I am obsessed with this slowed down version of Adele’s ‘Set Fire To The Rain.’ Tried to upload just the audio (the captions are BS) but it doesn’t work from mobile. It is so haunting and soulful. Gives me chills. I would love to see a real version or cover of this, maybe throw in a violin stroke or two. Beautiful.

Set Fire to the Rain

Rated: M

Summary: She’s the good girl, small town Princess. Perfect family, perfect boyfriend, so why is she sneaking under the bleachers searching for a blue eyed bad boy?

Also found on AO3

Chapter 3

She tells Ruby early Sunday morning. She’s mostly sober, Ruby is possibly still drunk as they sit side by side on Ruby’s balcony. The sun is just creasting over the horizon when the words leave her mouth, “I made out with Killian Jones.” Ruby sits up causing Emma to almost fall over. “Twice.”

“What the fuck?” Ruby slaps her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide.

Emma cringes and busies herself by braiding her hair.  She wasn’t sure until the moment the words spilled out of her mouth if she was going to tell anybody. Ruby is certainly her best friend and knows more about her than anyone else in the world but this thing with Killian … just feels like something that shouldn’t be talked about out loud.

“When? When could this have possibly happened?” Her friend jumps to her feet, “Oh. OH! When you went to buy the weed for me!”

“Yeah.” Emma nods. “That was the first time. He also ..  I let him …” she feels a blush across her cheeks and Ruby grabs her wrists, stopping her braiding process, “You let him what?” Her voice is breathy.

“You know. Finger me.”

“OH MY GOD!!!” Ruby starts jumping around the balcony, “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.” Finally her friend calms down enough to remember her and sits back down next to her, “What about Neal?” Ruby shakes her head, waving her hand, “Who cares about him. So the second time? When was that? Did he get you off then too?”

“Oh God no. That was the night of the Daddy Daughter Dance, he was at the diner and we made out in the back. That’s where I got this.” She slides her T-shirt over to show Ruby the hickey.

Ruby leans forward to see it better before sitting back. She’s speechless for a long moment then suddenly slaps Emma on her leg, “I knew you had it in you. Killian Jones. He’s fuckin hot.”

“Yeah.” Emma breathes remembering how it felt to have his mouth on her, his fingers in her.  

The sun is fully up and they are back inside cuddled up on Ruby’s bed and so close to sleep that Emma jumps when Ruby speaks, “Not that I care about him but what about Neal?”

“I don’t know. I loved him, I love him, but everyone knows he’s fucking Tamara behind my back.”

Ruby chuckles, “I think he’s the only one that thinks he’s being sneaky.” She closes her eyes and the smile drops from her face, “I’ve been wanting to say something for some time now. Just didn’t want to see you hurt.”

“I know Ruby Lou. And I was hurt. But now I almost don’t care, and not just because Killian is freakin amazing with his tongue.”

“Oh God I bet he is. Imagine what else he can do with it..”

“Ruby!” Emma manages to have enough energy to slap her friend on the arm.

“Just saying. Can’t hurt to find out, can it?”

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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 1
  • Ignis: *grabs microphone*

  It was dark and I was over.

Set Fire to the Rain

Rated: M!

Summary: She’s the good girl, small town Princess. Perfect family, perfect boyfriend, so why is she sneaking under the bleachers searching for a blue eyed bad boy?

Also can be found on AO3

Chapter 2

Emma enters Granny’s Diner on the arm of her father, giggling as he gives a bow at their table. Sitting she smooths her hands over her dress and glances around the diner. It is full of Dad’s with their daughters, given that tonight is the annual Daddy Daughter Dance it is no surprise. What does surprise her is a dark head in a familiar leather jacket standing at the front counter. He has his back to her, leaning on the counter, one arm up on it, holding a drink, the other sliding across the arm of a girl. The girl laughs and bats his arm away before walking away from him. He turns to follow her with his eyes before they land on Emma and a blush creeps across her cheeks. He takes note of her dad sitting with her and raises his eyebrows. She suddenly feels so silly sitting here with her Sheriff Dad and modest dress (because who wears a even remotely sexy dress to a Daddy Daughter Dance). She still can’t believe she let him go as far as they did under the bleachers. She’s not that kind of girl. It took Neal a couple of months before she would even let him touch her under the clothes.

Emma glances at her Dad when he asks if she wants her usual and she nods before excusing herself to the bathroom. As she stands her eyes quickly dart to Killian and then away. She passes the jukebox and rounds the corner to the bathrooms and immediately stops, pressing her back to the wall and taking a few deep breaths. She hasn’t seen Killian since that day under the bleachers. He skipped class the next day and then it was the weekend. But he still looks as good as he ever does. That mess of dark hair and those deep blue eyes. She’s feels like he wouldn’t even have to ask, just flash those eyes at her and she would let him do everything she’s ever denied Neal.

Suddenly Killian is there in front of her and she sucks in a deep breath.

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