A small but powerful random Kenny photo set💜

Also I really fucking want that teddy bear but I live in the UK so it’s goddamn useless😫😕

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I’m so emotional tonight. I was going through photos to set up a folder so my desktop will be a slideshow instead of just one image and I found a picture from camp with a friend that tragically died in a car this year. We hadn’t talked in years and we weren’t that close so I didn’t even realize I had pictures of the two of us (it was a skating camp so we spent most of our time on the ice). Then I was deleting things on my phone to make space and I came across the recording I made the night before we put my dog down. We were playing with her and I recorded her barking in an audio file. I haven’t listened to it since I made the file 3 years ago and now I can’t stop crying. I never truly let myself grieve when we put her down so it is always hard to think about her. 

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where is this LADS info? I keep seeing people talk about it

Well there were various posts across reddit, anon and the original posts are largely gone. I think? But a lot of it was saved and compiled here. This will spoil basically everything for you so be aware of that. This person compiled Lad’s plot leaks with other leakers, set photos, etc. 


Club Crescent: Annual Beach Party
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“Crescent’s beach party was so much fun!!

Of course, I bumped into Krick, who had a brand new hat that he got from overseas. And I met Tsuki’s brother Solaris, and his husband. I also got to catch-up a little bit with Fafai. I felt so bad for her. I didn’t realise she had been carrying around so much guilt over some comments she’d made last time I was at Menphina’s. It was all playful, harmless, stuff, and she had no idea Kip was about to break-up with me. I tried to reassure her that she had no need to feel bad, or worry about me. I hope she’s doing okay now. She’s such a sweet girl and she really has nothing to be apologising for. Neither of us knew what was coming.

A bunch of the Lucky guys came to the party too - which was awesome!! And it seems Az and Fionn have worked things out and are now officially a couple!!”

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