Henüz çocukken okuduğum-dinlediğim pek çok masalın bir yetişkin olduğumda yaşamıma rehberlik edebileceğini nereden bilebilirdim ki?

Yirmi yılını bu kitabı yazmakla geçirmiş olan yazarın kaleminden çıkmış çokça derin ve engin bir analiz..

Velhasıl çok kolay okunmasa da, çok şey öğreneceğiniz ya da  vaktiyle öğrendiklerinizi temize çekeceğiniz, yanlış bildiklerinizi düzeltme şansı bulabileceğiniz üstelik bunları masallardan yola çıkarak yapacağınız ilginç okunası bir kitap

Biraz müzik..



Seth Avett Sings, No One’s Gonna Love You by Band of Horses