Set The World On Fire Tour


2016 is over.

They finished Undertale within the year.

Dil has grown up, he has a wife, a house, and a baby too.

The tour was long and truly amazing.

The BONCAS were well deserved, proud to be owned.

The Internet is Here hit the top 10 on iTunes charts.

GAMINGMAS was a blessing to our December.

Halloween Baking was a huge insight to a world behind the camera.

DAPGO released, became a best seller.

PINOF 8 set us on fire with so many laughs.

You boys do not know how much you have done to inspire us all,

but i know that if it not for you…

i would not have made it out of 2016 alive.

So, Thanks for the year, Thanks for the time.

But Dan and Phil, thanks for never leaving our sides.

The end of an era, the old Dan and Phil.

But the only true thing, is that this is not the end,

It is simply, the beginning.

Isabelle says the Queen of the Seelie Court has requested an audience with us.”
“Sure,” said Magnus. “And Madonna wants me as backup dancer on her next world tour.”
Alec looked puzzled. “Who’s Madonna?
—  City of Ashes, Cassandra Clare


This is a photo of me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written one of these, but I’m trying to watch Deadpool on a flight to Seattle and I can’t focus because I’m full of thoughts I need to put down. Better late than never again, I suppose.

We’re coming to the end of leg one of The Stories For Monday Tour, and it’s been nothing but a rollercoaster ride thus far. Thank you “Western Conference” America for bringing The Summer Set back to life on stage.

I FEEL so much more when I’m on tour. Love. Hope. Faith. Fear. Happiness. Loneliness. Adventure. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. I’m alive again and firing on all cylinders.

The silver lining to “almost breaking up” last year is that now, every single night, we go on stage more grateful than we’ve ever been. We are having fun again snd it shows.

I think we hit a wall at the end of Legendary and jaded ourselves. We were exhausted and it made us apathetic about rushing into a new album. We needed the break. Because now, every minute in every city matters. From each fan in every meet & greet, to evert local cup of coffee. From the biggest shows to the most intimate. You never realize how much you truly love something until you’re about to let it go.

To say the least, It’s been an adventure playing for 90 minutes every night. When we started this tour it was important to me to not just “make it” through the set each night, but to make damn sure that minute 61 of our show was just as exciting and impactful as minute 1.

With that being said, I think these are the best shows we’ve ever played. For a man who wanted to give up on music last year, it sure feels like I’ve come a long way.

See you soon.


Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides performing at Warped Tour 2013.
This guy, no doubt is one of the biggest style icons we currently have in the rock scene. I have been influenced myself by him, he made me want to buy a leather jacket and the open singlet (AKA side boob tank tops) and rip up my jeans.I also like the short hair he had in 2013 but then again I do really love the “Set the World on Fire” look from 2011. Mostly, I like how their style changes over time and with each album, it’s true because personal style will consistently evolve. Although I don’t listen to the band much anymore, I still love Biersack’s style and I think he’s a unique person and artist. 
Image sourced from Revolver Mag. 

  • Us: "nothing will ever beat the Hyde Park show that was just too amazing"
  • Taylor: "lol just watch this"
  • Us: "Taylor nO"
  • Taylor: *brings out half of the Bad Blood Squad and the U.S. Women's Soccer Team to strut to Style and Bad Blood*
  • Us: *not even remotely recovered from MetLife night 1*
  • Us: *multiple fans setting themselves on fire, some throwing themselves down staircases, others having complete mental breakdowns because this was just too much for their weak hearts to take*

Described as “the most original creation of the Roman pantheon” Venus is at its closest visible point to the earth on the night of December 5th, Alicia Keys is at her closest visible point to me on the same night. Alicia Keys proved she is one of the most original big name musicians on the planet. The amazing songstress radiates positivity and beams this to the crowd, spreading her words of wisdom amongst us. One can only feel a certain way when attending an Alicia Keys concert - a uniqueness that is not shared elsewhere. 

This concert was truly one of the greatest nights in my concert going history, of which there have been a few. If you ever get a chance to see this inspirational woman in concert please do so, not only is she a singer but she spreads love and empowers women in a certain way that cannot be described.

 Note; I didn’t receive a photo-pass for this show so you as fans are able to use these as you wish but please link back to my tumblr or cargo collective website if you intend on re-posting or editing these. Thank you.